American Conservatism

The Intellectual Foundations of MAGA

The MAGA position is founded on a solid intellectual and moral foundation, aspiring to the optimal well-being of all Americans and ultimately to the benefit of everyone else in the world as well.

The Riddle of J.D. Vance

The Rail Safety Act of 2023,which Vance originally co-sponsored, passed committee in May. It was so bipartisan that both Trump and Biden gave it their full-throated support.

The War on The Obvious

When was the last time you were called racist? If a supporter of President Trump, it’s a safe bet the gross epithet is regularly seared […]

Nationalism Is Not Enough

President Trump’s furious admonition to four extreme leftist members of Congress to educate themselves in the miseries of their ancestral homelands was met with spiteful […]

The Problem With Amash

Many Republicans and Trump supporters are furious right now with Representative Justin Amash. The Michigan congressman is the only Republican in either house of Congress […]