First Principles

Can You Define Leftism?

Leftism is the attempt to destroy the past—every value and every institution, the good as well as what it regards as the bad. 

Our Town

What is the importance of a political philosophy held only by a self-appointed intellectual elite and not lived by the citizens who must endure it?

Sorcery or Nihilism, Part IV

Two generations have come and gone without the American people having had any involvement in their charter. There have been no incantations needed for redemption. 

Sorcery or Nihilism, Part II

No popular regime, it would seem, can sustain civic piety based on reason alone because too few will grasp the truth of it and even those few who grasp it will infuse it with error.

While We Were Sleeping

We must expose the bad guys for who they are and keep doing it. It’s called vigilance. And that is something the internet can do. That’s why you are able to read this.