It’s Not Just Google—Microsoft Is Also Up To No Good In China

Three prominent Republican senators sent a strong letter to Google recently about the tech giant’s suspicious work with the Chinese company Huawei. “[I]t is hard to interpret your decision to help Huawei place listening devices into millions of American homes as anything other than putting profits before country,” said the August 7 letter signed by

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The ‘Jersey Shore’-ification of the Elite

Last week’s “Fredo” controversy, and President Trump's response, has really driven home the point that U.S. politics is now just “Jersey Shore” for vain talking heads and self-serving politicos. The president of the United States is a braggart with a bad spray tan who spends most of his day trash-talking on Twitter. Among his chief

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Cosmic Injustice

One of the weirdest characteristics of our global politicians and moral censors is their preference to voice cosmic justice rather than to address less abstract sin within their own purview or authority. These progressive virtue mongers see themselves as citizens of the world rather than of the United States and thus can impotently theorize about

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Joe Biden Clarifies Leftist Thinking

Former Vice President Joe Biden last week said, “We choose unity over division. We choose science over fiction. We choose truth over facts.” The first two choices are obviously false. The Democrats have chosen and actively are pursuing the exact opposite; division over unity and fiction over science. Old Joe has been saying some incredibly

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A Directory of Inconvenient Climate Information Websites

Conservative free speech advocates have been rightly concerned about internet censorship, but the focus of those concerns has been relatively narrow. Conservatives are pushing back against big tech suppression of online critics of globalism, mass immigration, and identity politics. They are pushing back against Big Tech suppression of pro-Trump commentators. But there is another collection

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The Mountebank Left Is Banking on You

Some time ago, I noted the irreconcilable difference between the Left and the rest of America: the majority of our fellow citizens believe America is an inherently good nation that continues its pursuit of a more perfect union; the Left believes America is an inherently evil nation that must be transformed fundamentally into an oppressive

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Russiagate Probe: Empty Threats, Broken Promises

Nearly a year ago, President Trump ordered the declassification of documents related to the FBI’s investigation into his 2016 presidential campaign. The requested trove included several redacted pages from the final FISA warrant issued against Trump campaign aide Carter Page; all FBI reports related to the preparation of that FISA application; and text messages between

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In Search of White Supremacy

In the wake of another series of mass shootings, we begin our regularly scheduled programming searching for the systemic culprits: “white supremacists” who, we are reliably informed, prowl the halls of our institutions pursuing a policy of ethnic cleansing as we speak. They hide in plain sight, the experts warn, and are represented among such

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Fusionists Are the Japanese Holdouts of American Politics

Fusionism—a political synthesis which stresses the compatibility of libertarian freedom with traditional moral values—faces an identity crisis. Political philosopher and one-time Communist Frank Meyer conceived fusionism after World War II, as well as its corresponding political coalition, which he compared to a three-legged stool. Fusionism committed to a muscular foreign policy, social and moral traditionalism,

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Let’s Reform Higher-Ed Accreditation

The current system of higher education accreditation is a barrier to market entry, ineffective in ensuring colleges properly educate students, and an example of good intentions gone wrong. In other words, it’s yet another failed government regulatory scheme. The result has been increased numbers of students who are indoctrinated by liberals, incapable of reasoning, and

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