Great America

Nikole-Hannah Jones Hates You

Hannah-Jones’ interview revealed that she is a thin-skinned racist with a victim-martyr complex who loves socialism and wouldn’t know a fact if it walked up and introduced itself to her.

Cry, the Beloved California

California's elites feign concern over prejudice and the fate of the planet. In reality, their agenda evinces a misanthropy that would make an Afrikaner blush.

The FBI’s Other Sexual Scandal

For those who do not benefit from the FBI’s selective use of its power, the consistent tolerance of child predators (even within its own ranks) calls into question its legitimacy. 

The Prosperity Economy

To change hearts, facts are useless without the power of optimism, the belief that abundance is possible, and the suggestion that ideology matters, but sometimes practical solutions matter more.

Restoring Quality Education 

Government unions, government contractors, powerful nonprofits, monopolistic corporations, and Big Tech companies rely on a thoroughly indoctrinated electorate to support their dysfunction.