The Left’s Cynical and Childish ‘Climate Strike’

What is even more obnoxious than thousands of smug, self-righteous leftists preaching hysterically about the Church of Mother Earth and the imminent destruction of our planet due to “global warming?” Hearing this same song-and-dance from a bunch of literal children. And that is exactly what the Left and its enthusiastic enablers in the corporate leftist

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Abortion Advocates Attack Kavanaugh Because They’re Losing the Argument

If you want to know why the New York Times recently disgraced itself with the flailing hit piece against sitting Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, you need look no further than the absolute disaster the last 12 months have been for the myths necessary to maintain public support for abortion in the United States. Here are

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A Sycophantic Generation

Over the last two decades or so, a strange phenomenon has reversed a cultural trend some 60 years in the making. Beginning in the 1950s with the ascendance of teenage rebellion, and on to the 1960s counterculture, American youth took a naturally antagonistic view of their elders. When it came to politics, culture, literature, film,

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The Climate Cult’s ‘New Theology’ Is a Poisonous Proposition

Gertrude Stein mused, “a rose is a rose is a rose . . . ” Unless, of course, it is your Grand Inquisitor. In the latest evidence the Left is regressing into a permanent vegetative state, the Union Theological Seminary (UTS) in New York City hosted “a beautiful ritual” to help combat climate change: “Today in

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Shamelessness and Ignorance Unlimited

The U.S. intelligence community’s leaders, the Democratic Party, and the media (excuse the redundancy) are trying to convince Americans that President Trump’s conversation with, and perhaps promises to, an unnamed foreign leader amounts to some sort of constitutional crisis. Never mind that the Constitution vests “the executive Power” in the “President of the United States,”

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Child Hostages Obey Their Climate Captors

On Friday, schoolchildren around the world will be prompted to walk out of class as part of the “Global Climate Strike.” These young “climate strikers” will protest alleged inaction on climate change and promote an end to fossil fuel use. “Our house is on fire—let’s act like it. We demand climate justice for everyone,” the

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Why the New York Times’ Kavanaugh Correction Doesn’t Matter

The mainstream media paints Justice Brett Kavanaugh as a dangerous sexual predator. Yet, every story they push falls apart immediately. Last weekend, The New York Times had to correct an article that claimed Kavanaugh flashed another woman when he attended Yale. The correction stated that the woman doesn’t remember such an incident and refused to

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Blame the FDA for Your Outmoded Sunscreen

As we’ve just passed the dog days of summer, when people were outside at swimming pools, the beach, and elsewhere, physicians like us were rightly concerned about sunscreens, which are critical for people exposed to the sun. It’s a complex subject. Earlier this year, the FDA proposed a rule that describes the conditions under which

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