Wish You Weren’t Here

In a single stroke, Ron DeSantis tore the mask off hypocrisy of the smug faces of the liberal elites who love crowing about the virtues of “diversity” and the evils of “whiteness.”

A Just Prejudice

Like Burke, Russell Kirk understood that an affirmation of the customary and conventional is the most reliable safeguard for individuality and fructifying idiosyncrasy.

The Feds Go Too Far

Raiding Donald Trump’s private residence without compelling justification, the FBI violated Gertrude Stein’s rule about knowing how far to go when going too far.

Of Dustbins and Binmen

If an intelligent janitor or maid cannot tell the difference between a genuine work of art and an art-world fraud then it is probably a pile of rubbish and should be treated accordingly.

Joe Incompetent

Adam Smith was trying to be consoling when he said “there’s a deal of ruin in a nation.” Yes, there is. But Joe Biden is testing the limits of that home truth.

The ‘Get Trump’ Show

It is never the pretext—putative Russian collusion or protests at the Capitol—that is at issue but rather the ontological unacceptability of Trump and all he stands for.