A History of Hate

The New York Review of Books joins the chorus of America haters deliberately distorting American history and all those who work to actually understand it.

Abandon the Swamp

The only hope for the republic is to downgrade the place of Washington in our public life. The business of Washington is to make government bigger—forever. That is not
what the people want. 

Deliver Us from Reality

The only silver lining in this minatory storm cloud is the fact that such movements, though unconscionably cruel, arbitrary, and destructive, are also astonishingly fragile.

Then and Now

This is Easter, a holiday commemorating a miracle.
That is good, because we are going to need one. 

Donald Trump, Regime Foe

We don’t acknowledge that we promulgate bills of attainder in this country, but that is essentially the judgment that has been pronounced against the former president.

Biden’s Ukraine Serenade

This President’s Day, our president was overseas promising money to the Ukrainian president, while Donald Trump offered aid and comfort to American victims in East Palestine. 

Justice for John Eastman

The fundamental message implicit in the California Bar’s vendetta against Trump’s former lawyer is this: “We’re the government. We’ve defined what is truth.
How dare you question us.” 

Too Much to Hope?

Is it too much to hope that fit retribution is even now being organized for these bitchy, beige, and bland totalitarians of the deep state?