Paul Ryan’s Impotent Appeal

The Democrats, no less than the media, slobbered all over the former House speaker for his recent anti-Trump speech. But their love is strictly conditioned on Ryan remaining a pajama-boy conservative.

The Way of Socialism

An absolute commitment to benevolence, like the road that is paved with good intentions, typically leads to an unprofitable destination.

The Supine Loser Party

If conservatives and Republicans don’t exactly constitute “the stupid party,” then there are certainly grounds to call them something else.

Granting Value to the World

By making happiness incompatible with man’s essence, Schopenhauer found himself deaf to Goethe’s wisdom: “If you want to delight in life, then you must grant value to the world.”

Slow-Motion Suicide of the West

Some people thought James Burnham’s identification of liberalism with civilization’s suicide was hyperbolic. In light of American institutions’ embrace of anti-Americanism, what would they say now? 


It would be difficult to overestimate the popularity of irrationalist sentiments in our culture today.