The Madcap Adventures of ‘Buckaroo Banzai’ Biden

Sometime-Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden was at it again, voicing his brand of tough-guy boasts that he can “beat Trump like a drum.” A 1980s sci-fi cult film about a weirdo, Buckaroo Banzai, who travels through time dimensions in many manifestations battling evil and saving good guys reminds us of the latest incarnation of Joe Biden.

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Another Week, Another Pseudo-Scandal

Spin the magic wheel: click, click, click, click, click—click—click: Ukraine! We’re all going to Ukraine! Another week, another pseudo-scandal fomented by anonymous anti-Trump actors in the “intelligence community” and fanned into attention-grabbing headlines by an impatient, irresponsible press. Can anyone keep them all straight? They rise like noxious bubbles from the cauldron of deep-state anti-Trump

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The Propaganda of the Left Is a Weapon of War

The hallmark of propaganda is that outright lies are more useful than the truth. The New York Times’ vile lies about Justice Brett Kavanaugh were so flimsy, they couldn’t last the day. Yet even after the Times’ correction (which amounted to a retraction), Democrats kept shooting the fake ammunition. That’s because their target isn’t actual

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As Democrats Thrash, Trump Rises Above It All

Just when it seems that the quality of the Democratic candidates and the ethical standards of the Democratic media might start to rebound to normal civilized levels (not a high bar since the days of JFK, LBJ, and Hubert Humphrey), they excavate new depths of inanity and unprofessionalism. I believe that the latest outburst against

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Lewandowski’s Contempt for a Contemptible Congress

Shortly after being sworn-in in January, freshman U.S. Representative  Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) promised to “impeach the motherfucker” during an inauguration celebration. The "motherfucker" to whom she was referring, of course, was President Donald Trump. Tlaib’s outburst ushered in the profane, malevolent, and contemptible 115th Congress of the United States. Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski

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Democrats’ Impeachment Obsession Is a Danger to Democracy

Sad to say, but Tom Steyer, out-of-touch and unlikable billionaire though he may be, is probably the most representative face of the Democratic Party right now. Almost since the day President Trump won the 2016 election, Steyer has been bawling like a toddler and insisting that Trump's prompt removal from office, via impeachment, is a

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The Crackers and Frackers Could Hold the Keys to 2020

MONACA, Pennsylvania—All Darrin Kelly wanted for the energy workers in Western Pennsylvania was that the Democratic presidential hopefuls would talk to them before going to war against shale. That opportunity slipped away last Friday when Elizabeth Warren joined Bernie Sanders in calling for a total fracking ban. "On my first day as president, I will

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Why Soft-on-Crime Democrats Are Tough on ‘Gun Violence’

At their third primary debate, nearly all of the Democratic presidential contenders offered full-throated support for gun control. In the very recent past, gun control measures bowed to prudence by respecting the rights and expectations of law-abiding gun owners—even the Clinton “assault weapons ban” grandfathered weapons and magazines manufactured and purchased before the ban took

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Do You Know What the Democrats Said at Their Debate?

The last debate among 10 Democrats seeking their party's nomination for president set a new low for demagoguery, contempt for America and just plain foolishness. Here are some examples: Andrew Yang: "In America today, everything revolves around the almighty dollar—our schools, our hospitals, our media, even our government." It is difficult to imagine a more

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