Swing States, Landslides, and Libertarians

Reading “Democrats Still Haven’t Come to Terms with 2016” by David Harsanyi in National Review, an interesting passage caught my eye: Nor is there any evidence that Clinton was uniquely hurt by third parties. Democrats might hate Jill Stein, but she won 1,457,218 votes, or around 1 percent of the vote. The Libertarian Party ticket

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New Book: The FBI Considered Joseph Mifsud an Asset

New revelations in George Papadopoulos’s book, Deep State Target: How I Got Caught in the Crosshairs of the Plot to Bring Down President Trump, are part of a tantalizing firsthand account that clues us into the real origins of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax: it came from within the FBI itself.  Papadopoulos, a former foreign policy

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Democrat Establishment Gets What It Deserves With Sanders

As the Democratic establishment’s panic grows while watching Comrade Sanders continue to win primaries, caucuses, and delegates, it’s looking increasingly likely that Sanders could be the Democratic Party’s nominee for president. The meltdown is humorous to watch as even the establishment’s collaborators in the media realize how bad things could go with the Vermont socialist

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The Necessary (Temporary) Democratic Party Suicide

The “Gong Show” of a Democratic presidential primary debate Tuesday night just made it clear how desperately this intellectually bankrupt rag-tag team of harpies and hustlers truly is. They are the heirs of the Clinton-Obama place men who mismanaged America, corrupted the Justice Department and the intelligence services, and created such a scarcity of serious

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Does a Corny Bloomberg Parody Video Really Threaten Our Democracy?

Mike Bloomberg had a tough night at last week’s Democratic debate. The entire stage attacked him as a racist and sexist, and the former New York City mayor embarrassed himself trying to explain his past violations of progressive orthodoxy. He did, however, have one highlight at the debate. The billionaire asked his fellow candidates if

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Intelligence and the Democrats’ Internal Affairs

By spearheading #TheResistance to candidate and then President Trump, U.S. intelligence agencies have shown the public they are far less about informing the government about foreign enemies than they are about taking the leading part in the Democratic Party’s use of power over its domestic adversaries. The agencies’ chief interest in domestic partisan skullduggery has

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Media Silence on Voter-Registration Attack Deepens Our Divide

In the hours and days after Gregory Timm reportedly plowed his vehicle into a tent of Republican Party volunteers registering voters in the Kernan Village Shopping Center parking lot in Jacksonville, Florida, national coverage of the event has been alarmingly lacking. Local news channel WJXT reported days later on the arrest report, which showed Timm

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After Nevada, The Real Race Comes Into View

The Nevada caucuses confirm that Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) has clung to the ledge by her fingernails as long as she could and will almost certainly fall off on Super Tuesday. It also confirms that the end is nigh for the Pete Buttigieg phenomenon, the typecasters’ candidate, a prefabricated person with all the outer ingredients

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Bloomberg, The Miniature Manchurian

Michael Bloomberg got raked over the coals by his fellow Democratic socialists last week for everything except what is arguably the most important thing. Bloomberg won’t stand tall for America against China, where his company, Bloomberg LP does a lot of good business. For Bloomberg. But how about for America? Bloomberg is said to be

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