Ron the Magnificent

Ron DeSantis may formally be the governor of just one of America's 50 states, but over the past two years, he has also emerged as the singular focal point and symbolic leader of red-state America.

Why Can’t Republicans Whip It Good?

Beating today’s Democratic Party shouldn’t be difficult, but with Republicans like Tom Emmer, why should voters think the Republican Party is much different?

Moderate and MAGA Republicans

While woke Democratic candidates are flooded with hundreds of millions of dollars courtesy of coastal elites, Republicans lack the necessary funding to wage effective campaigns.

Hypocrisy Alert

Barack Obama kept all his unclassified papers at government expense, while the government has seized all of Donald Trump’s.

American Serfdom

Our work and our lives are being stolen by politicians who make it clear through their actions—and, increasingly, through their words—that they in no way consider themselves accountable to the voters.