Moderate and MAGA Republicans

While woke Democratic candidates are flooded with hundreds of millions of dollars courtesy of coastal elites, Republicans lack the necessary funding to wage effective campaigns.

A Very Qualified Defense of Liz Cheney

One can feel sympathy for this driven crusader even if one rejects her crusade. But we should hold in contempt those “conservatives” who egged her on while sacrificing nothing themselves.

David Tucker’s Purity Test

A critical reader tries to make sense of a historian’s sweeping assertions about the Declaration of Independence, natural right, and national conservatism.

Joe’s Social Contract

In return for the gift of the presidency to round off his undistinguished career as a political hack, Joe Biden carries water for his woke enablers.

2020 Hindsight

It would be foolish to scorn a party icon, while allowing ourselves to be pulled toward the woke side.

Fighting the Cathedral

Would our situation look different if National Review and the rest of the legacy conservative media had not surrendered on issues they should have championed?