Crashing the Gates

There is a growing tension within American conservatism. The internal discord besetting the movement is not likely to go away, as a younger, harder Right seems to be swarming all over the internet.

A Willingness to Win

Unlike our Republican gentlemen like Mike Pence and the GOP advocates of bipartisanship, Democrats are intent
on increasing their power. 

Woke Liberalism?

Is James Lindsay’s woke understanding of liberalism one that James Madison and other founders of America’s constitutional order had in mind when they established the American republic?

A Feared Repeat

Given all the other obstacles that Republicans face, it is unrealistic to think they can win the presidency unless they relentlessly address the Democrats’ preferred
election arrangements.

A Strangely Familiar Theme

The globalist Left is scolding Israel’s nationalist coalition for doing what the Right may also be envisaging, namely clipping the wings of a supercilious, ideologically driven judiciary.

Defining ‘The People’

A cultural war is overshadowing and swallowing up older class conflicts. Those who used to fight the old class wars, if they’re honest, find themselves on the populist Right.