The Unwanted Ghost of Trump?

Bipartisanship is now a country-club Republican illusion, although one that Democrats periodically trot out when they want the Romneys, Murakowskis, Toomeys, etc. to vote with them.

Ashamed of What?

Let’s stop fixating on Wednesday’s events. We can deplore them once the Left repents of its far, far greater sins.

Fighting for Georgia

In Georgia, weak Republican politicians do not show the same iron will and sense of self-identity as do those who are using them.

Jonah Finds a New Hero

Perhaps Jonah Goldberg and his allies will be supporting Joe Manchin in the next presidential cycle, unless they decide that Kamala Harris is the conservative they’ve been hoping for.

The Thumos Factor

The Left is more emotionally and, in some cases, more heroically committed to what it wants. We need to change that.