Fighting Woke Tyrants

The opposition has not fought back effectively. It has not been resourceful or relentless enough and has even failed to exercise those limited powers at its disposal to keep the enemy in check. 

The Antifascist Scam

Contemporary antifascists don’t care much about Hitler’s tyranny, except as an image that can be applied to those whom they want to bully. 

Turning Their Backs on Marjorie

Striking “moderate” poses in the present political climate is like trying to be a pacifist on a battlefield. Republicans need more backbone—like the Democrats.

Polling and the Truth

Partisan polls have become an instrument in the Left’s toolbox in the United States and in Europe. They're used more to push action than to inform it.

The Mock Inauguration

Conservatives in Congress should treat the Biden-Harris Administration exactly the way the Democrats treated Trump’s presidency, by totally dissociating themselves from any of its actions.

The Unwanted Ghost of Trump?

Bipartisanship is now a country-club Republican illusion, although one that Democrats periodically trot out when they want the Romneys, Murakowskis, Toomeys, etc. to vote with them.