Defining ‘The People’

A cultural war is overshadowing and swallowing up older class conflicts. Those who used to fight the old class wars, if they’re honest, find themselves on the populist Right.

Diatribes and Dinner Dates 

Trump has not been particularly good in recent years at picking friends and allies but that doesn’t make his dining arrangements as contemptible as Piers Morgan
would have us believe.

Hakeem’s Denial

Nazism and racism are rampant in this land only when Republicans challenge elections that Democrats seem to have won, usually with the help of vote harvesters and a noticeable lack of voter ID.

Moderate and MAGA Republicans

While woke Democratic candidates are flooded with hundreds of millions of dollars courtesy of coastal elites, Republicans lack the necessary funding to wage effective campaigns.

A Very Qualified Defense of Liz Cheney

One can feel sympathy for this driven crusader even if one rejects her crusade. But we should hold in contempt those “conservatives” who egged her on while sacrificing nothing themselves.