Chris Buskirk vs. Charlie Sykes on Paul Ryan’s Exit

American Greatness Publisher Chris Buskirk squared off with erstwhile conservative radio talk show host Charlie Sykes on the meaning of House Speaker Paul Ryan's announcement on Wednesday that he would not seek reelection. What does it mean for the Republicans in the November midterm elections? Watch the video. Photo credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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Boychuk and Liebsohn Discuss the Williamson Firing

American Greatness Managing Editor Ben Boychuk joined Seth Leibsohn for the last hour of the last show of the week to talk about l'affaire Williamson. Why should anyone care about an anti-Trump conservative losing his job at a center-Left magazine? Because it isn't about Williamson. The story represents one more data point on an

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Kimball and Buskirk on Amy Wax and the Ideological Tyranny of the Modern University

American Greatness contributor, Roger Kimball, joined American Greatness publisher Chris Buskirk to discuss the case of Professor Amy Wax at the University of Pennsylvania Law School who is facing ongoing scrutiny and controversy in the wake of her comments, some six months ago, extolling "bourgeoisie virtues."  You can listen to their conversation below.

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Townhall’s Schlichter Discusses the Left’s Attacks on Speech, Guns

Attorney and Townhall columnist extraordinaire Kurt Schlichter joined Chris Buskirk to talk about the Left's mounting attacks on freedom of speech and gun rights. Also: exclusive insight into former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's "secret memos." Listen to the interview. Photo credit: Getty Images

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Julie Kelly on the Latest in the Russia Probe: ‘Save Mueller!’

Senior contributor Julie Kelly joined Chris Buskirk and Seth Leibsohn to discuss how Democrats in Congress and NeverTrump Republicans are pushing legislation to protect Robert Mueller's ongoing, neverending investigation into alleged collusion between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and Russia. Read Kelly's latest: Democrats, NeverTrump Finally Have a Jobs Plan, and listen to the interview. Photo

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Power Line/American Greatness Celebrate American Julie Day

Once again, American Greatness teamed up with our friend Steven Hayward of PowerLine, for an episode of the PowerLine Podcast. In this edition, Steve is joined by American Greatness senior editor, Julie Ponzi and senior contributor, Julie Kelly. Who needs International Women's Day when you can sit back and enjoy half an hour of American

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Kelly and Buskirk Talk Russian Scapegoats and NeverTrumpers

American Greatness senior contributor, Julie Kelly, joined publisher Chris Buskirk and guest-host of the Seth and Chris Show, Robert Graham, for a discussion of her recent piece, "Russian Scapegoats at the Ready for 2018" as chances of a Democrat sweep in November appear to be diminishing.  You can listen to their discussion at

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