How to Think About the Future of the GOP Part 1 – (PODCAST)

The fight for the future of the Republican Party is on. Conservatism, Inc., it's longtime patron and protector, is the incumbent, but it's become clear voters want something different. And while the election is still 12 days away the battle has been joined. Conservatism, Inc. has a few advantages - they're organized, well-funded, and other

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Will the Trump Effect Last? – Chris Buskirk on NPR Morning Edition with David Greene

  I joined David Greene today on NPR's Morning Edition to discuss whether the "Trump Effect" will last past the election, what it is, and what it might mean for American politics.  The short answer is that I hope the "Trump Effect" will last, if we understand that to mean a politics of personal conviction,

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The Consequences of Conservative Stockholm Syndrome (PODCAST)

Ideas have consequences. That's what conservative intellectuals have been telling us for more than half a century - longer really as this is a truth that has been affirmed in both Athens and Jerusalem. But for all the lip service, conservative intellectuals don't seem to believe it - not really. Not with the sort of

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Trump: An American Journey – Interview with Biographer Marc Fisher (PODCAST)

We talk to Marc Fisher, author of the excellent new biography of Trump Reveal: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money & Power. Fisher spent many hours with Donald Trump, his family & friends, and he shares his insights into Donald Trump the man. Fisher is a Pulitzer Prize winning Senior Editor of The Washington

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A Rebirth of Americanism and the Sovereignty of the People (PODCAST)

Managing editor Ben Boychuk joins me again to discuss the politics of the Pence-Kaine debate. We all know Kaine face-planted, but what does it mean for the race? The short answer is that it is a media reset for Trump. Last week was tough on the Republican nominee's campaign after a mixed performance in his own debate

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Election Outlook & A Look at the Finance Economy with Ben Boychuk (PODCAST)

The top conservative scholars in the country signed a joint declaration supporting Donald that we published on American Greatness. Ben Boychuk joins me to discuss the politics of this big endorsement. Also, I explain how Donald Trump can run away with the election if he hits one theme harder. If Trump runs hard against Wall

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Resurrecting the Idea of a Christian Society with RR Reno Part 2 (PODCAST)

  Dr. R.R. Reno, editor of First Things, joins me today to continue the discussion we started 2 weeks ago of his timely new book, Resurrecting the Idea of a Christian Society.  I've been making a general nuisance of myself to friends and family about this book, insisting that they buy it, read it, and

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Conservative Kids Squandering Their Political Inheritance with Michael Walsh (PODCAST)

Michael Walsh is an acclaimed novelist, music critic, and screenwriter now filling the role of prophet.  He joined us on the show to discuss his excellent book, The Devil's Pleasure Palace: The Cult of Critical Theory & The Subversion of the West.  In a fascinating conversation we somehow never got to discuss the book directly, so

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