Articles by Salena Zito

The Way to Prosperity Has Many Paths

ROSPERITY, Pennsylvania―How this little village earned its name is rooted in an old tale featuring a common last name, one-in-a-million odds and a likely exaggeration about how many settlers were attracted to the middle of the frontier. “It was founded in 1848 by a gentleman named Robert Wallace,” explains Clay Kilgore, executive director of the […]

For Now, an Unknown Monument Pivotal to Our History Is Safe From Historical Purges

UMONVILLE, Pennsylvania—What happened here 266 years ago had repercussions so profound they changed the course of world history abruptly and irreversibly. A disputed moment occurred that led to the French and Indian War, the first true world war that would drag on for seven years, draw blood on five continents and have costs that would […]

Masks Made in America by an All-American Company

RISTOL, Tennessee—There is not one thing in the jeans, flannel-lined jackets, denim jackets, overalls, shirts, carpenter pants, custom uniforms or masks produced by L.C. King Manufacturing that is not made in America. Nothing—not even the threads or the rivets. “All the components, the raw materials, are purchased in the United States and are actually manufactured […]

‘Joe Has Absolutely No Idea What’s Happening’

LLENTOWN, Pennsylvania—President Donald Trump, speaking to the Washington Examiner ahead of an event at a medical supply facility in this key swing state, took aim at Joe Biden’s mental faculties, at one point claiming his Democratic challenger “has absolutely no idea what’s happening.” Trump was reacting to news that Biden had teamed up with former […]