Greatness Agenda

Fiat Dollars to Finance Feudalism 

The reason this money is being spent is to cram Americans down to a lifestyle that is “sustainable,” while at the same time transferring even more wealth and power into the hands of a new oligarchy.

Biden and the 1 Percent

“Do you want to give the wealthiest people in America another tax cut?” Joe Biden asked in his budget speech. Apparently, for the Democratic leadership, the answer is: Yes, we do.

The Franco and American Problem

France is calling for adherence to its vital center, ahead of the possibility of taking distastefully firm action. The United States has a simpler problem in resurrecting its vital center.

About Those ‘DOA’
Abraham Accords

Biden Administration policy—not the civil suit against squatters who refuse to pay Jewish landlords or a failed “peace process”—is the underpinning of the current Hamas war against Israel.