Articles by Matthew Boose

1776 Trump Is the Best Trump

n an odd echo of Patrick Buchanan, the godfather of Trumpism, Joe Biden has called this election “a battle for the soul of the nation.” The path forward for President Trump is again to take up Buchanan’s mantle, as he did so boldly four years ago. The sudden death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has […]

America Is on the Ballot, So Let’s Win

he Democrats and Republicans spent hours giving speeches at their nominating conventions, but their respective takeaways were simple enough. One party thinks America is racist to the core and that it must give way to something radically new. The other party thinks America is already great and that it is worth defending. Vice President Mike […]

The Kamala Coup

ll presidential campaigns have to sell themselves to voters, but the Biden-Harris ticket is a swindle. In the days since Biden announced his “running mate,” it has become ever more clear that this “campaign” is in fact a political coup. We are dealing with a presidential candidate who can’t answer a follow-up question and a […]

Obama the Jacobin

any people were quick to call Obama’s eulogy for John Lewis distasteful, and that it was. But there is a hazard of being too offended on Lewis’s behalf. Really, it is hard to imagine that a man who dedicated his life to revolutionary politics would object to the nation’s arch-progressive giving a fire-and-brimstone speech at […]

Twilight of the Founders

ou can tell about the soul of a people by looking at who they honor. It used to be that America, more or less universally, admired its founders. But Americans today increasingly fancy themselves more evolved than George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. We imagine that these founders have been “found out.” Their great secret—their hypocrisy […]

Apologize to Your ‘Racist Uncle’

or many years, America has been the proverbial frog boiling slowly in a pot. Some were more sensitive to the changes in the water’s temperature than others have been. Others couldn’t sense the change at all. The most sensitive tended to be older white men: white men like your “racist uncle.” It’s time that America […]

Who Is Standing Up for the Silent Majority?

o let us have order in America—not the order that suppresses dissent and discourages change but the order which guarantees the right to dissent and provides the basis for peaceful change.” These words were spoken over half a century ago by Richard Nixon as he accepted his party’s nomination for president at the 1968 Republican […]

Why Does the Republican Party Exist?

epublicans are facing their biggest test in generations. The mentality of a psychotic mob of radicals has taken control of the country and its institutions. With remarkable speed, America’s mayors, governors, media, lawmakers, health experts, artists, sports leagues, generals and troops, powerful corporations, and the wealthiest men on the planet, have all loudly endorsed this […]

Trump’s Snub of Jeff Sessions Sends a Bad Message

hat kind of message does it send when the president, five months before his reelection contest, throws the first senator ever to endorse his presidency under the bus? For supporters of Jeff Sessions, President Trump’s decision to snub his former attorney general and endorse a goofy RINO football coach instead is more evidence that the […]

Don’t Laugh at Stacey Abrams

ll great people have a sense that they are destined for great things. Stacey Abrams predicts that she will be president of the United States by 2040. Come what may of her White House aspirations this year, Abrams speaks like someone who believes she is bound for immortality—indeed, that she’s entitled to it. Her infatuated […]

Trump, Biden, and the Coronavirus Coup

he consequences of the coronavirus have been profound, but the politics of it have turned out to be remarkably trivial. That’s worrisome. When the pandemic first landed in America, there was a momentousness that birthed a cottage industry for spouting clever predictions about how society would change forever. On the political front, a conflict quickly […]

Will the Republican Establishment Survive the Coronavirus?

he big unresolved question of the Trump era is simple: What happens when Donald Trump’s presidency is over? Has the Republican Party really become more “populist,” or will the GOP revert to the neoliberal, neoconservative status quo? The coronavirus has brought this question into focus like never before. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a supposed populist […]

In Coronavirus Era, the Media Plays God

here’s a classic episode of “The Twilight Zone” starring William Shatner in one of his two roles in the series playing a young neurotic. In this one, he becomes obsessed with a fortune-teller machine in a Midwestern diner. Marooned with his new wife over car trouble, Shatner’s character asks a series of questions—Will I get […]