Articles by Edward Ring

The American Media Has Betrayed America

here aren’t enough disparaging epithets in the English language to adequately describe “journalists” such as ABC Nightly News anchorman David Muir, the dashing 40-something actor who pretends to share important national news with America. Five days a week, Muir recites agenda-driven propaganda as if it were truth, while his allies who run the social media […]

From the California Militia to Pharoah Newsom

ver the past month, and with growing intensity, protests are cropping up in California against the pandemic shutdown. And as stay-at-home orders are gradually lifted, populist pressure continues to build, because the long term economic consequences have just begun. Rising prices in the stores just as households have spent what remained of their savings. Businesses […]

Rethinking College Education in America

n an interview last month at the Hoover Institution, the estimable Victor Davis Hanson, speaking in character, made a typically provocative comment. “For what we are paying for every provost of diversity and inclusion,” he said, “we could probably hire three professors of electrical engineering.” That can be fact-checked. And the results are illuminating. On […]

California Is Ready to Get Rid of Gavin Newsom

cross California on May 1, tens of thousands protested in defiance of statewide lockdown orders. In Sacramento, the west lawn of the state capitol building was filled with protesters, with thousands more marching along the sidewalk surrounding the capitol grounds. Additional thousands driving their cars and honking their horns created three hours of total gridlock […]

COVID-19 Exacerbates Public-Sector Union Attacks on Private Property in California

alifornia’s legislature is controlled by Democratic supermajorities in both houses. These Democratic politicians, in turn, are controlled by public-sector unions. Legislators are now considering Assembly Bill 828, which will empower courts to reduce rents summarily by up to 25 percent and create additional barriers to the eviction process. The law would be a disaster. It’s […]

No, Antarctica Is Not ‘Rapidly Melting’

he BBC, which in September 2018 announced its decision to censor any reports by climate skeptics, continues to propagandize for climate alarmists. On March 12, BBC “Science Correspondent” Jonathan Amos published an alarming article entitled “Greenland and Antarctica ice loss accelerating.” According to Amos, “Earth’s great ice sheets, Greenland and Antarctica, are now losing mass […]

The Opportunity of the Emergency

ow the global COVID-19 pandemic began is incidental to how it instantly has transformed the entire political landscape of the planet. And whether this pandemic was planned or merely accidental in no way changes the manner in which it suits the agenda of two mega-adversaries. One searing example from history offers dramatic evidence of how […]

Leftist Oligarchs Use Pandemic to Attack Trump

emocratic super PACs are exploiting pandemic panic to bash President Trump. Even if you don’t live in a battleground state, you’re probably seeing these ads, because they’re even running in deep-blue California. Here is an example, a television ad produced by a super PAC called “Unite the Country.” The ad makes three assertions that are […]

What Democratic Party Rule Will Do to America

ecent and ongoing events, historic by any standard, have emphatically refuted anyone who thought a black swan event could not possibly disrupt America’s 2020 election. Recent events might also suffice to remind us that yet another Black Swan event could transpire before the November election, creating additional political disruption. Regardless of how America’s public health […]

Plastic Bags and the Recycling and Reuse Scam

ack in 2014, the California Legislature passed Senate Bill 207, which banned grocery stores from offering customers “single-use” carryout bags. Permanent implementation was delayed by a November 2016 voter referendum, Proposition 67, which unsuccessfully attempted to repeal the measure. Today it is well-established law. The only way SB 207 was sold to the grocery industry […]

Black Swans and Super Bubbles

“Black Swan: an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences.” —Investopedia or decades there have been so-called “permabears” claiming that investment returns in the stock market were unsustainable. When the internet bubble popped in 1999, the permabears felt vindicated. But then, starting around 2003, the […]

Toward Sustainable Megacities

odern urban centers around the world now have neighborhoods that house well over 100,000 people per square mile. The Choa Chu Kang district in Singapore, defined by boulevards lined with 10 to 12 story mid-rise residential buildings, has a population density of more than 125,000 people per square mile. The entire borough of Manhattan has […]