The Power of Moderate Populism

If you evaluate Trump’s actions while in office and his core positions on the most important issues of our time, there is strong evidence that he is not the least bit extreme in his views.

Two Visions for California’s Future

In an alternate vision of California, millions of good jobs would be created by increasing housing development, embracing the state's oil and gas deposits, and streamlining costly state regulations.

Our Perilous, Magnificent, Perilous Future

To believe that the future may just be more wonderful than we could ever imagine is not fantasy; it is an informed, realistic perspective. And it completely disarms the manipulative narrative of fear.

The Financialization of Nature

Carbon trading and natural asset companies use scarcity to inflate the value of existing real assets, while inventing new asset categories that have no relation to genuine productivity.

The Intellectual Foundations of MAGA

The MAGA position is founded on a solid intellectual and moral foundation, aspiring to the optimal well-being of all Americans and ultimately to the benefit of everyone else in the world as well.