Weekend Long Read

The 1980s on Trial

Before iPhones and the internet and Twitter and outrage culture, there was an understanding that beneath the veneer of civilization was something wild, dangerous, and joyful.

Why Do Humans Have Rights?

Simply being human is sufficient and necessary to possess a right to life, because the worth of humans is what places a moral barrier in the way of any attempt to destroy human life.

Hiding Hunter’s Laptop

The American public was subjected to a campaign right out of the Soviet playbook designed to obfuscate the Biden family corruption.

Electric Mania

The yin and the yang, the push and the pull, the light and the dark, the dirty and the clean, the good and the evil—this is electricity.

The French Exit: A Detroit Love Story

Everyone else was making so much money on the new economy that they had no incentive other than to cheer what was paying them, and blame those it harmed for their growing poverty.

Yokel Wokeism

Personnel is policy, especially at the university level, so stakeholders of an institution must learn to recognize the warning signs of wokeness.

A Land Without Heroes

Forsaking our past heroes hollows out our understanding of the achievements of our civilization. We live within the stream of history, not omnisciently above it. 

What Would Joan Rivers Do?

Joan Rivers was one of the first to be canceled—she was banned from late night TV for 21 years before finally rising from the ashes.

The Great Battle of Gettysburg

Gettysburg, which took place in the lead up to July 4th 1863, remains the greatest battle ever to occur on the North American continent. There is much to learn from remembering it.