Weekend Long Read

An American System for America Prosperity

The ideology of global free trade is not American—nor is it the free market system. America had the highest tariff rates in history at the same time we saw the greatest economic expansion in history.

The Lincoln Miracle

In Chicago people were still scratching their heads over what the convention had just done. ‘The nomination of Abram Lincoln, although not entirely unexpected, took even his
friends by surprise.’ 

Triumph Regained

The actions of the Americans at Van Tuong reflected the cultural norms of the U.S. military, many of which had been transposed from civilian society. 

An Age of Decay

The fact that American living standards have broadly stagnated, and for some segments of the population have declined, should be cause for real concern to the ruling class.

An American Awakening

Conservatives who have battled the incomplete religions of the French Revolution and Marxism have little understanding of what is now upon them. Their weapons are useless against this new enemy.

The 1980s on Trial

Before iPhones and the internet and Twitter and outrage culture, there was an understanding that beneath the veneer of civilization was something wild, dangerous, and joyful.

Why Do Humans Have Rights?

Simply being human is sufficient and necessary to possess a right to life, because the worth of humans is what places a moral barrier in the way of any attempt to destroy human life.