Weekend Long Read

Conservatives and Our Queer Constitution

The live-and-let-live attitude, hoped for by conservatives and promised by revolutionaries, cannot in principle hold. Indeed, the move from legal tolerance to public celebration is perfectly logical.

The People’s Justice on Brumfield v. Cain

Justice Thomas’s discussion of the Brumfeld crime and its effects on the victim’s family was unorthodox—so much so that the other three dissenting justices did not join this section of the opinion.

COVID-19 Was a Biological 9/11

Given the statements of senior Chinese leaders over the last decade, Beijing clearly believes that weaponized biotechnology is the silver bullet to wage war indirectly against America and its allies.

How Multiculturalism Toppled Rome

From Britain to the Middle East, Rome enjoyed support from vast numbers of people who had a stake in its success, even though their ancestors were not originally Roman or even Italian.

American Despotism

True science, the evidence before ones eyes, exposes the globalist American empire as a kleptocracy that has betrayed the country, outsourced its wealth and defense, and degraded its people.

Inside Women’s Studies

The charges of oppression that privileged white feminists once leveled indiscriminately at men ended up being turned back on them by women of color.

No To Conservative Accommodationism

The Right concedes ground to the woke revolution and gives bipartisan legitimacy to a progressive project that aims to diminish the moral capital of historic America.

The Empire That Never Was

America cannot survive on its large-C Constitution alone. It needs a small-c constitution, too, a shared spirit of common purpose and ritual. And for that, we must become friends again.

An American System for America Prosperity

The ideology of global free trade is not American—nor is it the free market system. America had the highest tariff rates in history at the same time we saw the greatest economic expansion in history.

The Lincoln Miracle

In Chicago people were still scratching their heads over what the convention had just done. ‘The nomination of Abram Lincoln, although not entirely unexpected, took even his
friends by surprise.’