Articles by Steve Cortes

It’s Morning in America

ecent metrics on the economy and the virus reflect a burgeoning American renaissance that is unfolding across our land. This reality is grasped by citizens who can cut through the cacophony of negativity and prevarications propagated by the Democrats and their allies in corporate media. This is an unprecedented year in so many respects, and […]

The New Republican Party of American Strivers

As the Republican National Convention begins in earnest, the GOP of 2020 firmly embraces its role as a political movement of American strivers. The Trump presidency and the America First movement represent an electoral revolt, one catalyzed by working-class citizens. These formerly forgotten Americans rose up in 2016 to assert their agency as citizens of […]

Political Football Is No Substitute For the Real Thing

he most material political news that broke this week was not the selection of Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) as Joe Biden’s running mate, but the disastrous decision of major college football conferences to cancel their 2020 seasons. Specifically, in battleground Midwest states, legions of football fans who may not be particularly politically oriented will become […]

China Meddles in Our Election,
In Favor of Biden

hostile foreign power openly meddles in U.S. electoral politics, working to cast discord generally and specifically to smear one of the two remaining candidates for our highest office. If Democrats were consistent about the paranoia they fomented over the laughably small efforts of Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election, they would now demand immediate […]