Articles by Josiah Lippincott

A Modest Proposal for Imposing Republican Will on the Court

he Supreme Court is the most powerful legislative body in America. It is an entirely partisan institution. Let’s stop pretending otherwise.   With that in mind, President Trump and the Senate Republicans immediately should nominate and appoint the youngest, most conservative public figure they can find. I recommend Madison Cawthorn, the 25-year-old House candidate running for […]

It’s Time for Trump Rallies to Resume

rump should hold more rallies. Excuse me, “peaceful protests.” Those who aren’t obsessed with the possibility of dying need to get busy living. For his part, President Trump needs to get busy winning.  This election will be a close one despite Biden’s many obvious infirmities, lack of motivated supporters, and dearth of campaign events. When […]

Hillsdale College Did Nothing Wrong

illsdale College students are honest in word and deed. At least, they should be. Certain alumni, it seems, could use a reminder. This past week Liz Essley Whyte published an essay at The Bulwark demanding that her (and my) alma mater, Hillsdale College, “join the national reckoning on race.” Her argument rests on two falsehoods—the […]

Our Insidious New Normal

our months into our national coronavirus hysteria, the media’s appetite for scare-graphs, doomsday headlines, and wild predictions of death and destruction continues unabated. The people themselves, however, are a different matter. Silently, across the country, everyday citizens are beginning to realize that the mask mandates, lockdowns, and school closures come at a profound cost. On […]

Against the ‘Fake Noose’ Media

he affluent liberal narcissists are at it again. The FBI on Tuesday released the findings of its investigation into the “noose” allegedly found in the garage of biracial NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace. No hate crime was committed. The supposed hate symbol, in reality, was a loop handle tied into a piece of rope used to […]