Justice Dept. Employee Helped the Bloods Street Gang ID Informants

The best and the brightest. The Department of Justice revealed that one of its own helped out the Bloods street gang by repeatedly identifying informants and cooperating witnesses. Tawanna Hilliard works in an administrative role for the US Attorney's Office for the District of New Jersey, court documents say. According to the US Attorney for

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Video: Al Qaeda Releases Embarrassing ‘Blooper Reel’ of ISIS Videos

Al Qaeda has released video of embarrassing bloopers from Islamic State videos. The blooper reel, released by Al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula’s Hidayah Media Productions, shows a kneeling militant trying to renew his pledge of allegiance to Isil leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi but repeatedly being interrupted by a squawking bird in the tree above. The

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Rep. Rashida Tlaib Refuses Israel’s Generous Offer of ‘Humanitarian Visit’ to See Aging Grandmother

UPDATE: Tlaib now says she will not visit her aging grandmother in Israel because she is unable to agree to Israel's condition she not agitate and foment discord. https://twitter.com/rashidatlaib/status/1162346455593619457 After Israel blocked Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from visiting "Palestine," the Israeli government agreed to let Tlaib into the country to visit her grandmother

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U.S. Attorney Blasts Soros-Backed Philly D.A. For Putting Police in Danger With ‘Culture of Disrespect’

In a blistering statement Thursday, United States Attorney William M. McSwain lashed out at the District Attorney of Philadelphia, saying his "vile rhetoric" and lax law enforcement policies were putting police in danger. Larry Krasner, the Philly D.A., is a far-left former civil rights defense attorney who has sued police more than 75 times, and

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#ShutDownICE Protesters Shocked When When Pick-up Truck Drives Through Their Blockade

A pickup truck drove into a row of protesters who were blocking the entrance to an ICE detention center in Rhode Island, Wednesday night, forcing them to scatter. "The whole world is watching!" the shocked crowd chanted in response. The truck reportedly belonged to a guard at the facility. To add insult to injury, guards

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Video: Rep. Thomas Massie Interviews Sheriff Steve Reams, John R. Lott About Red Flag Laws

U.S. Representative Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) hosts Colorado Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams and Dr. John R. Lott of Crime Prevention Research Center for an in-depth interview about red flag laws. The men discuss whether or not red-flag laws have been successful at deterring gun violence.

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Six Police Officers Shot by Career Criminal in Philadelphia

On Wednesday, a 36-year-old Philadelphia man with a history of gun, drugs and assault convictions opened fire on police officers serving an arrest warrant.  The gun man was finally taken into custody just after midnight. Gunfire first broke out around 4:30 p.m., said Ross, after officers attempted to serve a narcotics warrant “that went awry

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Google Whistleblower Goes Public: ‘Something Dark and Nefarious is Going on with the Company’

A Google insider who anonymously leaked internal documents to Project Veritas decided to go public after the San Francisco police, a SWAT team and a bomb squad paid an unannounced visit to his home. Zachary Vorhies, who outwardly looks like your stereotypical, liberal millennial Silicon Valley tech worker, said his decision to go public about

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Two Illegal Immigrants Arrested for Repeatedly Raping 11-Year-Old Girl

Two illegal immigrants residing in the Washington D.C. suburb and sanctuary county of Montgomery County, Maryland are accused of repeatedly raping an 11-year-old girl. Mauricio Barrera-Navidad, 29, of Damascus, and Carlos Palacios-Amaya, 28, of Gaithersburg, were arrested and each charged with second-degree rape. The two men knew the girl through a friendship with her older

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CNN’s Don Lemon Sued for Assault

CNN host Don Lemon is being sued for allegedly assaulting a man in a Long Island bar during July of 2018. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for pain and suffering. Doesn't CNN believe all accusers? We were told, we were ordered that we must believe all accusers. Apparently CNN does not following its own directives.

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