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Another Comey FBI Failure: The Larry Nassar Case

It is impossible to read today's front-page Wall Street Journal profile on McKayla Maroney and not feel ill. The article details the sexual and physical abuse the two-time Olympic medalist—who sparked an internet meme for her scowl on the podium at the 2012 London Olympics—endured for years by Larry Nassar, the team's doctor. (Nassar has been convicted of possessing child

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A Very Bad Week for #TheResistance

Expect the anti-Trump mob to be drinking heavily this weekend. The week has been filled with lots of bad news for them. Sadly for Trump foes, the U.S. economy is thriving: Market indicators this week continued to rise, pointing to a “robust” 2018. Jobless claims are near a 45 year-low, and “job openings

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Congress Pursues Clinton for Hiding Fusion GPS Payments

As I reported here, the Campaign Legal Center filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission last year alleging that Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee violated campaign finance laws by not revealing their payments to Fusion GPS. In an October 25, 2017 filing with the FEC, the watchdog group accused the Hillary

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The NYT’s ‘Ridiculous’ Obsession With Scott Pruitt

The New York Times has yet another editorial this week berating EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. The paper is on a mission to not only force Pruitt's ouster but damage his reputation so badly that it's beyond repair—and certainly keep him from taking the helm of the Trump Justice Department. The paper's latest rant, "Scott Pruitt Has

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NeverTrumper Bret Stephens’ Pleasure Ride

When the New York Times hired columnist Bret Stephens away from the Wall Street Journal one year ago, the paper thought it would be getting a blue-chip, Pulitzer-winning, anti-Trump "conservative" to bash the president and his orbit on a bi-weekly basis. Little did The Gray Lady know it would simply be the vessel for Stephens'

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War of Words Escalates Between Comey and Lynch

This is getting good. Former FBI Director James Comey has been fairly blunt in his criticism about his ex-boss, Attorney General Loretta Lynch; Lynch is now fighting back. The two are presently engaged in a he-said, she-said PR skirmish that seems more like damage control before the Justice Department's inspector general releases his report about

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Christie: Comey Would Have Fired Me If I Had Acted Like Comey

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stunned his fellow panelists on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" Sunday morning when he tore after his ex-boss, James Comey. In his new book, A Higher Loyalty, Comey admits the likelihood Hillary Clinton was going to win the presidential election influenced his decision to release a letter on October 28,

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Forget Stormy: Clinton Campaign, DNC Covered-Up Fusion GPS Payments

Maybe if Glenn Simpson had quintuple-DD breast implants, the media would pay some attention to how Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee covered-up their payments to his firm, Fusion GPS, to produce the infamous Steele "dossier." In October 2017, the Washington Post confirmed that Hillary for America and the DNC funneled millions of

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Lyin’ Comey: Can the Former FBI Director Unite America?

As I've written before, Donald Trump has given the Republican Party some cojones. The Republican National Committee has released a video - "Lyin' Comey" - to remind Democrats about that time way back in late 2016 when they all believed former FBI Director James Comey was a villain. Comey is peddling his new book, A

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