The Evasive Mr. Wray

The FBI director knows a lot about issues that matter to the Biden regime and the media. But he isn’t so savvy when it comes to issues that matter to Americans.

Release the ‘Colbert Nine’ Records

Matthew Graves may get away with refusing to bring criminal accountability to Stephen Colbert’s crew, but House Republicans can bring some measure of public accountability. Roll the tape.

What is Adam Schiff Hiding?

Schiff tucked an amendment into the National Defense Authorization Act that would prohibit any evidence collected in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act from being used in investigations. Why?

NeverTrump Hearts Cassidy

NeverTrump is up to its old tricks: bashing Trump, berating his supporters, and cheering his latest nemeses who almost always end up as farcical as NeverTrumpers themselves. 

Justice for J16

Stephen Colbert’s insurrectionists must be met with the swiftest and harshest punishment possible.

Why Is Merrick Garland Smiling?

The unprecedented collaboration between the Justice Department and Congress to target political foes of the regime endangers the rights of hundreds of Trump-supporting Americans.