David French, Mike Pence, and the Judas Iscariot Wing of Conservative Inc.

Since 2015, conservative commentator and lawyer David French has been undergoing spiritual hormone therapy. On March 10, French completed his transition by finally endorsing Biden in the pages of the New York Times. From socially conservative legal fighter to fanatical Never Trumper to Biden supporter—the journey is now complete. 

French, in less than ten years, has done exactly what every astute observer predicted when he came out foaming at the mouth against Donald Trump and MAGA. David French is living proof that the “principled conservatives” are simply liberals that are ten years behind. 

French’s career is a damning indictment of the post-war conservative movement and of the social conservative project in particular. These people have nothing to show for themselves. Principled conservatism has lost battle after battle—on gay marriage, immigration, transgenderism, outsourcing, and education. Since 1945, the official “respectable” conservative movement has managed to win zero political victories. In the last 20 years, the only politically successful movements—the Tea Party and MAGA—both arose from the grassroots and outside the mainstream GOP/Conservative Inc. establishment.

The purpose of a system is what it does. The reason that French and the rest of official conservadom have failed is because they were supposed to. Winning was never an option. It was never a goal. The purpose of the post-war conservative movement is to betray the voters, donors, and ordinary people who wanted to save the country from the left’s vicious project of national destruction.

At The Stream, John Zmirak refers to him as David ‘Vichy’ French and draws out a long parallel between French and Joseph Darnand, a leader in the pro-German Vichy French regime during WWII. The comparison doesn’t really work, though. Darnand was an anti-communist. David French, by contrast, is a leftist. 

French would be better described as what he is: a member of the Judas Iscariot wing of the modern conservative establishment.

The traitor, the Judas, is elevated in our degraded contemporary regime. The spy, the stool pigeon, the informer, the doxxer—this type is in its heyday. The supposedly pious Christian moralists who populate the respectable conservative right are among the worst offenders. They use their “faith” as a tool to justify their vicious betrayals. 

So many of these “family values” conservative leaders who claim to fight for “principles” are, in the end, the same—they are traitors. Mike Pence is of the same spiritual type as David French. All that sanctimonious talk about Jesus and morality can’t cover over the fundamentally vicious impulse at his core—the hatred of the old America and its way of life. 

“I am a Christian, conservative, and a Republican… in that order.” What self-righteous lies. For Mike Pence, Christianity means self-aggrandizement and spewing bullshit slogans in public to get elected. It was never about trying to help the country. Pence’s explicit and vocal refusal to endorse his old boss is a sign of his moral turpitude.

The fate of the nation and the last shreds of the American political order hang in the balance, and Pence, like French, turns on the one man who has expressed any real willingness to do anything about it. Both David French and Mike Pence have, de facto, endorsed Joe Biden. 

Both David French and Mike Pence therefore support transgender surgery for minors, open borders, endless foreign wars, and BLM terrorism in American cities. Both men are traitors. Any leading conservative figure who turns on Trump at this critical juncture has placed themselves on the side of the radical left. 

We are in an existential crisis. Trump is under assault from our corrupt legal system, the media, and his own political party. He is under attack because he wanted to move America on a moderate course back to nationhood and sovereignty. Trump’s political platform is centrist and sensible. It is a return to the 1990 bipartisan political consensus. 

But even this turn, as we see now from the spurious 91 felony indictments, is a crime. The America First political platform that Trump stands for is effectively illegal. If Trump is imprisoned or defeated, we lose our best hope of a sober and humane solution to the crisis of national identity that we are confronting today.

If the Biden administration continues, we face an acceleration of the invasion taking place across our southern border. At a certain point, the flood of third-world migrants will decisively alter our political regime to the point that elections will no longer carry any weight. If the left is successfully able to elect new people through mass migration, then the best hope for salvaging the older Republican order is gone. 

Patriotic Americans need to understand that there is no place for traitors in our movement. The David Frenches of the world are a greater enemy than any leftist. Purging the conservative movement of Mike Pence’s, Nikki Haley’s, et al. should be our first priority. We must make it clear to this type (and to their donors): You are not welcome here. You do not belong. We will remember your names.

The Judas Iscariots of the American Right need to understand that their betrayal comes at a cost. Excommunication is not enough. Their treachery deserves relentless psychic pain. Mike Pence, David French, and company should never be allowed back into respectable conservative company under any circumstances. 

The conservative movement needs to cleanse itself of backstabbers, cowards, and leftists. Purification precedes victory!


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About Josiah Lippincott

Josiah Lippincott is a Ph.D. student and a former U.S. Marine Corps officer. You can find him on Telegram at https://t.me/josiah_lippincott or subscribe to his Substack here.

Photo: David French speaking at the 2012 CPAC in Washington, D.C. (Photograph by Gage Skidmore | Wikipedia Commons)