Trump on Martyrdom and Tyranny

Far from being a threat to liberty and freedom of religion, President Trump’s proclamation on St. Thomas Becket teaches Americans how their Western heritage embodies the great struggles of the past.

The Book on the Key Issue of 2020

Citizenship is the key question of 2020. The founders rejected British common law, which never mentioned citizens, only subjects. Democrats would take us back to that.

On Race, Biden is Speedy Joe

Americans must realize Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are racial fanatics and defend their honor against their new would-be “slaveocracy.”

Harris Drops Her Mask

Harris’ “none of us are free … until all of us are free …” rhetoric would have been alien to the founders and to Abraham Lincoln as it eschews individual rights and duties, instead making an appeal to collective ones.

Fully Woke Joe

Not “sleepy” at all, Biden would distort the heart of American finance and transform the nation’s basic economic structure using the mantra of “civil rights” and equality.

Trump Calls Out the New Confederate and Tory Mobs

The president, not the mobs, marches with King demanding that “promissory note” of the Declaration of Independence. They both affirm America’s founding document that “American freedom exists for American greatness.”