The Sorry Remnant of Joseph Biden

Until we find political leaders who appreciate the vitality of the political heritage they have repudiated or ignored, the politics of “systematic organization of hatreds” is all we will see.

The War We Must Fight

We may be too weak to fight the anti-woke Communism war in which Tom Klingenstein urges us to enlist. But it’s a war we must prepare ourselves for, as the enemy is ourselves.

Is Discrimination Racist?

A recent misguided critique of the Claremont Institute claims it has abandoned the legacy and teachings of its intellectual godfather, Harry V. Jaffa. But the argument doesn’t hold up.

The Celestial Empire Fights Back

Three Asian-American authors offer interesting perspectives on how America can, and ought to be, an example to the world   and how to stand up to their school boards.

Canceling a Hero?

The Richard Mentor Johnson-Julia Chinn relationship shows how American race relations and slavery itself might have developed differently than they did.

How Biden Breeds Equity Scams

As his speech on the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa massacre makes clear, Joe Biden is far more dangerous than Franklin Roosevelt, who made partisan hatred the basis of the modern Democratic Party.