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A January 6 Detainee Speaks Out

He corroborates accounts from other detainees, including reports of abuse by prison guards, inedible food, and zero access to the outdoors, religious services, or physical activity. 

The FBI’s Other Sexual Scandal

For those who do not benefit from the FBI’s selective use of its power, the consistent tolerance of child predators (even within its own ranks) calls into question its legitimacy. 

Free and Captive Minds

Freedom does not exist in a collectivist society, and the only way that it can exist is if we reject collectivism, and affirm the idea of community.

America Needs a Grand Strategy  

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, we have traveled from George H. W. Bush’s New World Order to Trump’s America First to the Biden Adminstration’s rehash of Obama’s “Don’t do stupid stuff” policy.