Books & Culture

Chelsea Knows Best

Oprahesque in nature, AppleTV’s docuseries featuring Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, has nothing to do with reality but with the aspirations of a certain kind of clichéd woman.

A Just Prejudice

Like Burke, Russell Kirk understood that an affirmation of the customary and conventional is the most reliable safeguard for individuality and fructifying idiosyncrasy.

007 Turns 60

James Bond, the man “licensed to kill” and living in a world of ruthless psychopaths who deserve to be killed, appears to be on a new kind of precipice. 

A ‘Kings Row’ for the
Rest of Us

The American journey is a journey of free will and independence. Brokenness is part of the human condition but it need not be a determining factor in how one’s life ought to continue. 

Good Country People

America is far more complex than the hollow sentimentalism of its blind champions or the chaotic cynicism of its perpetual detractors.