Brett Kavanaugh: A Good Man Defamed

The Left’s crusade to destroy Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh isn’t over yet. Last week, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) sent a letter to the National Archives to demand the release of any records related to Kavanaugh’s tenure in the George W. Bush White House from 2001 to 2006.  Shortly after Democrats regained

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A Directory of Politically Incorrect, Algorithmically Stifled Vloggers

Anyone who doesn’t believe the Right is being suppressed systematically by the communications monopolies of Big Tech either is not paying attention, is hopelessly biased, or is thoroughly brainwashed. The process of suppression takes many forms. It isn’t merely suppression of conservative viewpoints on the major social media platforms (Google, Facebook, Twitter), but suppression of

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Six Conservative Principles Hidden in the #MCU

Marvel Studios on Saturday announced “Phase Four” of its blockbuster Marvel Cinematic Universe series of films at the San Diego Comic Convention. Moviegoers can look forward to many more heavily hyped, CGI-driven adventures with their favorite superheroes for years to come.  Last weekend, my son insisted that before I could watch “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” we

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Pop Gun 2: ‘Resistance’ Hollywood Kowtows to China

Hollywood, the cultural epicenter of the “resistance” to the faux totalitarianism attributed to President Trump, has a vastly different approach to the real totalitarianism of Communist China: capitulation and self-censorship. As noted by Mark MacKinnon, the senior international correspondent for The Globe and Mail, the sequel to 1986’s “Top Gun”—which, after 33 years

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I Am Very Angry That I Did Not Get a Lincoln Fellowship

Conservatism has finally died. I say this with a heavy heart, and an anxious soul, for I fear what America will look like without conservatism to show us our way. Was it not conservatism that prevented a single Republican from soiling his soul by voting for Obamacare, or trying to negotiate its alteration?

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Fathers Matter—A Lot

The truth of the title is obvious to all but the most fanatically anti-natural-family ideologues, and yet, our culture is drowning in fatherlessness and seems unable to get this most elemental requirement of healthy families right. So, our society suffers.But the series “Cobra Kai” seems poised to change that—or, at least, to open up

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Scarlett Laughs

Strong, female characters are all the rage in Hollywood these days. In “The Force Awakens,” J.J. Abrams merely remade the 1977 “Star Wars” with a skinny girl playing Luke Skywalker. Of course, if you dare to dislike this new genre of movies you are sexist, because strong, female characters! There’s even a study “proving”

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Charles Reich, R.I.P.

Remember Charles Reich? Probably not. But you probably do know the phrase “the greening of America.” It is Reich’s coinage, the title his fruity 1970 bestseller that began life as a 39,000-word essay in The New Yorker. I hadn’t thought about Reich for years. When the news came a few days ago that

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Resisting the Politics of Victimhood

We are a self-contradictory people. In our private lives, we affirm, or at least speak as if we affirm, the virtues of personal responsibility, self-reliance, self-discipline, wisdom, humility, generosity, and justice. These are the virtues that we strive to instill in our children. With an eye to this end, we appropriate measures to

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