Rowling and King Slam Into the Woke Diversity Cult

Nothing is more appetizing than watching the limbs of progressive icons mulch between the jaws of the Woke. With a giddy regularity, the picadors of piffle lower themselves to those over which they loft. A glorious sight—like savannah lions ripping through their prey. There’s something deeply primal about it. And something deserved about it. The

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Woke Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling, author of the beloved “Harry Potter” children’s fantasy books, delighted countless children with her works, became wealthy, famous, and admired—then disappointed many conservative parents with her conventional leftist grandstanding. Recently, she disappointed part of the activist Left, too, by endorsing the reality of biological sex. Inhabitants of some fantasy worlds were enraged. The

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The Feminist Sociopath

The media are doing everything in their power to divert the spotlight from Ricky Gervais’ opening monologue at last week’s Golden Globes. Michelle Williams is clearly Hollywood’s chosen beneficiary. Her emotional “on-the-verge-of-tears” speech advocating a woman’s “right to choose” is garnering much acclaim from women’s groups, after she claimed that her personal “choice” enabled her

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Roger Scruton, Seeker of Truth and Beauty

“I think we are losing beauty, and there’s a danger that with it, we will lose the meaning of life.” These were the introductory remarks of British philosopher and writer, Sir Roger Scruton, during the 2009 BBC program, "Why Beauty Matters." Scruton, who died Sunday after a short battle with cancer, was certainly a defender of

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Can Aristotle and St. Thomas Help Us Preserve the Constitution?

One way to understand the American Revolution is that it was Englishmen fighting Englishmen for the rights of Englishmen. The failure of the British monarch and the British parliament to give the North American English colonists a say in whether they were to be taxed and how, whether their rights to trial by jury were

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Once Upon a Time in Conservative Hollywood

The elevator pitch for “Run Hide Fight,” a film currently in production, is simple: “a 17-year-old female ‘Die Hard’ in the middle of a school shooting.” Swap out cop Bruce Willis for student Isabel May, exchange the Nakatomi Plaza in “Die Hard” for Vernon Central High School in Texas, and you have the plot. It’s

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‘Party of Five’ Reboot Is Pure Illegal Immigrant Propaganda

Remember “Party of Five”? The seminal ’90s show gave us five young siblings who struggled to keep their family together after suffering horrible tragedy. The show opens six months after a drunk driver kills their parents. The five are left to fend for themselves with the two brothers and three sisters caring for each other

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To Hell With These Gilded Charlatans

Ricky Gervais just does not care. He delivered a scalding opening monologue at the Golden Globes on Sunday, in which he lambasted the excesses of Hollywood culture, the creative laziness of most large studios, and the hypocrisy of constant virtue signaling from a wealthy and largely out-of-touch Hollywood elite. That Gervais’ irreverence was desperately needed

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The Golden Globes: A Televised Execution

Last night, 386 miles south of San Quentin State Prison, NBC televised a “live” execution from the International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California. Outside, where twin palm trees stand like paintbrushes beneath the hotel’s logo, where a cursive, lower-cased “the” runs above the hotel’s name, where the marshmallow white exterior highlights

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On the Death of a Villain

“Oh, no, now there’ll be a war!” Wails the plaintive Lefty throng Who conveniently ignore That there’s been one, all along— Jihadis, at war with us By their own eager admission— Our policies should cover this Pre-existing condition. Our responses will reveal Who’s Chamberlain-ish, or Rooseveltive: Barry tried the art of the deal. Trump has

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