The Hysterical Left Goes to War With Trump

Dana Nessel, Michigan’s Democratic Attorney General, announced in July that she is pursuing felony charges against the individuals who claimed to be Trump electors from the state in the 2020 election. 

Among those charged is the head of the Republican National Committee’s chapter in Michigan, Kathy Berden, as well as the former co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party, Meshawn Maddock, and Shelby Township Clerk Stan Grot. 

On average, these electors are in their early 70s. Each is being charged with eight felonies which range from a maximum of five to 14 years in prison. If convicted, many of these individuals are likely to die in prison. Their alleged crime? Claiming that they were the lawful electors from the state of Michigan in documents sent to Congress and the National Archives after the 2020 election. For this, they are being charged with multiple counts of election fraud, forgery, and conspiracy.

This is an utterly absurd and vicious political prosecution. The pro-Trump slate of electors was ignored by Congress. There was no fraud perpetrated. These patriotic Michigan citizens argued, correctly, that Trump won the state of Michigan, in part, because in 2020, Jocelyn Benson, Michigan’s secretary of state, illegally sent absentee ballot applications to every voter in Michigan. 

The relevant statute, MCL 168.759(3), states clearly that only the voter is allowed to ask for a mail-in ballot application. Benson ignored the law and thereby cast doubt upon the legitimacy of the election. Mail-in ballots on this scale are not trustworthy. There is no way to ensure that the person who is supposed to fill out the ballot in fact did so. Shotgunning mail-in ballots across the state destabilized Michigan elections beyond the tipping point. 

The 16 Michigan citizens being prosecuted are patriots. It is Jocelyn Benson and Dana Nessel who should be charged with fraud and conspiracy.

Unfortunately, however, we live in clown world. Leftists get away with accusing their enemies of doing what they, in fact, are guilty of doing. They love to rub it in their political opponents’ faces. The ritual humiliation is part of the fetish. 

I know Meshawn Maddock, one of the accused. Her husband, Matt, is a member of the state legislature and a vocal member of the pro-Trump wing. America has two standards of justice: one for members of favored groups—like the Democratic Party’s communist paramilitaries—and another for ordinary Americans. Political repression isn’t some far off fear to me. It is already happening to people I know and care about. It will only get worse. 

The Left dominates every prominent institution in American life. Every Fortune 500 company, every government agency (including the military), every major religious domination—all of them are on the same team. 

These prosecutions are only the beginning of the political repression in store for the American Right. How many times will Joe Biden say he will fight his domestic enemies with nuclear weapons before people understand that he isn’t joking? In the minds of those who are in power, if you voted for Trump, you are an extremist and a fascist.

In the words of Joe Biden, those who do not support transgender surgery for minors are anti-semites. During World War II, the American government fire-bombed women and children for having a fascist and anti-semitic government. Do you really think that kind of rhetoric would be deployed if they wouldn’t be willing to do it again?

If the federal government charged me with multiple made-up felonies, no one in power would come to my defense. If the feds sent in SWAT to murder me in my sleep, no mainstream Republican would bat an eye. All Joe Biden and his minions need to do is invoke the magic words “white supremacist/racist/Nazi/etc.” and the conservative cowards would shut their mouths and turn away.

At this point, I am preparing myself for the possibility that Donald Trump goes to prison. Our rulers have crossed the Rubicon. They are hysterical and vicious. The 91 felony counts against Trump are a symbol of the Biden regime’s all out assault on its greatest political threat.

I expect the Michigan 16 and so many others who have been persecuted because of their support for Trump to be prosecuted and convicted. This regime is out for blood, and right now, it seems likely they will get it. 

Too many conservatives still believe that politics can still be about winning arguments in the “marketplace of ideas.” The Left, by contrast, correctly understands our public square as a battlefield. They are at war with the American people and do not pretend otherwise.

Since 1933 and the rise to prominence of FDR, America has been an occupied country, governed by a ruling class that hates the nation’s older way of life and wants to see America on the side of the global revolutionary Left. This is why FDR’s administration was filled with communists and the American government gave $300 billion to the USSR in its existential war of survival against the fascists. America did not remain neutral in that conflict because the American ruling class was explicitly on the side of the communists.

This is a tough pill to swallow. Most Americans would prefer to indulge in speculation about their 401(k), fantasy football league, and cable television than face the truth. NFL.com and pornhub, after all, are always a click away. 

To those with ears to hear and eyes to see, the COVID lockdowns, the transgender insanity, BLM riots, and the 2020 coup against President Trump reveal the truth. The planetary communist revolution didn’t end with the fall of the Berlin War. Instead, the revolution came here in a new guise. 

The American occupational class was not fighting for freedom and democracy in the Cold War. That struggle was instead a conflict between two factions of the global Left, over which one would exert planetary dominance. The feminist, anti-racist, homosexual faction won out over the Marxist-Leninists. We got trans pride flags instead of the hammer and sickle, not that there is much difference between the two.

In reality, there has been no real American right-wing since 1941, when the America First movement–with its platform of protectionism and non-intervention–imploded. Trump was the first real attempt to return to the pre-war conservative orientation since at least Nixon and look how the Left hates him! Trump’s pro-America message on the border, the economy, and crime was, as we see now, effectively illegal. America is not allowed to be a real nation. That is why the ruling caste had to coup Trump out of office—because he had the audacity to suggest America should once again be a real country that defends her real interests.

There is no way out of this mess but to push through it. Anyone who aspires to higher office on the Right needs to understand the stakes involved. If you fail, you will go to prison. Period. The odds of successfully prevailing against the planetary consensus in favor of the rule of scum are tough

The time to prepare is now. 

People ask me all the time what they can do in response to the troubles ahead. I answer: steel yourself. Prepare to suffer. Harden your heart. Harden your body. You aren’t going to make it if you believe that this regime will let you cash out your retirement account in peace. 

As for those who would lead the American Right of the future: If you aren’t ready to risk everything, up to your very life, you have no business in the fight. You must be ready to roll the dice at the moment of decision. Nothing else will suffice. 

The global Left is not all powerful. There is a possibility of victory. The global rule of scum is not inevitable, nor can it be permanent. But there is no way out of our contemporary crisis without struggle, without pain, and without sacrifice. 

Prepare yourself now while you still have time.

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About Josiah Lippincott

Josiah Lippincott is a Ph.D. student and a former U.S. Marine Corps officer. You can find him on Telegram at https://t.me/josiah_lippincott or subscribe to his Substack here.

Photo: An Antifa demonstrator has a heated exchange with a pro-Trump supporter during the Denver March Against Sharia Law in Denver, Colorado on June 10, 2017. AFP PHOTO / Jason Connolly (Photo credit should read JASON CONNOLLY/AFP/Getty Images)