Articles by Adam Mill

Another Pathetic Times ‘Bombshell’

he New York Times earned a whopping $428.5 million in revenue in just the third quarter of 2019. While its revenue increased when compared to the same quarter in 2018, it’s tax bill declined to just $6.1 million (down from $10.1 million in the same quarter the year prior). How on earth did this rich […]

Neftlix’s ‘Social Dilemma’ Is the Left’s Infomercial to Preserve Power

efore you canceled your subscription to Neftlix in response to the very disturbing movie “Cuties,” perhaps you noticed a documentary called, “The Social Dilemma” trending in your feed. The movie bills itself as a documentary exposing the toxic effects of social media on society including increased depression, suicide, and political polarization.  The creators’ website calls […]

Why Trump Should Demand Debates with Kamala Harris

n the space of just a couple of days, both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made essentially the same gaffe, referring to a coming “Harris Administration” as opposed to a Biden Administration. But are these really gaffes? Rush Limbaugh astutely opined that the slipups might be intentional to reassure voters skeptical of Biden’s ability to […]

Reporters Don’t Give Biden Questions in Advance? You Be the Judge

oe Biden’s presidential campaign does not prescreen questions, the Daily Beast reported on July 1. He does not use a teleprompter to answer reporters’ questions, the Associated Press reported the very next day. One could certainly understand why an observer might suspect otherwise. Biden spoke in Wilmington, Delaware on Friday to rebut the very good […]

This Isn’t an Election, It’s a Hostage Situation

ho is responsible for the riots, lootings, beatings, and arson that plague our cities? The epidemic of violence has spread from the first-tier population centers like New York, Portland, and Seattle. Cities such as Reno, Nevada, Atlanta, Des Moines, and now Kenosha, Wisconsin have experienced political violence. In the era of get-Trump, there can be […]

A Kamala-led Coup Would Succeed Against Biden

his should never happen to another president again, this hoax,” President Trump repeatedly says, referring to the Russia collusion hoax that very nearly destroyed his presidency. It’s unlikely that there are enough turncoats and Obama holdovers to mount another effort against a reelected President Trump. But how vulnerable would a new President Biden be to […]

Hugo Chavez’s Spirit is Alive in 2020 America

enezuela has the world’s highest murder rate because the police there don’t stop murder unless it helps politics. So long as homocide doesn’t threaten the power or wealth of the governing party, murders are largely unsolved and are often committed by the very police who should be preventing them.  As Business Insider reports, in Venezuela […]

Gun Control Is Dead

his summer has answered the question, “why would somebody ever need an AR-15 or a high-capacity magazine?” As the Left continues to advocate for ending private ownership of military-style rifles, Americans can also see that powerful rifles are turning up in the possession of violent rioters and looters. In this video, one can clearly see […]

If Social Media Wants to Play Doctor, They Should Prepare To Be Sued for Malpractice

ost people understand that the constitutional guarantee of free speech does not include falsely yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater. A panicked mob can crush or trample weak and vulnerable people as the instinct to survive overtakes common decency. This maxim came to mind when Breitbart announced that Twitter and Facebook censored a press conference […]

Federal Judge Refuses to Stop Feds Protecting Besieged Courthouse

Judge Marco A. Hernandez initially drew the case in which the State of Oregon sought to stop federal officials from protecting his courthouse. But it was quickly reassigned to Judge Michael W. Mosman who kept his office in Eugene, Oregon. No doubt, Judge Hernandez reasoned that he might have had difficulty concentrating in his office […]

New York Times Gives Maoist Propaganda a Facelift

n Wednesday, the New York Times published an opinion column by Thomas B. Edsall warning, “The Whole of Liberal Democracy is in Grave Danger at This Moment.” Like many pieces in the Times lately, this was a particularly laughable exercise in intellectual projection that nevertheless hints at the darker agenda of the Left: a one-party […]

The Left Uses Junk Studies to Show Racism

n March 23, 1989, a room full of reporters and scientists was buzzing in anticipation of an announcement of a breakthrough that, if it panned out, would propel humanity into a new era of unlimited pollution-free energy. The University of Utah’s vice president for research introduced two scientists, Dr. Stan Pons, and Dr. Martin Fleishman. […]