Dreidels Left and Right

This week is the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, commemorating the victory of the Maccabees over the Greek king Antiochus IV, and the rededication of the Temple after he had defiled it. In addition to the eight days of presents and the menorah and the Great Latke/Jelly Donut controversy, there’s the time-honored game of dreidel. It’s

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Is Your Christmas Tree Racist?
(And Other Tall Tales from Academia)

’Tis the season for rooting out discrimination and racism, whether it be the selection of Santas or hand gestures at the Army-Navy game—along with the culmination of a campaign beginning on January 20, 2017, to impeach a president declared “racist” by all smart and sophisticated people.  Add to this racist Christmas trees.  I learned this

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Saint Fredo of Queens

Chris “Fredo” Cuomo, the preening, posturing CNN “anchorman” and runt of the Cuomo lineage, has taken up a new, self-defined position as the wholesome Defender of the Faith. Well, sort of. In a testy badinage with conservative radio host Eric Metaxas on Friday, SOBO (son of, brother of) proclaimed that the president of the United

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The Right Is a Dissident Movement. Let’s Start Acting Like One

An Iowa man has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for stealing and then burning a rainbow gay pride flag from a local church. Adolfo Martinez is no angel; in fact, he has a record with numerous previous arrests. But the real reason his sentence was so long is that the prosecutor classified this

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The 2019 Lump of Coal Awards

It’s a good thing President Trump is making big, beautiful coal great again because Jolly Old St. Nick is going to need an ample supply this Christmas Eve. (See 2016, 2017, and 2018 for comparable supply-and-demand needs.) This year’s naughty list is overflowing with bitter Foggy Bottom bureaucrats, silly female soccer players, a globetrotting teenaged

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The Era of ‘Good’ Fascism?

Consider the recent statements and acts of iconic progressive celebrities. Jane Fonda is chronically furious. This time she directed her wrath at those who disagree about the urgency of ending the entire fossil fuel industry and ruining the current economy. Her idea is to put climate “deniers” on trial for incorrect speech. So much for

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How to Simultaneously Lower College Tuition and Solve the Homeless Crisis

Two of the most pressing challenges facing Americans are unaffordable college tuition and an epidemic of homelessness. But an elegant solution is just waiting to be implemented by some innovative, progressive state or region. House the homeless on college campuses. It isn’t as though colleges and universities across America aren’t already searching for new sources

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If the Right Doesn’t Stand Against Porn, What Will It Stand For?

In America today broken families are the norm, weed is everywhere, and drag queens even read stories to children in school libraries. Despite these developments, many in the “conservative” camp continue to defend or impotently and helplessly throw up their hands in exasperation in response to the predictable, destructive fruits of liberalism. In the name

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The Toxic Swamp Gas Polluting the American Right

It’s about time we had a conversation about the racket in D.C., though it’s probably not the one that springs first to mind. I’m talking about Conservatism Inc.—that ecosystem of mostly worthless and ineffective think tanks and conservative organizations that are part and parcel of the swamp. They came riding into town, some decades ago,

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