Great America

Who Really Owns Twitter?

Twitter’s CEO is abusing investors’ positions to maintain his lock on compensation and further his social justice crusade.

TK Is Not OK

Studies have found that universal pre-K programs don’t work in aggregate, and some do harm. But California’s governor and most of its legislators just can’t seem to avoid peddling a shoddy product.

Welcome Happy Morning

We are not doomed if we ask for and accept the forgiveness offered to us by Him whose death and resurrection we remember, and celebrate, on Easter Sunday.

Joy Comes in the Morning

We who share in the joy of Easter can relate to a perfect Man who bore griefs and pain unimagined so that we might have a Savior who calls us with a gentle yoke to lay our griefs and pain at His feet.

Bad Things Must Happen

Don’t be surprised when bad things happen in New York, or in any other corrupt, big-government town or state. Bad things need to happen.

What the Left Has Done to Women

Leftism would appear to demonstrate that ideology can trump human nature. One result is a generation of more depressed young women and more regretful middle-aged women than ever before.