Great America

War of All Against All 

Everything the present Democratic administration is allowing to happen, and which creates chaos and aggravates violence, is aimed at increasing its control.

Achieving Water Abundance  

Environmental considerations should not preclude the state from launching new projects that increase the Golden State’s annual supply of water. Conservation is simply not enough.

Be Safe!

You can live a safe life. Or you can live a full life. You can't live both.

Canceling a Hero?

The Richard Mentor Johnson-Julia Chinn relationship shows how American race relations and slavery itself might have developed differently than they did.

Zampolits of Wokeness

Veterans-turned-lawmakers, with active duty whistleblowers, are the nation’s last defense against the Pentagon’s racialist commissars.

The Electric Age

Affordable, abundant, sustainable energy is a realistic, moral choice. It is an example California can set that the aspiring nations of the world will emulate instead of resist.