Great America

Elon Musk, Fair-Weather Friend?

As Musk takes more and more incoming fire from leftists, it would hardly be surprising if he began to reassess his commitment to the goal of protecting and enhancing freedom of expression online.

Schiff Storm

The California Democrat calls out the “intelligence community” pandemic performance—but there’s a catch.

The House That Was a Home

260 was a lot of work. So much love passed that threshold—so many dreams realized, so many struggles, heartbreaks, and failures, as well. She lived up to her potential. 

The ‘Reparations’ Scam

There is no chance that California’s reparations task force’s scheme can be carried out equitably, nor any possibility it will do anything but cause harm to race relations and
the black community.

Two Antithetical Billionaires

The hatred of the accomplished Musk and the worship of the hollow man Bankman-Fried are sad commentaries on how liberalism has descended into progressivism and ultimately into Stalinism.