Articles by Mark Judge

X: The Thrilling Return of Free-Thinking Punk

his is going to be a review of “Alphabetland,” the fantastic new album by the band X. A legendary punk rock band that formed in Los Angeles in the late 1970s, the band includes vocalist Exene Cervenka, vocalist-bassist John Doe, guitarist Billy Zoom and drummer D. J. Bonebrake (yes, that’s his real name). The band […]

She Got the Beat: A Go-Go’s Search for Family

t’s the great irreducible truth of human existence. Human beings flourish best when they are raised with a mother and a father, as well as brothers and sisters who can challenge them, protect them, and show them how the world works. Without such a structure, children are vulnerable to depression, anger, and addiction. All the […]

Nietzsche, Narcissism, and the Left

n Power and Purity, Mark T. Mitchell argues that today’s Left is a combination of two seemingly opposing forces: the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche and the intolerance of the Puritans. Take Nietzsche’s will-to-power and his rejection both of Christianity and of other supposedly “outdated” moral standards and mix that with the thunderous zealotry of Cotton […]

Psyche, Soul, and ‘Cedarwood Road’

een thinking about life and mortality today. I’d rather die gloriously in battle than from a virus. In a way it doesn’t matter. But it kinda does.” That was the tweet sent out recently by Representative Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.), who was one of an untold many exposed to the novel coronavirus at this year’s Conservative […]

‘I Still Believe’ and the Maturing of Christian Film

Still Believe,” the new film by directors Andrew and Jon Erwin, represents a high point of the Christian film industry. Faith-based films have been hugely successful in recent years, even if they haven’t attained the aesthetic excellence of more secular films. With the beautifully shot, smartly edited, and wonderfully acted “I Still Believe,” that has […]

What the Right Can Learn from ‘The Wife’

Most conservatives, upon hearing a description of the new film “The Wife,” would probably dismiss it as another form of Hollywood virtue-signaling. That would be a mistake. “The Wife” can actually offer many lessons for the Right. (Spoiler alert: in the discussion below I’m going to reveal the plot of the film.) “The Wife,” based […]