Great America

Replacing ‘The Line’ 

The tyranny of the metric has led us to be alienated from the many connections and goods that truly make life worth living. 

The Last Stop Before Thermopylae

Many traditional Americans are sleepwalking into a conflict they are not mentally prepared to handle. What are some practical steps they can take now?

A New Conservatism Must Emerge

A new Right is needed, one that understands itself as rooted in the noble cause of the American Revolution—unabashed and zealous in its determination to restore political liberty and politics.

We’re All People of Color Now

No good can come of the rhetoric that forces people into racial groups and then allows schools or other actors to make sweeping generalizations about the individuals who fall into those groups.

Elite Private Schools Go Woke

“Social justice” indoctrination will continue to metastasize until parents wake up and act. The cement is hardening—the time to act is now.

Not The Time for Drastic Moves

Government leadership is what is ripping this country apart. A true lover of this country can easily see that now is not the time for bold this or transformative that.