Great America

Who Is In Charge, Anyway?

Two recent reports in the New York Times and Time point very strongly to the true story of the nature of government in the United States today. It is not a comforting one.

The Second Set of Books

These books, and the mandarin class that writes and interprets them, are the real law, determining what is permitted and what is forbidden. 

The Pandemic Is Over

2020 was the year of government overreach. Make 2021 the year of organized civil disobedience and friendly reunions.

Homeless But Dying With Dignity

We may never know how dark Henry McCain's life was, or whether he saw a purpose. Yet his journey touched the lives of all who met him, particularly those at the Union Rescue Mission.

Greed Is Good?

Contemporary conservatism has, in fact, facilitated the corporate consolidation of the economy by entities that are actively hostile to the small businesses they hold up as props.

The Enemy Within

If American subjects all work together to eliminate our internal enemies, we can transform the nation in ways that previous generations would never have imagined possible.

The Coming Military Purge

An increasingly hostile ruling class, who conceive of themselves as occupying a disloyal, irredentist America, is a formula for weakness abroad and conflict at home.