Articles by Paul Ingrassia

Cuomo and de Blasio’s Sustained Assault on New York’s Working Class

oe to the little man who dares to defy Lord Andrew Goombah and his yapping lapdog in Gracie Mansion—those men who imperiously abuse the powers of their offices like thug mafioso. Their shameless siege on small businesses—barbershops, movie theaters, universities, and especially bars and restaurants—continues unabated, without the slightest signs of clemency or rudimentary awareness […]

Yankees: Please Apply the ‘Kate Smith Standard’ Consistently

The New York Yankees and Philadelphia Flyers sports franchises have enlivened the always-important and ongoing national debate on public morality by taking the unprecedented step of banning Kate Smith’s version of “God Bless America,” which had been played at every Yankee home game since at least September 11, 2001. Instead of waxing apocalyptic like the […]

Do Americans Today Still Deserve Liberty?

Victor Davis Hanson’s brilliant essay, “Autopsy of a Dead Coup,” describes how America’s leviathan bureaucracy effectively attempted a coup against a democratically elected president to abrogate the surprising 2016 election result and continue onward, unabated, in its warped agenda for the country. This “deep state” of unelected, unaccountable, government bureaucrats, whose identities remain obscure to […]

We Should Not Emulate Liberalism’s Unforgivable Morality

There is no question that Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam’s abortion comments warrant—demand, actually—political excommunication. They were completely unpardonable. Devilish in their blithe disregard for human life, Northam’s comments encapsulate the clinical utilitarianism by which liberalism invariably reduces inconvenient people to a disposable commodity, like an old car or television. That the mainstream media did […]