Dysfunctional Education

The 2020 elections will afford us the chance to pass judgment on the immediate threat to our democracy posed by the intelligence agencies, the Democratic party, and the media in their grab for power through a bastardized impeachment process. But no such opportunity exists for us to deal with the most serious, most fundamental threat

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A Throne of Grace

In a windowless room whose layout is as familiar to lawyers and judges as it is foreign to American ideals of justice, where judges act like clerks and justice feels as cold as it looks, where the powers of the state belong to a mallet too small to be a murder weapon but strong enough

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Greta Thunberg Is Just a Kid

There’s a reason we don’t let 16-year-olds drive the big rigs. Although many of them might be able to pass the tests required to get the appropriate licenses and most have legs long enough to reach the pedals, we nevertheless don’t permit them to hop behind the wheel of a massive Peterbilt and, to paraphrase

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Struggle for the World Anew

A lean and hungry spirit moves its hand through political movements and parties throughout the West. It’s not exactly Left or Right, liberal or conservative. In France, Marine Le Pen’s National Rally triumphed in the European elections. She subsequently called President Emmanuel Macon to dissolve parliament. “He has no other choice to dissolve the National

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The Jellyby Syndrome

Greta Thunberg is a beautiful child. With her brunette braids and rounded face, she looks a little like a living Hummel figurine. I have heard many of my conservative friends and peers wish she would be as silent as one. I do not believe Thunberg should be silent. I believe she is sending us all

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Nancy Pelosi’s Trojan Horse for Medicare for All

At a recent White House meeting, President Trump's domestic policy council director Joe Grogan reportedly laid down the law to fellow Republicans: the president will not let Democrats outflank him on the left on drug prices, Grogan inveighed. To which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) replied: hold my beer, Donald. Pelosi on September 19 released

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Getting Real About Gender Dysphoria

Medical practitioners have followed the principle of “do no harm” since the Hippocratic Oath was authored around the 4th century B.C. Modern iterations of the oath have added the concept that preventing diseases or injuries is superior to treating or curing them. But today a form of political correctness is causing medical practitioners to administer

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