A Deplorable Strategy
Beyond 2020

Regardless of who wins in 2020, the mega-issue that drove the 2016 elections will grip the country more intensely than ever. From President Obama on down, the political, educational, media, and corporate establishment had long since taken for granted that placing the opinions, interests, tastes, and the rights of the rest of America on the

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The Climate Cult’s ‘Grave New World’

As a proud debunker of the apocalyptic climate scam, it’s only natural that the climate cult has a plethora of biodegradable slings and arrows to hurl at my person. Among their most common claims is that I use “straw man” arguments to describe the climate cult’s destructive agenda. Yet, no sooner is this straw man

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A Tale of Three Bridges

Friday’s terrorist knife attack on London Bridge by a prematurely released ISIS terrorist points out the fallacy of the strict gun control laws, about which the British are very serious—as are liberals of all stripes in the United States. When gun control laws are in effect, citizens who are faced with a lethal threat—in this

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How America’s Students Need to Get ‘Woke’

Today’s university students want to “wake” the nation to problems that they and their professors have identified as threatening our very existence. And they issue these periodic alarms in hyperbolic terms: we have just 10, 20—fill in the blanks—years to end fossil fuel use or else die from global warming. They warn us that there

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Color Me Crony

Federal set-asides, contracts specifically awarded by government-labeled minorities based on gender and race, are an everyday occurrence here in Washington, D.C. Over the decades, the race hustling lobby has cut itself in for some serious federal contract action abetted by a willing quid pro quo from Democrats in Congress and friendly denizens in the executive

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Is Another YouTube Purge Imminent? What Will It Bring?

Get ready for the new euphemism for social media censorship: “no longer commercially viable.” YouTube on December 10 reportedly will implement new terms of service that allow the video-sharing goliath to end creator accounts summarily if they cannot be monetized. And how will YouTube decide if an account cannot be monetized? By removing ads from

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When ‘Bargaining for the Common Good’ Isn’t

In 2014, public-employee union leaders and community organizations gathered in Washington, D.C., and came up with a strategy to advance what they called “bargaining for the common good.” The new approach included using the collective bargaining process as a way to challenge the relationships between government and the private sector, working with community allies to

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It’s Time for Civilian Control of the State Department

Consumers of the corporate leftist media’s political coverage have heard a drumbeat of reports that an honorable, highly capable, long-serving diplomat recently was driven from office following a vicious, conspiracy-driven smear campaign by dishonest, shameless partisans who leaked misleading stories to the media, generally abused power, and disregarded the constitutional chain of authority. What the

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FBI Diagnosed With CIA Disease

The Justice Department’s inspector general this month reprimanded the FBI for the manner in which it recruits and supervises its “confidential human sources.” To the layman, this seems about technicalities. In fact, it shows that one of the CIA’s deadliest dysfunctions now infects the FBI as well. This disease consists of choosing and rejecting sources

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Rotary Takes a Hard Left Turn on Climate Change

When I joined Rotary in 2014, one of the most important guides I was given by the members is that Rotary is not political. Although I've been involved in local politics for many years, I really have enjoyed putting politics aside and working with other Rotarians of all stripes to help those less fortunate locally

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