In Praise of Dollar General

TARRS, Pennsylvania—Five years ago, the plot of land where the Dollar General store sits on Glades Pike was just that: a plot of pastoral greenery located near a row of neatly kept homes in an unincorporated village that once briefly boomed as a coal town. The store's familiar yellow sign with bold, all-capitalized black letters

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Newsweek Hits a New Low

If decent people working in mainstream American media want to know why many Americans do not trust them and are willing to use the term "fake news" to describe the mainstream media, I offer one of the most glaring examples of a lie in my lifetime. Last week, Newsweek headlined the following: "Conservative Radio Host

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Why We Need Heroes Like Jack Wilson

Unmixed admiration is the only appropriate response to Jack Wilson’s heroic intervention to stop the deadly shooting last month at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas. With a single bullet, Wilson saved countless lives in his congregation. While Wilson has been humble, Americans across the country have been inspired by his heroic

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The Media’s Credibility Crisis Is the Right’s Opportunity

The reporting of facts about policy, politicians, and controversial issues is essential for Americans to make informed decisions about their government. That is why the First Amendment guarantees journalists almost total freedom to say what they want, and why reporters enjoy such open access to our political leaders and institutions. And yet, America’s mainstream media

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‘Mother’ Zucker’s Flaming Dumpster Fire New Year’s Eve Debacle

Jeff Zucker has either lost his senses or he has lost control of Cable News Network. Pick two. CNN’s New Year’s Eve program went below the level of flaming dumpster scum last seen when Kathy Griffin went thrashing about in her training bra, at the side of erstwhile anchorman Anderson Cooper. This year Cooper’s new

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Nanny State Gone Berserk

A recent federal spending package, strongly backed by Democrats and Republicans and signed by President Trump, contained a poison pill that I vehemently urge the American people not to swallow. In fact, like all federal spending bills, it contained a veritable treasure trove of waste and bad policy. But one measure stood out: a requirement

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Valmorel Reminds Us to Honor American Greatness and Why

Last Thursday, three Americans gathered with a group of Italian officials and townsmen along with the lone survivor of the Partisan group who served with the secret American mission code-named “TACOMA.” From the wall of a shed, we pulled away the Italian and American flags to reveal a marble plaque, which read in Italian and

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The Last Frontier Strikes Back

Last week, the state of Alaska struck back. Specifically, it struck back against Goldman Sachs and the green ideology that is galloping through America’s boardrooms and now, apparently, its investment banks. Goldman Sachs had announced that it would no longer underwrite Arctic drilling operations. “We will decline any financing transaction that directly supports new upstream

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AARP’s Corrupt Business Model Puts Seniors Last

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) remains one of the most powerful lobbying arms in the country, claiming to represent the interests of close to 40 million seniors. But it’s worth asking—whose interests are they really protecting, yours or theirs? Though politicians are loath to lob public criticism at the group, ample evidence suggests

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