Great America

Avian Flu Is Crushing Farmers

American consumers love their eggs. But the average cost of a dozen eggs in the United States is now over $4.25, more than twice what it was just a year ago.

Did The Deep State Turn on Biden?

If the exposure of Biden’s apparent mishandling of classified documents arose from an intelligence community operation, it shows that the unelected deep state is beholden to neither party.

This Is CNN . . . Losing Audience

To mainstream media executives, hiring boring, unaccomplished “yes men” to fill a seat and repeat the prevailing opinion is good enough, even as the audience keeps tuning out.

End ‘Cancel Culture’

Continuing the Bills-Bengals game after Damar Hamlin’s injury would have been a countercultural act of defiance, a vote in favor of life in the face of loss. It was, in the end, a missed opportunity.