Great America

America’s Automotive Future

While moving to a zero emissions industrial economy may or may not prevent a global environmental catastrophe, making such a move prematurely guarantees a global economic catastrophe.

What Would a Centrist Do?

What is known today as the American Right, or as populist conservatism, needs to occupy the center, casting the establishment Left firmly aside into the extremist margins where they belong.

On Dangerous Ground

Attempting to turn nearly a third of the population into second-class citizens so you can feel safe is suicide.


Progressive utopia is a therapeutic world of correct attitudes, carefully calibrated and monitored speech, and the scrupulous avoidance of aggressions, “microaggressions,” and “conflict.” 

The Anarcho-Tyranny Mandate

As long as Democrats can dream of new ways to punish their enemies while rewarding criminals and illegal aliens, they will push for these threats against basic American freedom.

Goodbye, COVID Year, Goodbye

Nearly 8,000 mostly unmasked people gathered at an outdoor venue in Southern California last weekend for live music. The relief was palpable. But will it last?