Great America

Healthy Soil, Healthy Body

Agriculture was never the problem—it is the solution. Farmers who practice regenerative agriculture are rebuilding organic matter and giving it new life. 

Bleached New World

The object of our current crisis has not been to get people back to life, joy, and pleasure but to institute a “new normal,” which involves denial of humanity and an excuse for our own lack of joy.

There Are Deep Roots in These Mountains

Appalachia is complicated. On one hand, God, country, family, and work are the ethos of the people. On the other, the very locality of the land they love contributes to the disease of despair.

How Biden Breeds Equity Scams

As his speech on the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa massacre makes clear, Joe Biden is far more dangerous than Franklin Roosevelt, who made partisan hatred the basis of the modern Democratic Party.