Great America

The ‘Good American’

The Left is announcing that conservatives "do not belong" in our society. The parallels to 1933 are precise. And most good Americans are keeping silent, just as did most Germans.

Question Everything and Everyone

The only way we can actually get back to normal is if we all start questioning. Question these peoples’ goals, their backgrounds, their motives.

Big Tech’s War on Free Speech

Americans who supported President Trump’s policies on trade, energy and the environment, immigration, foreign policy, deregulation, education, and free speech are in a fight for their lives.

A Daring Left and a Cowed Center 

Too many people fail to recognize that when liberal elites sign on to “systemic racism” and other leftist concoctions they are not endorsing an ideology, they are protecting themselves. 

They Enjoy Demeaning Us

The only chance you have to wrestle your republic back from the vile morons who have stolen it is to treat them with utter disdain, just like they treat you.