Great America

The Man Who Could Save CNN

If CNN’s new owners really intend to reorient the network’s focus toward straight news reporting again, they would do well to take advantage of institutional memory. 

The View From Budapest

American statesmen and legislators can still find much to admire and possibly emulate in Hungary, at least at the level of principle.

Defund the Police

From where I sit, the problem with defunding the police isn’t that the police do so much to protect us, it’s that we’ve been so deprived of the means to protect ourselves. 

Ban Employer Vaccine Mandates

States are banning public entities from implementing vaccine mandates, but that doesn’t stop employers from requiring the vaccine for their own workforces.

Did Nathan Chen Just Sink Harvard?

To escape the historical prison of our times may not require performing a triple axel, but even that physical transformation of the laws of nature is a lot easier than a political one.

A ‘Color-Blind Constitution’ at Last?

In Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard the Supreme Court could undo the damage caused by its ruling in UC Regents v. Bakke and restore the proper understanding of the 14th Amendment.