Thank the Pilgrims

I’ve loved the Pilgrims ever since I was a child. They feel like family to me, perhaps because my own father fled religious persecution of the Jews by the Communists in the Soviet Union, and my mother’s grandparents escaped for religious freedom from Czarist Russia. Like the Pilgrims, they embraced America as the Promised Land.

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Gratitude in Dark Times

For the past few years, the ideological American Left has used the Thanksgiving holiday as an opportunity to lash out and give us the same old and boring rant about how bad America is. An American leftist is generally characterized as someone who cannot help but bring ideology into every aspect of his life. I

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The Indispensable Tucker Carlson

Michael Blake, the vice-chairman of the Democratic National Committee, just paid Tucker Carlson a high compliment. He’s trying to defame, delegitimize, deplatform, and, ultimately, cancel him. That’s because the Fox News host is the most articulate spokesman for a set of principles and priorities that are important to middle America, but anathema to the bipartisan

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The Ugly Immaturity of the Young America’s Foundation

Do you recall that before the First Continental Congress met in Philadelphia, Samuel Adams—cautious about having to collaborate with men of different Christian denominations—announced a declaration of disassociation? Anyone who would not embrace Congregationalism of the sort Adams favored was to be disinvited from that momentous gathering, and they were to be further humiliated in

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Transgenderism and the Politics of Irreparable Harm

For a very long time, conservatives had been engaged in a fighting retreat. They might parry a thrust here or weaken a law there, but overall, they were losing. They fought the New Deal, the Great Society, the Sexual Revolution, gay marriage, and affirmative action. In every case, they lost. The social welfare state expanded,

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Dr. Laura’s Lasting Truths

When Dr. Laura Schlessinger got her foot entangled with shards of broken glass a few months ago, she cleaned the wound, cringed at the amount of blood and went about her business despite a lingering, stinging pain that nagged at her to do something. Apropos of what she does in her professional life as the

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Fossil Fuel Reality

Over the weekend, the traditional Harvard versus Yale football game was interrupted during halftime by about 150 student activists, spontaneously joined by hundreds of fans, to protest climate change. Occupying the area around the 500-yard line, the protesters chanted “Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Fossil fuel has got to go!” The game resumed after about 30

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The Insect Politicians of the Administrative State

In the 1986 remake of “The Fly,” Jeff Goldblum plays Seth Brundle, a scientist who changes into a mutant man-fly after his DNA is contaminated in a failed experiment. As he descends into the madness of his fading humanity, Brundle announces, haltingly through his catastrophe of a fly-mouth, that his failure will be redeemed. He

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