Great America

Fauci Is Just a Bureaucrat

We’ve been worried for 100 years what will happen when we finally succeed in making machines human. We ought to be at least as worried about what happens when we make humans into machines.

You Bastards

A farewell message for the zealots who are destroying our cities, and the shortsighted, sanctimonious voters who keep them in power, making the departure from D.C. a necessity rather than a choice.

Christ, COVID, and the Spirit of Fear

Christ, the Reason for this Season, is also the Logos, the Word, or the Reason of God. The antithesis of Logos is chaos. The spirit of fear is intrinsically irrational, unsound. 

Don’t Shut Down Sports Again for COVID

Sports at its best can be a unifying phenomenon. But in order for American sports to be unifying, it must first resist the biomedical security state's misguided siren song of pandemic hysteria.