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Lloyd Billingsley, a non-Asian Atlantic Islander and Person of No Color, is the author of Barack 'em Up: A Literary Investigation, and Bill of Writes: Dispatches from the Political Correctness Battlefield.

American Soulless Cowards for China

When Houston Rockets’ general manager Daryl Morey tweeted, “Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong,” Communist China called a foul. Down came the tweet and Chinese state television axed two NBA exhibition games. NBA boss Adam Silver promptly announced, “We have great respect for the history and culture of China and hope sports and the

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Una Equis: The Democrat Ticket That Might Have Been

Last month, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra sued an automobile dealership for false advertising and shady credit practices. This was something of a comedown for a man who has filed more than 50 lawsuits against the Trump administration. As few may recall, Becerra’s AG post is also a demotion for a man once on Hillary

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Abortion Dogma Lives Loudly in Pete Buttigieg

In a recent interview, South Bend, Indiana mayor and 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg argued that a proper interpretation of Christianity would “point you in a progressive direction.” The implication, obviously, is non-progressives are bad Christians. But there’s more to it. Buttigieg explained, “there’s a lot of parts of the Bible that talk about

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A Soundtrack for the 2020 Democrats

With their prophecies, accusations and personal dramas, the Democratic Party's presidential contenders made for an entertaining summer. Still, what this party needs is some theme music, and the possibilities are truly endless. "Frontrunner" Joe Biden has trouble determining his location, forgets when, exactly, he was vice president, and tells anybody who will listen he’s “not

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The Buttigieg Dossier

ATTN: Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) PRIORITY: Highest confidentiality FROM: U.S. Intelligence Community (THE COMMUNITY), the [redacted] party and [redacted] Bureau. RE: Pete Buttigieg, (THE TARGET) BACKGROUND TARGET is mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and candidate for president of the United States.  TARGET spent five years as a part-time intelligence officer, stationed near Chicago. In 2014 TARGET 

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Kamala’s Contradictions

Kamala Harris, the junior U.S. senator from California who is battling among some two-dozen other candidates for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, didn’t have much of a career before 1994. That was the year she became the new “steady” of California Assembly Speaker Willie Brown, a man who is a full 30 years her

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A Legal Immigrant’s Lament

In the late 1940s, my father, Kenneth Billingsley, a veteran of World War II, was working in a mine in the northern reaches of Manitoba. So through no fault of my own, I was born a long way north of the border. Despite childhood stints in Alliance, Ohio, and Detroit, Michigan, when I

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A Great Movie About Jihad

Hotel Mumbai,” which arrived in theaters late last month, is an Australian production “based on true events” that may have faded from memory or were not known in the first place. For the record, in 2008, Islamic jihadists launched a series of attacks in Mumbai, India, that claimed 166 victims from many nations.

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Kamala’s Confusion

Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), one of the Democrats’ 2020 presidential hopefuls, was a district attorney in San Francisco, attorney general of California, and author of Smart on Crime: A Career Prosecutor’s Plan to Make Us Safer. For all this knowledge and experience, when the Cook County State Attorney’s office sealed records and dropped

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