BLM’s Star Will Fade in the Light

If Republicans want to win in November, they’d better stop groveling and get with the program to publicly expose BLM for the radical group that it is.

In his 1992 book, The Way Things Ought to Be, radio host Rush Limbaugh warned that liberals would disguise their efforts to reclaim power by “superficially [advocating] . . . popular, sentimental political causes which are difficult for people to oppose.” According to Limbaugh, leftists adopted this cunning strategy because they are “painfully aware” their preferred policies cannot win majoritysupport in this country.

“A common, broad-sweeping theme underlies all of these ‘movements’,” Limbaugh noted. “Unmistakably, that theme is anti-capitalism . . . and socialism.” Limbaugh was prescient, as Democrats are now using a Marxist organization—which has been strategically wrapped in an unassailable exoskeleton of racial justice—to recapture what they lost in 2016.

In the aftermath of the unexplainable killing of George Floyd, America’s elites rushed to endorse, and even kneel before, Black Lives Matter. Academic institutions across the nation posted statements in solidarity with “Black Lives Matter” on their social media pages. America’s largest and best-known corporations followed suit and immediately reached for their checkbooks. Their ensuing cash benefactions were so immense that the New York Times’ Shane Goldmacher called it “a record-setting flood of donations” that “[remade] the financial landscape of black political activism in a matter of weeks.” The frantic pace at which elites pledged allegiance to the group caused Tucker Carlson to suggest “Black Lives Matter may be the single most powerful political party in the United States.” 

BLM’s accession was meteoric. Resistance to it was quelled with matching velocity. Those who dared scrutinize the group were summarily crushed, canceled, and fired. “Black Lives Matter enjoys almost complete immunity from criticism,” marveled Carlson. Anyone who withheld his blessing faced an inherent conundrum: the organization’s name is a statement of fact. In designating an inarguable truth as their title, the group set up an intrinsic, false dichotomy: to deny the organization was to deny that black lives have value. 

And therein lies the genius of the BLM brand—the group’s name acts as its shield. 

The body politic offered no resistance to BLM, but now some prominent black men are speaking out against the group. Author and philanthropist Bob Woodson called BLM a “ruse” that is “using the rich legacy of the civil rights movement . . . to promote insurrection.” Sports personality Jason Whitlock said, “There’s no way you can do any homework on Black Lives Matter and not see that it’s a Marxist, political organization . . . It’s a Communist political move.” Super Bowl champion and congressional candidate Burgess Owens called the organization an “evil group” of “anti-capitalists,” adding, “It doesn’t take long to discover these people are Marxists.” Owens pointed to the group’s website as evidence. 

BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors told The Real News Network, “We actually do have an ideological frame . . .  We are trained Marxists.” Much of the group’s core ideology and style can be traced directly to Karl Marx’s writings in The Communist Manifesto of 1848. BLM capitalizes the word “Black” the same way Marx capitalized the word “Communism.” They refer to their members as “comrades.” The group’s “What We Believe” webpage is not at all subtle: “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another.” Their “about” page declares, “we must move beyond the narrow nationalism that is all too prevalent in Black communities.” These ideas—abolishing the family and abolishing national identity—originate from the second chapter of The Communist Manifesto

Notably absent from BLM’s website is any mention of the hundreds of black lives that are lost each year to black-on-black crime in Democrat-controlled cities like Chicago. According to Woodson, “Black-on-black crime does not elicit outrage or indignation from the Left. Evil has to wear a white face for [the Left] to be aroused . . . This is not about racial injustice.” Whitlock echoed Woodson’s sentiment, “[BLM] is not about black deaths.” Both Woodson and Whitlock are right. The BLM movement is about power. It is the vehicle through which the Democrats, who were rejected in 2016, intend to return to power.

The Democrats’ 2020 candidate cannot defeat President Trump on his merits. Enthusiasm for the deteriorating Joe Biden’s candidacy is nil. Thus, under the guise of racial justice, the opportunist Left will use BLM for its own short-term, political gain: increasing fundraising, energizing the base, and stirring up racial tensions in order to boost Democrat voter turnout. 

This desperate and short-sighted strategy on the part of Democrats is a massive slap in the face to the black community they claim to represent. The entire country, Left and Right, was united in outrage over the inhumane killing of George Floyd. But rather than coming together in search of solutions, the Left chose the politics of division and destruction. A tremendous opportunity to do something meaningful for the American people was squandered—all in the name of defeating Donald Trump. 

The mission of the Left is to ensure that BLM’s shelf life extends until Election Day 2020, after which the radical group will lose much of its political expediency and join #MeToo in the graveyard of the Left’s here-today, gone-tomorrow movements. Just as a red giant star inevitably will collapse on itself, leaving behind only a remnant white dwarf that will eventually burn out and go dark, so too will BLM’s star fade as the public becomes aware of the group’s extremist ideology. 

If Republicans want to win in November, they’d better stop groveling and get with the program to publicly expose BLM for the radical group that it is. And they must do so now. Ephesians 5:13 says: “But everything exposed by the light becomes visible.” It is past time to shine a light upon BLM’s true identity.


Sheep in Elephant Costumes

Republicans need to wield their power forcefully and unflinchingly over the next four months—or they will deserve to lose it in November.

Imagine for a moment that this is how Senate Republicans had used their power over the past three and a half years:


  • Objected to the appointment of a special counsel into an imaginary crime most Republican senators already knew at the time didn’t happen and denied funding for the probe when it was stacked with Trump-hating Democrats;
  • Instead of issuing subpoenas for the president’s son, they had subpoenaed every member of Barack Obama’s inner circle, including the former vice president, and held weeks of public hearings into how a foreign operative paid by the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee peddled anti-Trump fabulism about Russian election “collusion” to some of the most powerful government officials in the country and the compliant news media in an attempt to sabotage Trump’s presidential campaign;
  • Investigated Obama holdovers for their role in framing the president’s national security advisor, a three-star Army general;
  • Exposed the Obama-era officials who illegally leaked classified information to the media (and named the reporters involved) and made sure the Justice Department prosecuted those felonious partisans accordingly;
  • Supported the president’s national emergency order to secure the southern border;
  • Followed up on its own lengthy report detailing all the treachery associated with the character assasination of Brett Kavanaugh, including criminal referrals for perjury and the suspected involvement of Democratic staffers;
  • Called witnesses during the Senate impeachment trial including Rep. Adam Schiff, the contemptible chair of the House Intelligence Committee who lied to Congress and the public for three years about evidence of Russian collusion;
  • Drafted legislation to punish discriminatory social media companies now attempting to interfere in the 2020 election to favor Joe Biden and the Democrats.

This list could continue, but you get the point. One could convincingly argue that had Senate Republicans followed through on just half that list, we would be experiencing a very different political climate right now—one that didn’t reward lawlessness and promote thuggery, or leave our constantly-imperiled president out to dry.

Instead, aside from a brief burst of courage during the Kavanaugh debacle, Senate Republicans have been an embarrassment to the party—a textbook example of how to squander your political power and betray your constituents. The past few weeks have been a particularly shameful period for Senate Republicans; while the country burned, they had little or nothing to say in defense of the country or our president. 

One senator, a former Republican candidate for president who lost a winnable race, continued his execrable, boot-licking slide to the Left without a word of objection from his colleagues. Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) marched with Black Lives Matter, an extremist insurgency hellbent on destroying every foundation of a free and civilized nation, in a show of solidarity. “Black Lives Matter,” he tweeted on June 7.

As usual, the only Republican leader who spoke up against Romney’s knee-bending was President Trump. When Trump randomly tweeted, “THE LONE WARRIOR!” a few days ago, he wasn’t being funny or even self-aggrandizing. Trump is almost single-handedly taking on the rampaging mob—this after fighting impeachment, dealing with an unprecedented national health crisis, and now orchestrated racial unrest just in the past six months alone. Senate Republicans, however, have not had the stomach or the cajones or the backbone to join the president in any of these fights.

To the contrary, Senate Republicans are capitulating to the Left. They canonized George Floyd, a repeat offender high on drugs when he was killed by a white Minneapolis cop. One by one, GOP senators, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, fed into the trope that the country is afflicted with “systemic racism” and blacks are routinely killed by whites because we are a fundamentally racist nation. 

After mentioning Floyd and the names of two other blacks killed by whites over the past few months, McConnell preached: “These events do not look like three isolated incidents,” McConnell said on the Senate floor on June 1. (They were, of course, isolated incidents, each with circumstances very different from the others.) “They look more like the latest chapter in our national struggle to make equal justice and equal protection under the law into facts of life for all Americans rather than contingencies that sometimes depend on the color of one’s skin.”

In a video posted on Twitter, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) echoed these treacly boiler plate sentiments. But he went a step further, insisting the riots and violence that had decimated cities across the land the prior weekend were caused by “domestic terror groups on BOTH the far left and right.” (He later tried to walk that claim back when pushed for evidence.)

And when Trump made his walk across Lafayette Square to stand up against the mobs attempting to vandalize an historic church, Senate Republicans clucked in disapproval. “I’m against clearing out a peaceful protest for a photo op that treats the Word of God as a political prop,” lectured Senator Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), one of many known politicians who took the oath of office while touching a Bible. Sasse later said that he would support Democrats’ calls to investigate Trump’s visit to St. John’s Church.

This week, Senate Republicans continue to beclown themselves. During a June 30 appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, Senator Mike Braun (R-Ind.) fumbled his way through a heated interview about his bill to make it easier to sue police officers and his support for Black Lives Matter. Just as statues of Christopher Columbus started to fall across the country, Senators James Lankford (R-Ok.) and Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) introduced a bill to scrap Columbus Day and instead declare a national holiday for Juneteenth.

Democrats have been rebranding Columbus Day as Indigenous People’s Day, so why shouldn’t the Republican chairman of the Senate Homeland Security committee play along?

But it isn’t just Senate Republicans acting badly. The Republican governors of Texas and Arizona are succumbing to the latest coronavirus hysteria by reinstituting nonsensical and unscientific lockdown orders. Doug Ducey and Greg Abbott once again have ordered the closure of various businesses, including bars and fitness centers, while limiting the number of free citizens allowed to congregate on private property. On Thursday, Abbott issued a mandatory face-covering order which applies to people outside and children over age 10. Anyone caught violating Abbott’s decree after one warning will be fined $250.

Who needs Andrew Cuomo when you’ve got Greg Abbott?

There is much more at stake in November than the White House. Republicans hold the slimmest of margins in the Senate with several GOP incumbents on the ropes. State legislatures will control redistricting decisions after the 2020 census is complete, with huge ramifications for the political future of the country.

This is no time for weakness, let alone groveling to the Left. Republicans in the Senate have done little with their power while their Democratic counterparts in the House have run roughshod over their political opponents, especially the president. Time is ticking; Republicans need to wield their power forcefully and unflinchingly over the next four months—or they will deserve to lose it in November.


Why Does the Republican Party Exist?

Opposing Black Lives Matter and the woke faction that is working with them to destroy the United States is a duty, not just a matter of political interest.

Republicans are facing their biggest test in generations.

The mentality of a psychotic mob of radicals has taken control of the country and its institutions. With remarkable speed, America’s mayors, governors, media, lawmakers, health experts, artists, sports leagues, generals and troops, powerful corporations, and the wealthiest men on the planet, have all loudly endorsed this mob, its hatred of America, and its demands for radical transformation.

The mob has been given blanket permission not just to riot and destroy America physically—to desecrate its monuments and harass enemies of the revolution—but to define America, its history and its future, and its deserved punishment for what they call “systemic racism,” the existence of which is entirely uncontested by anyone in any position to resist it. Wholly convinced of their rightfulness, wholly convinced of America’s evil, these radicals have taken the country hostage, and nobody is stopping them.

America’s elites, once decent and patriotic, have turned against their own people in a frenzy of destructive ideological lunacy. The will to enforce the law has evaporated. No one is protecting the silent majority.

No, not even the Republicans.

Republicans think that coming out against defunding the police will somehow distinguish them from the Left and reward them politically. This is nonsense. The Democrats have also pushed back on defunding the police, because they aren’t stupid.

As usual, the Republicans have simply rejected the most extreme demands of the Left while swallowing the substance of the Left’s criticism, which is that America is a racist country in need of fundamental change.

Republicans have all but endorsed Black Lives Matter, the group’s ethnic chauvinism, and their murky grievances with America’s putative “systemic racism.”

Here was Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) the other day: 

You know, none of us have had the experience of being an African American in this country and dealing with this discrimination, which persists here some 50 years after the 1964 civil rights bill and the 1965 civil rights bill—we’re still wrestling with America’s original sin.

Original sin! 

If Republicans reject defunding the police, then logically they should reject Black Lives Matter, which advocates defunding the police. They should do so loudly, vigorously, and articulately. But they haven’t, and they won’t.

If the Republican Party won’t defend the rule of law, protect the silent majority, and push back against calumnies against America and its people, then what are they there for?

Good question.

A recent investigation by the Claremont Institute’s Thomas Klingenstein is worth noting. It’s a lengthy piece, but the essence of the argument is that Republicans don’t stand for anything. Unlike the Left, they don’t argue from basic principles of justice; all they have are cheap slogans. “Limited government! Lower taxes! Decentralization!” You get the idea. The Republican Party doesn’t operate with deliberation and purpose; they’re shadowboxers.

That purpose ought to be preserving what Klingenstein calls “the American way of life,” which  obviously is threatened at the moment.

One key point that Klingenstein raises concerns rhetoric: lawmakers aren’t just there to pass laws, but to edify the public and explain to them the threats to their way of life. But unlike Democrats, Republicans don’t bother to explain the things they want or think we should want as Americans.

To adapt Klingenstein’s argument to the present moment, it’s obvious what the Republican Party should be doing. They should be standing up for law and order while explaining to the American people how Black Lives Matter, its anti-American slander, and its program of racial extremism is hostile to Americans, their institutions, and their welfare.

Instead of saying, “Defund the police is crazy socialism, but some reforms are probably needed to address America’s painful history of genocide,” they should be saying, “America is a great country, not a racist country, and we will defend it to the very last day.”

While appearing to adopt contrary rhetoric, the Republicans have endorsed the Left’s principle, which means they have no argument against the Left’s demands.

They have surrendered to the narrative of anti-American hatred.

The Republican Party lacks either the intelligence or the courage to sense the big picture and engage accordingly. This is not just about the police. America is facing an elite uprising with the objective of reconstituting America at its very core and punishing all dissenters.

It is a matter not just of political interest, but of duty, that president Trump and the Republicans forcefully oppose Black Lives Matter and the woke faction that is working with them to destroy the United States.

If they can’t do that, then there is no reason for the Republican Party to exist.


Donald Trump in Twitter’s Lilliput

Only the president can lose his election, and thereby ensure socialism for his supporters in the fall. And he can lose only by descending into the Twitter swamp and playing a gullible Gulliver to be tied down and lacerated by clever but six-inch tall Lilliputians.

“However, in my thoughts I could not sufficiently wonder at the intrepidity of these diminutive mortals, who durst venture to mount and walk on my body.” 

 —Jonathan Swift, Gulliver’s Travels

Donald Trump has slumped badly in the polls over the last weeks. There are the usual suspects for his periodic dips: his cul de sac Twitter wars over Joe Biden, obsessing over the utter dreariness of Joe Scarborough’s past irrelevant life, the constant effects of a 93 percent negative media that blames him for everything from the economic collapse to the rioting in Minneapolis, and public frustration of nearly three months of enervating COVID-19 quarantines.

Yet despite the terrible news, the odd thing is that when Trump relaxes and allows even a bleak news cycle to play out, then his policies weather well and usually help him—regardless of the 24/7 negative media editorialization.  

Given the doom and gloom, few appreciate that beneath the bleak media veneer, there are some signs of growing optimism. The stock market is recovering on hunches that a vaccine is on the horizon and antiviral drugs may soon be appearing. Viral deaths are falling due to the synergy of warmer weather, a likely constantly mutating and attenuating virus, some growing herd immunities, more outdoor activity, and better hygiene and medical protocols.

Democrat and Expert Pessimists Fall Short

Expert pessimists who warned of millions of dead, of never-ending infection, of no vaccine in sight, of 3-4 per 100 of the infected dying of the virus were not just wrong, but wrong to the degree that the entire national quarantine may itself have been a tragic overreaction.

The restart states so far have not experienced the predicted viral disasters, and are slowly showing the way back to recovery. Large blue states like New York, California, and Illinois are increasingly in untenable positions. One cannot critique restart states as near treasonous when they alone are creating real wealth that can be redistributed to subsidize the blue-states’ own fetal-position edicts. 

Governors like New York’s Andrew Cuomo, California’s Gavin Newsom, and Illinois’ J.B. Pritzker sound panicked, shrill, and incoherent. The tabs for their pre-viral, suicidal spending have come due. They increasingly are exposed as politically cynical in hoping to slow down the economic recovery to abort the Trump reelection, on the rationale that the United States will never fully recover, with over 20 percent of its national GDP rendered all but inert in these three states. The governors’ “never let a pandemic go to waste” logic is that prior to COVID-19 they lavished their population with big pensions, big welfare payments, and big entitlements, and now demand the federal government take money away from rebooted states to pay for their profligacy—or else. 

Joe Biden is, well, Joe Biden. He can neither speak extemporaneously nor on the teleprompter without embarrassment. In an age of #MeToo, he should not be left unattended in a room with women of any age, but particularly should be forced to socially distance at least six feet from teens and preadolescents. Biden may be dappled, pale, and hoarse, but otherwise, his remarkably agile septuagenarian fingers can morph on autopilot into opportunistic tentacles. 

Biden’s sole strategy is to stay put and chalk up one more day that he did not completely implode. He hopes to emulate the style of silent movies—mute gesturing while filmed without speaking, as music and subtitles provide the messaging.  

Biden counts on Trump daily tweeting out enough soundbites to supply fodder for the network evening news, the Drudge sensationalist headlines, and the Washington Post/New York Times/NPR/PBS echo chamber. So far, Trump is accommodating him. 

But otherwise, Biden’s tragic decline is undeniable, and the autumn pathway for a Biden campaign is to outsource campaigning to future appointees, stay incommunicado, and plead that the emergency conditions of the virus preclude debates, conventions, press conferences, barnstorming, and rallies. Biden’s strategy is a candidacy of suspended animation while siccing the media on Trump’s latest weird tweet.

Biden in the wake of rioting, the past disclosures about Senator Amy Klobuchar’s checkered career as a county attorney, and pressure from his base to honor his race and gender nomination promises, will likely select a more left-wing activist to join him on the ticket. Biden will hint the nominee will soon be president—even as she may frighten voters with agendas, which could not win in primary elections but could through selection in November.

Why Doesn’t Trump Let Them Eat Themselves?

Add all this up and it is odd that Trump does not allow rapidly converging events to neuter Biden’s campaign. 

The president understandably tweets, given that it is one of his only ways to reach the public without selective media censorship and editing. He understandably has good cause to be enraged given he has been a victim of a failed administrative state coup, a disgraceful partisan impeachment, the shameful witch hunt of Robert Mueller, and assorted melodramas ranging from pathetic efforts to invoke the 25th Amendment and the Emoluments Clause to being the target of various Hollywood celebrities’ sick assassination fantasies. 

So there is ample cause to wage a war against all on Twitter—except Trump’s own self-interest. And getting reelected hinges on not gratuitously distracting attention from the gifts that his opponents and the natural cycle of the news bestow. Both are attempting to deliver the election to him. 

Trump’s instincts have often proved prescient throughout the crisis. He sensed a travel ban was critical even in an election year’s politically correct climate. He assumed the real fatality rate from the virus was less 1 percent, not the 2-3 percent with which the bureaucracy terrified the population—and thus would be more analogous to a bad flu year, And indeed the virus increasingly seems to be emulating 1957-58 or 1967-68.

Trump sensed that he could stop the virus with a lockdown until early May and then had only a tiny window of opportunity in late May to reboot the country and save the economy. His mobilization of private enterprise to mass-produce protective, medical equipment, ventilators, and test kits is already paying off. When blue-state governors panicked and demanded instant tent hospitals, ventilators, and federal hospital ships, Trump tried to give them all that and more. He allowed Dr. Anthony Fauci—Mr. “Yes Yesterday, Maybe Today, Absolutely No Tomorrow”—have his spring in the sun, even when he went on left-wing media to sigh, to hint, and to grimace his displeasure with his boss. 

In other words, Trump performed well during the crisis. He knows how to jumpstart the economy, and will do more campaigning in a day than will Biden in a month. 

Despite the media focus on volatile polls, even the massaged and weaponized news cycle ahead will favor him in lots of ways. Blue states with tails between their legs will follow restarted states—the more so big-city rioting seems to be given an exemption, but going to church or out to eat is still taboo. Looting with near impunity and the impotence of authorities have utterly ended the logic and the authority of big-city mass quarantining: if the state is not going to arrest hundreds of arsonists and thieves without masks, it certainly cannot detain and fine a barber or florist at work with them. In a civilized society under medical quarantine, destroyers without medical masks cannot outweigh creators with masks. 

The Stubborn Facts Will Out if He Lets Them

Pent up demand, cheap energy and gas, nonexistent interest rates, and decoupling from China will spur the economy by November. The pettiness and incoherent dictates of all these blue-state local Nurse Ratcheds will weary the public. 

When the rioting cools, the four police officers involved in the death of George Floyd will be headed to trial for murder and manslaughter or accessories of some sort. Recriminations will also surface over who allowed rioters to torch small businesses in the style ofwe also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.”  

Rioting for the most part took place in blue cities, in blue states, with blue police chiefs, mayors, governors, and state attorneys general. But, then again, those who are usually unlawfully killed by the police die mostly in blue cities as well. The reason is not to be found with Trump, but perhaps with the ancient liberal paradox that those who are loudest promoting destructive progressive agendas and protocols are usually those best insulated from the consequences of their own often destructive ideologies. Translated: mayors, governors, academics, and journalists are of an income and educated class that usually does not live in riot-prone neighborhoods and its livelihood rarely rest with opening small downtown businesses each morning—and so what such elites profess as penance, they rarely do or suffer.

The media is in its full mendacious mode—and is reminding Americans why they cannot trust it. The effort to fob blame for the rioting on “white supremacist” bogeymen is  ridiculous, given none of such accusations were supported by an iota of evidence, and millions of Americans have already watched live who looted, burned, and destroyed. Journalists’ further “Baghdad Bob”-type assertions that protests “were largely peaceful” were sometimes belied by the flames, sirens, and shattered glass in the backgrounds interrupting their very broadcasts. As a general rule, most of what was reported either was distorted or was so full of factual errors as to be rendered worthless news.

John Durham has a rendezvous in late summer with a number of felonious “wise men” who have broken the law with impunity and had dreamed up a coup fit for a South American caudillo. As more unredacted new transcripts appear daily—even hourly—Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, and Strzok grow quieter. Progressives have lost the Russian “collusion” narrative, as Russia has boomeranged to the hiring by Hillary Clinton and the FBI of a foreign national who colluded with Russian sources to warp an election and destroy a transition. 

Even the old saw that the “Russians” stole the DNC was known to be unproven years ago, even as no one ever explained why CrowdStrike conveniently and rather than the FBI ran the investigation of the hack. As a rule of thumb, when one side doctors court evidence, deletes thousands of subpoenaed emails, wipes clean hard drives, alters FBI interview reports, leaks classified documents, unmasks and leaks redacted names, and the other does not, then “the thing speaks for itself.”

So Trump’s task is to tweet judiciously about elements of the economy’s rebound and his own initiatives, calls for calm, promises to restore law and order, assurances of a complete federal investigation of any police who broke the law and were responsible for the death of George Floyd, the need for national unity and to cite periodic breakthroughs against the virus, while allowing the subterranean Joe Biden to calcify as Joe Biden—and let fake news and failed people stew among themselves. Trump’s motto should be “Do no harm” to a news cycle that, even in its most biased and ideologically warped delivery, reflects the frightening wages of progressivism.

Only Trump can lose his election, and thereby ensure socialism for his supporters in the fall. And he can lose only by descending into the Twitter swamp and playing a gullible Gulliver to be tied down and lacerated by clever but six-inch tall Lilliputians. 


Is a 2020 Landslide a GOP Unicorn?

Confidence is necessary, and we should expect to win big. Hubris, however, is the cardinal sin in sales and winning elections.

As we head into the most consequential election in our republic’s history, you can listen to what you want to hear, or what you need to hear.

Understandably, most of the American electorate knows little to nothing about the science of winning elections. Though I profess no expertise myself, I do know much more than most political armchair quarterbacks, primarily because of having studied the 2016 data obsessively.

Hillary Clinton was far closer to winning than most people realize, and whichever liar or crazy person Democrats nominate for 2020 will have the identical advantages Clinton enjoyed. Further, much of the electioneering rhetoric now espoused by our Trump nationalist side comes close to mirroring what Democrats said circa 2016; as Yogi Berra once quipped, it’s déjà vu all over again.

Democrats three years ago:

Make history; shatter the glass ceiling; there are more of us than of you (Republicans); 50-state landslide; we’ll win Texas; Republicans will vote for Clinton.

Republicans in 2019:

There are more of us than there are of you; we’ll win 480 electoral votes; we got this; majority of minority voters will support President Trump; what time is the buy-one-get-one early-bird dinner special?

Electorate’s Ignorance

Most of the Republican electorate thinks elections are won in a contest over policy and ideology. Wrong.

Democrats view elections in shades of black and white; there’s a winner and a loser. Republicans view elections in shades of gray, meaning: let’s be all things to all people, and then somehow, we’ll garner enough votes because we’re appealing to everyone. This, of course, is the exact opposite of how elections are won, especially considering that red states no longer exist; they’re only blue or purple. Democrats have always understood that electoral politics and political influence are about bodies.

It is vastly more difficult for a Republican to win 270 or more electoral votes than a Democrat. A Democrat only needs a combination of a few swing states to win the presidency; Clinton received 85 percent of the 270 electoral votes she needed from 19 states and Washington, D.C. She won 227 electoral votes, leaving her 43 shy of victory.

If we include Arizona and Texas in our tally, we start out with 70 percent of the electoral votes needed, totaling 185.

Let’s look at the electoral vote count in each of the seven swing states we won; states listed in descending order of votes, with percentage margin of victory (rounded down or up, for simplicity):

  1. Florida: 29 electoral votes; 1 percent
  2. Pennsylvania: 20 electoral votes; .75 percent
  3. Ohio: 18 electoral votes; 8 percent
  4. Michigan: 16 electoral votes; .25 percent
  5. North Carolina: 16 electoral votes; 3.5 percent
  6. Wisconsin: 10 electoral votes; .75 percent
  7. Iowa: 6 electoral votes; 10 percent

Let’s remove Ohio, North Carolina, and Iowa out of the equation. That leaves 75 electoral votes, and Clinton only needed 43 of those. How might she have gotten to 43: Florida and Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin; or Florida and Michigan.

So if Clinton had won any of the above combinations (meaning, she truly only needed two or three states), we would have lost.

Let me repeat: Clinton only needed two or three states out of 50 to win. And the next Democrat nominee starts the game with the mathematical advantage of slightly more than Texas’s and Iowa’s electoral votes.

And can our re-election team finally acknowledge that Texas is now a purple state and no longer red? Have you noticed that the Democrats and the DMIC (Democrat Media Industrial Complex) have been eerily quiet about Texas? Expect the Democrats to go Battle of the Bulge on the Lone Star State next year; if they turn Texas blue, and win just one of the seven swing states, the Republicans lose.

Trump received a smaller percentage of cast votes than Mitt Romney did in 2012 in Texas, and he didn’t actually receive all 38 Texas electoral votes: one faithless elector voted for former Ohio Governor John Kasich, and another for former U.S. Representative Ron Paul (an added absurdity is that one elector voted for Carly Fiorina for vice president).

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson received approximately 1 million votes in the aforementioned seven swing states (he received a nationwide total of 4.5 million). Yes, had Johnson’s name not been on the ballot, our margins of victory would have been higher in each of the seven. In 2020, we won’t have a third-party candidate to pull votes from our tally, but, conversely, millions of Democrats who didn’t vote in 2016 will be eager to cast bloodthirsty anti-Trump votes. And why did most of those Democrats stay home? Because, I suspect, they thought Clinton would win in a landslide.

I see essentially the same scenario playing out next year.

Underestimating the Enemy

What many on our side don’t comprehend is that Democrats today are who they’ve always been.

Obama has always believed what today’s Democrats believe. When he was running for president, however, he understood that elections are shades of white and black; it was John McCain and Romney who saw the elections in shades of gray. Obama, remember, admonished immigrants to get in line and learn English. Did Obama really believe that? Not at all; but he understood that what he wanted was irrelevant; what was relevant was the messaging that would get him the most votes. Obama knew he was going to win 2008 no matter what, but he played like he was trailing, and he played to annihilate the GOP—and he did.

Last month, I attended a talk by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, hosted by the Republican Jewish Coalition, a national nonprofit. I hold Gingrich in high esteem; his speech—with topics ranging from the threat from China and the threat posed by the Democratic Party—was, as usual, spot-on, except for his Trump re-election projection of 480 electoral votes (to obtain 480, we’d need to win every state, save for California).

I heard Gingrich say that we’re embroiled in a culture war, and that the Democrats are cuckoo crazy . . . but Trump will win as many states as President Reagan won in his historic 1984 re-election. I doubt that Gingrich truly believes this; he was telling us what we want to hear, because we prefer to hear what we want, rather than what we need.

My admiration for Gingirch notwithstanding, he is incorrect, and is doing us no favors. We can’t win a war if we’re unaware that we’re at war. And if we’re aware, we can’t win if we don’t understand that the war will be long and arduous. The Democratic Party is the most dangerous group in the history of our republic, foreign or domestic; more than the Islamic supremacists, more than the Nazis, more than the Soviets and more than the communists. Yes, the aforementioned groups all posed (and some continue to pose) existential threats to the U.S. and the West, but the Democrats embody the enemy within.

Confidence is necessary, and we should expect to win big. Hubris, however, is the cardinal sin in sales and winning elections. We have an opportunity to win 35-40 states, but only if we convince ourselves that we’re losing 35-40 states.

I’ve asked dozens and dozens of Republicans to show me the pathway to a landslide, and none has been able to do it. Winning teams always play scared; urgent with a sense of urgency. It’s not that Democrats are merely motivated; they’re in a Mansonesque and Jim Jonesian trance-like state of hatred toward Trump and his deplorable voters. I see a president who recognizes that politics is sales (promises made, promises kept), understands innately that nothing is guaranteed, and every win is hard fought. Hillary Clinton actually believed the landslide balderdash that came out of her mouth and the mouths in the DMIC.

On the bright side, at least our side isn’t publicly asking why we aren’t 50 points ahead.



How President Trump Loses in 2020

If President Trump wants to have a second term and cement his reputation as the most successful leader we have had since World War II, he needs to disrupt the Republican machine as much as he disrupted politics in general. MAGA hangs by a thread.

We have lost the Democratic Party. And next, we could lose America. How? Very easily. Here’s how it will look.

The Democrats will continue to funnel huge sums of money into local races targeting swing districts using front organizations like Planned Parenthood and

The Establishment Republican Party will resign itself to failure in those districts, fail to mobilize voters, or act too late to make a difference.

Republican voters will fail to go to the polls and vote.

Republicans will fail to volunteer to act as polling officers and be in a position to prevent election fraud.

Over the next year, those who believe in Making America Great Again will do nothing to engage the apolitical or apathetic around them and convince them that their vote matters in the General Election.

We will collectively fail to demonstrate to decent, old-school Democrats that the party they have a traditional, atavistic familiarity with no longer exists and is in fact run by radicals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), extremists who hate America, and unreconstructed socialists or communists like Senators Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) who want levels government control over the economy which far exceed anything the USSR ever envisaged.

Good, patriotic Americans will fail to use the incredible power of social media to circumvent the incessant propaganda of the FakeNews Industrial Complex as Andrew Breitbart showed us, and will instead grouse about the president’s “unseemly” tweets and crude language.

The GOP and the White House will fail to leverage the unbelievable freedom MAGA policies have provided minority communities in the last three years or to convince those in Democrat strongholds that more prosperity and liberty lie ahead for them if they completely break their ties to the Democrats.

The president will be advised by his “communications experts” that he doesn’t need to go into the communities that constitute the new Democrat Political Plantation, that it would be unnecessary, or too “risky,” for him actually to go and visit the slums and ghettos—the welfare wastelands of Detroit, Baltimore, and Chicago—and they will stay Democrat fiefdoms.

Republicans on Capitol Hill will persist in squabbling with one another, Freedom Caucus versus the old guard, and fail to understand how powerful acts such as the storming of Representative Adam Schiff’s (D-Calif.) inquisition last month is the type of visually engaging sign of action that needs to happen every single day that the sham impeachment continues.

And finally, we will lose everything we have achieved together if the president fails to finally grasp that personnel is policy and put an end to the White House and the administration being peopled at the highest levels by NeverTrumpers, RINOs, and Deep-Staters.

None of this need happen.

But it will happen unless we spend every day of the next 11-and-a-half months engaged in securing a victory for the MAGA Agenda and a second term for President Trump. But it all starts at the top.

Donald Trump is the most successful Republican president in 40 years, and the most successful of any president since at least 1969. But it all means nothing unless he becomes the catalyst for change inside his own party, and not just the nation.

I said it when I was in the White House and have said it repeatedly since I left. Donald Trump became the president despite the GOP, not thanks to it. If he wants to have a second term and cement his reputation as the most successful leader we have had since World War II, he needs to disrupt the Republican machine as much as he disrupted politics in general. MAGA hangs by a thread.