The Coming Split

What should we do when a majority of Republicans want Trump, but the Republican Party says we can’t have him?

Trump Was a Mistake

The success of Donald Trump’s presidency dealt establishment politicians a heavy blow. A second Trump term might kill them—and they know it.

The Underwear Attacker

Victims of violent crime who aren’t lucky enough to be married to a major political figure would also like the assurance of knowing their attackers are locked up and won’t be bothering them again.

American Serfdom

Our work and our lives are being stolen by politicians who make it clear through their actions—and, increasingly, through their words—that they in no way consider themselves accountable to the voters.

America vs. Europe

Americans are not interested in being told what to do in exchange for being able to say, “it wasn’t my fault.” Americans will succeed or fail on their own terms.

Biden Is Seriously Ill

The Democrats can’t hope to win in 2024. They can only hope that getting rid of Joe Biden will make a win seem plausible.