Remove Congress from Washington

Making laws shouldn’t be a full-time job—the idea that we’d treat it as such would have struck the delegates to the first United States Congress as very peculiar. 

Your Vote Won’t Count

There is no point in hoping the next election will be magically less fraudulent than the last one. Hope gives you an excuse not to act.

Freedom at Any Price

If you prefer safety to freedom, that’s your choice: It’s a free country. But I’m for freedom. That is the essence of America.

Just Say No

If America is to enjoy a new birth of freedom, it starts with those Americans who believe there are some things more important than safety, some things dearer even than life.

No One Can Disagree with Socialism

The idea that religion must be expelled from all public places is a lie and a fraud—a Marxist trojan horse: The goal isn’t to expel all religion. The goal is to expel all competing religions.

Joe Manchin Is a Fake

The West Virginia Democrat is a very savvy politician. But he doesn’t represent Americans or the people of his state or the spirit of compromise. He’s a phony.