Articles by Ned Ryun

Florida Poll Cause for Both Concern and Optimism

lear-eyed political observers understand there is more than meets the eye with almost any poll. Everyone wants to trumpet the one topline—“Biden beating Trump by 10!”—without really digging in to see what else a poll is saying. With last week’s American Greatness/TIPP Florida poll, however, there are some important and interesting data points that deserve […]

Never Bend the Knee

ecently, I posted a meme on Twitter showing a large idol with “BLM” on it, people bowing down before the idol labeled “woke evangelicals,” and three men standing who are labeled “infidels.” Of course, the meme is based on the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego from the Bible’s book of Daniel. These three men […]

Property Rights Matter Even More Than Lives

ctually, property does matter In the midst of the rioting and looting that’s taken place in Minneapolis, New York City, and other major cities—as businesses are robbed and buildings burned to the ground—some have justified the lawless behavior by saying, “It’s just property.” As though people’s livelihoods and lifetimes of investments in time and money, […]

What’s Actually Wrong With America’s Cities?

very major city—and probably every community for that matter—has some form of a police commission. Police commissions are entrusted to monitor the activities of the police department as a whole, and in most cases determine appropriate discipline for individual officers who break the public trust. These commissions have existed for decades. Most major cities also […]

The Winning Platform in 2020 Is Still ‘America First’

y colleagues and I at American Majority work day in and day out to equip candidates with the tools they need to campaign effectively. We train would-be candidates on everything from “get-out-the-vote” efforts to fundraising and messaging. Above all, we train candidates to reach voters’ hearts, not just their minds, and to pay attention to […]

The Black Swan of 2020

ost of us are familiar in some way with the term “black swan,” an unexpected event with major implications, and one which, in hindsight, often makes total sense. We should probably be talking more about the potential black swan of the 2020 elections, and I don’t mean the coronavirus. I mean the reaction of the […]

The Hoaxes Cry Out for Punishment

onald Trump was mocked mercilessly by many in the media for dubbing the Russian collusion conspiracy hoax a “witch hunt” and for calling it one of the biggest political scandals in American history. Memo to everyone: Trump was absolutely correct. In fact, he probably didn’t go far enough in his description of Russiagate. It dwarfs […]

Death by the Numbers

mart people—the ones who haven’t completely lost their heads over the Chinese coronavirus—have been asking why the world’s greatest economy is willingly committing economic suicide in real-time. And yet eight weeks later, here we are. We’ve put ourselves into this situation by accepting garbage data and assumptions from a papered idiocracy of “experts.” And by […]

We’ve Lost Our Damn Minds

e’ve lost our damn minds over the Chinese coronavirus. We’re like a kid cowering in a dark basement after someone pranked him by shouting “Boo!” His reaction in that instant is sheer panic, fear, flight, hysteria, and the desire to escape as quickly as possible. Rational thought and common sense go right out the window. […]

Our Crooked Congress

hile the American people should always be watching what is taking place in Washington, D.C., this is ever more true in our current crisis. In case you weren’t watching, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden have made it very clear where their priorities lie. Hint: They are not with Americans […]

What If Coronavirus Had Been More Serious?

hatever may be the outcome of the Chinese coronavirus outbreak, it has most assuredly highlighted multiple weaknesses in U.S. policy on immigration and manufacturing. As alarmism and panic grow, whipped up in part by those hoping to damage the president in an election year, the virus—though certainly serious—appears much less likely to be as devastating […]