Impeachment Trial Redux

This unprecedented effort by the Democrats is about nothing more than trying to disqualify their political opposition.

Cheney’s Republican Party Is No More

Republicans are no longer interested in the drawn-out foreign wars and nation-building Cheney’s political patrimony would foist upon us. We are more interested in rebuilding our nation and economy.

Zuckerberg’s ‘Safe Election’ Con

Sometimes tyranny comes through the front door carrying guns. And sometimes it slips in through the back door under the guise of civic charities promising to “work to ensure safe elections.”

Time to Fight

A party is what people say it is and the people who say what it is run and win primaries, show up at conventions, and run for precinct chair. No more whining. Time for work.

Question Everything and Everyone

The only way we can actually get back to normal is if we all start questioning. Question these peoples’ goals, their backgrounds, their motives.

The World Is China’s if Biden Wins

If America, the only country with the economic and military strength to confront China, is imploded from within by a compromised Biden, the results for the rest of the world are pretty staggering.

Time for ‘Twexit’?

Maybe the Right should start investing its time and treasure in different platforms that are less hostile to our principles.