The Economics of Early Voting

Voting early saves money, creates a positive narrative, and frees up resources to secure additional votes. Help Donald Trump out. Save the man money and vote early.

COVID Amnesty? Hell, No!

If any vestiges of our free republic are to remain, every last freak who perpetrated these crimes against society should be held accountable. Instead of amnesty, we need trials.

Why Can’t Republicans Whip It Good?

Beating today’s Democratic Party shouldn’t be difficult, but with Republicans like Tom Emmer, why should voters think the Republican Party is much different?

An America First Family Policy

Instead of pouring money into other countries or hiring 87,000 new, armed IRS agents to kick down the doors of the American middle class, we should look at funding and strengthening the family.

Trump in 2024? Bet on It!

After another two years of the current disaster, people will be begging for someone to get things back to normal, and that someone will be Donald Trump.