Articles by Ned Ryun

‘Bidenizing’ the Truth

f today, Joe Biden were to flat-out lie or—to borrow a term his campaign uses every day—“misspeak,” I’m betting the media would simply let it go. That’s where we are right now. In the past, reporters at least sometimes would call out Biden on his whoppers. But not anymore. Today, the media “Bidenizes” just about […]

Game Time 2020

t is now officially “game on” time for 2020. Everything before this point has been sound and fury, signifying nothing. This is typical of American elections. For example, in July 1988, Michael Dukakis was crushing George H.W. Bush in the polls by 17 points. Guess who didn’t win that November? But now, with the parties’ […]

When Information Is Disinformation

hile most national media outlets covered the Democratic and Republican National Conventions over the last two weeks, the Washington Post decided to go to war with a little-known website called Protect My Vote. While the Post labeled the site and its corresponding advertisements a “disinformation campaign,” ironically, the paper’s own news coverage supports the site’s […]

Facts Be Damned

very left-wing radical who thinks of himself as a “journalist” with his camera phone and Twitter account knows the pathway to success and a mainstream media job: first, you create a crisis of whatever size possible. Perhaps it’s about race or #MeToo or some obscure LGBTQ matter; ideally, it involves all three of those things. […]

The Misdirected Rage of Young Rioters

hese ongoing protests in American cities are anything but peaceful, but they are driven by a variety of factors.  Recently a group of young aspiring anarchists attempted to take their Antifa tactics into a peaceful neighborhood. They were prevented from doing so, however, by several armed citizens who told them, firmly, to turn around. The […]

Firming Up the Fundamentals

ithout a doubt, President Trump has a substantial challenge in his bid to win reelection. What’s amazing is that after three major body blows in the span of six months—impeachment, coronavirus, and the riots—Trump is trending in the right direction. He’s done a major reset on his messaging with the Mt. Rushmore speech, put Susie […]

The Death of Standards at the New York Times

he mainstream press has spent a lot of time and energy recently attacking Tucker Carlson, none more enthusiastically than CNN’s simpering and shrieking little eunuch, Brian Stelter. Of course Carlson, with the No. 1 rated show in the history of cable news, can laugh all the way to the bank in response to most of […]

A New Right Grounded in Insurgency Thinking

or conservatives it seems every day brings with it another betrayal from the professional Right. The hollow people leading the Republican Party and Conservatism, Inc., have been exposed. Some of us have known for years they wouldn’t be up to the task when a true challenge came, but it is still staggering to watch the […]

America’s Pravda Subsidiaries

ach new dawn brings another farcical rant from the mainstream media. Facts be damned, hypocrisy ignored, truth summarily rejected—all in the name of “But Trump!” and “Orange Man bad!” Pravda veterans would be proud and perhaps, even a little jealous, as nobody in the MSM is being forced to propagandize at the point of a […]

The Left’s Shakedown and Protection Racket

y now everyone on the Right who is paying attention should be properly “woke” about the nature of today’s Left—it boils down to a relentless attempt to silence dissent on every level. In the past month, we have seen the attempt to ban a significant and wholly legitimate news outlet from Google’s ad service, a […]

Florida Poll Cause for Both Concern and Optimism

lear-eyed political observers understand there is more than meets the eye with almost any poll. Everyone wants to trumpet the one topline—“Biden beating Trump by 10!”—without really digging in to see what else a poll is saying. With last week’s American Greatness/TIPP Florida poll, however, there are some important and interesting data points that deserve […]

Never Bend the Knee

ecently, I posted a meme on Twitter showing a large idol with “BLM” on it, people bowing down before the idol labeled “woke evangelicals,” and three men standing who are labeled “infidels.” Of course, the meme is based on the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego from the Bible’s book of Daniel. These three men […]

Property Rights Matter Even More Than Lives

ctually, property does matter In the midst of the rioting and looting that’s taken place in Minneapolis, New York City, and other major cities—as businesses are robbed and buildings burned to the ground—some have justified the lawless behavior by saying, “It’s just property.” As though people’s livelihoods and lifetimes of investments in time and money, […]

What’s Actually Wrong With America’s Cities?

very major city—and probably every community for that matter—has some form of a police commission. Police commissions are entrusted to monitor the activities of the police department as a whole, and in most cases determine appropriate discipline for individual officers who break the public trust. These commissions have existed for decades. Most major cities also […]

The Winning Platform in 2020 Is Still ‘America First’

y colleagues and I at American Majority work day in and day out to equip candidates with the tools they need to campaign effectively. We train would-be candidates on everything from “get-out-the-vote” efforts to fundraising and messaging. Above all, we train candidates to reach voters’ hearts, not just their minds, and to pay attention to […]

The Black Swan of 2020

ost of us are familiar in some way with the term “black swan,” an unexpected event with major implications, and one which, in hindsight, often makes total sense. We should probably be talking more about the potential black swan of the 2020 elections, and I don’t mean the coronavirus. I mean the reaction of the […]

The Hoaxes Cry Out for Punishment

onald Trump was mocked mercilessly by many in the media for dubbing the Russian collusion conspiracy hoax a “witch hunt” and for calling it one of the biggest political scandals in American history. Memo to everyone: Trump was absolutely correct. In fact, he probably didn’t go far enough in his description of Russiagate. It dwarfs […]