Zombie Sheep Masking Kids

In this age of COVID fear porn, there’s only one vaccine I really believe in: a vaccine for stupidity with booster shots for life.

‘We Will Not Pay’ 

On the eve of the Revolution, tensions in Boston mount between the American patriots defending their rights and the royal governor in Massachusetts.

Of Rights and Laws 

It wasn’t just that the colonists believed they had a right to defend their property, their speech, and every other inherent right: they believed they had an obligation to defend them. 

Get Ready to Rumble With Big Business

Woke corporations aren’t our friends and we should stop acting like they are. If they want to play games with our rights, we should beat them like rented mules when it comes to their bottom line.

The Chamber of Swamp

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has cut loose any moorings with anything that might be interpreted as Main Street or conservative.

Amazon’s Big Taxpayer Heist

It’s not enough that Amazon has profited enormously from the COVID crisis. It now wants taxpayers to bailout the Postal Service so it can continue to rake in massive profits.

Impeachment Trial Redux

This unprecedented effort by the Democrats is about nothing more than trying to disqualify their political opposition.