Articles by Paul Bradford

Critical Race Theory Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg in Woke Government Training

he Trump Administration put critical race theory on notice this month. The White House issued a directive outlawing the inclusion of exercises based on this theory in government training. “These types of ‘trainings’ not only run counter to the fundamental beliefs for which our Nation has stood since its inception, but they also engender division […]

Antifa Aren’t Revolutionaries—They Serve The Powers That Be

ntifa rules the streets of Portland and sows chaos in many other American cities. Millions of Americans don’t like Antifa, but many struggle to figure out who these black-masked radicals really are. Conservatives like to call Antifa “fascist” or the modern-day successor to the Ku Klux Klan. Liberals will insist either that Antifa is a […]

The New Normal Ain’t So Grand

ew turmoil greets America every week in 2020. COVID-19 has killed tens of thousands of Americans and the ensuing lockdown wiped out large swaths of our economy. The police-involved death of a convicted armed robber in Minneapolis launched a violent social revolution. Media lies test the limits of human credulity and gaslight half the nation […]

Is ‘Let Them Play’ The Hill To Die On?

ill we see college football this fall, or will this sport become yet another victim of the coronavirus? Some conferences have cancelled the season, while others want to play. President Trump and many conservatives firmly believe the game should go on. The president tweeted out several times his support for the teams overcoming fears of […]

Let’s Not Ignore Amazon

ongress hauled in the titans of Silicon Valley for a hearing last week. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Google’s Sundar Pichai, and Apple’s Tim Cook all faced withering questions about their censorship, alleged monopolies, and ties to China. But one tech exec was largely ignored throughout the hearing: Amazon chief Jeff Bezos. For nearly two hours, none […]

The Real Cancel Culture

 small Baptist university in Texas last week announced it had expelled one of its students over “hate speech.” What was the hateful speech this student expressed? The student, Ashleigh Brock, made a TikTok video mocking the media’s double standard on interracial crime. Not only is the video accurate; it can only be offensive to those […]

The South Picks College Football Over Its Heritage

ississippi abolished its Confederate-influenced state flag last week. For years, this was a point of controversy for the state, yet Mississippians resolutely stood by their flag. The recent unrest—along with threats of economic boycotts—seemed to change the minds of Mississippi lawmakers. Both Republican-dominated state chambers voted overwhelmingly to change the state flag. GOP leaders tried […]

The Pitfall of #CancelYale

ome conservatives think they’ve nailed the Left good with the #CancelYale meme. Outraged by the Left’s assaults on America’s heritage, right-wingers decided to give liberals a taste of their own medicine. They want to shame Yale and other elite universities for their ties to slavery and racism to defend American heritage. Yet, in doing so, […]

The Right Must Defend Our Monuments

ife is tough for statues dedicated to dead white men. At the bare minimum, these statues will be spray painted. Worse, and more common these days, an unlucky statue will be dragged across town and dumped in the nearest body of water. Authorities seem not to mind the recent destruction. Police stand idly by as […]

Does the NFL Have a Diversity Problem?

he push for diversity never ends, especially not for professional sports leagues. Few would consider America’s professional sports leagues as lacking in diversity. Many of the biggest stars in sports are nonwhite and all-white teams are relics of the past. Sports journalists, on the other hand, apparently believe these leagues are too darn white and […]

When You’re Joe Biden, They Let You Do It

he sexual assault allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden aren’t stopping his campaign. No Democrat or liberal pundit is calling for Biden to step down. In fact, the entire Democratic Party fully believes Biden’s side of the story. Many pundits are putting away their disgust to cheer on their candidate. Most journalists have decided […]

We Can Make China Pay For The Coronavirus

veryone with any bit of common sense knows China is responsible for the novel coronavirus outbreak. Chinese officials lied to international bodies about the nature of the virus, tried to cover up its devastation and death toll, and allowed the virus to spread to every part of the world. There is also mounting evidence that […]

Don’t Think of Massie as a Hero

he coronavirus relief plan passed last week, but one congressman tried to stop it. U.S. Representative Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), an ardent libertarian, nearly forced the entire House of Representatives to return to Washington to vote on the plan. Massie defied the leadership of both parties on behalf of the Constitution . . . at least […]

Elizabeth Warren’s Consumer Protection Scam

enator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) may no longer be running for president, but her agency lives on. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) doesn’t want to be controlled by the Trump Administration. The Supreme Court might end the agency’s streak of independence later this year. Ostensibly, the CFPB aims to protect ordinary Americans from untoward business practices. […]