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Hate Speech Laws Do Not Protect Democracy—They Threaten It

The First Amendment protects “hate speech.” So why do so many powerful figures want to criminalize this protected speech? Because this supposed menace threatens their political agenda. Last week, the Washington Post published an op-ed by MSNBC analyst Richard Stengel arguing for a ban on hate speech. Stengel, a former Obama Administration staffer and Time magazine

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Trump Shouldn’t Celebrate Paul Singer’s AT&T Takeover Plan

Neoconservative NeverTrump billionaire Paul Singer is aiming for a takeover of another big corporation, and patriots should be concerned. His Elliott Management Corporation sent a letter to AT&T stakeholders last month urging them to agree to a proposal that would harm the company’s workers and put more money in Singer’s pocket. The proposal would slash

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Democrats Are a Clear and Present Danger to Internet Freedom

“No user, regardless of their job, wealth or stature should be exempt from abiding by Twitter’s user agreement, not even the President of the United States.” That’s Senator Kamala Harris’s argument for banning President Donald Trump from Twitter. The junior U.S. senator from California made this strange demand a core part of her foundering presidential

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Why Microsoft Is Complicit in China’s Tyrannical Behavior

Peter Thiel earlier this year aptly described Google’s capitulation and cooperation with China as “seemingly treasonous.” But Google is not the sole, or even the worst, Big Tech collaborator with the Communists in Beijing. Several U.S. senators, including Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), Rick Scott (R-Fla.), and Mike Braun (R-Ind.) last week

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Canceling the Joker

Leftists and feminists fear the Joker. They claim the new Warner Bros. movie, Joker, will inspire mass shootings and “incel” violence. The Batman villain, played by Joaquin Phoenix, is seen as the ultimate angry white man. Critics shriek that no such character deserves fair representation—it’s just too dangerous for alienated white men to see a

By | 2019-10-03T20:13:39-07:00 October 3rd, 2019|Tags: |

Overhauling Libel Laws Will Only Hurt Conservatives

The mainstream media besmirches conservative public figures on a regular basis. Look no further than Donald Trump and Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Some conservatives believe the best way to answer media smears is to change the libel laws. That’s a well-intentioned idea, but it would end hurting conservatives the most. Say goodbye to conservative media if

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Why the New York Times’ Kavanaugh Correction Doesn’t Matter

The mainstream media paints Justice Brett Kavanaugh as a dangerous sexual predator. Yet, every story they push falls apart immediately. Last weekend, The New York Times had to correct an article that claimed Kavanaugh flashed another woman when he attended Yale. The correction stated that the woman doesn’t remember such an incident and refused to

By | 2019-09-18T22:38:03-07:00 September 18th, 2019|

Democratic Candidates Want To Punish Energy Companies To Satisfy Left-Wing Nuts

Democratic presidential candidates have gone so far off the rails that they are now even fabricating their records to promote policies so far to the left that they are at odds with many former top Obama Administration officials. Last week, Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) lied and said she sued Exxon Mobil when she was California’s

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Republicans Redouble Healthcare Failures

Republicans won big in 2014 and 2016 on the message of repealing Obamacare. Nearly three years after the 2016 election, Obamacare is still here and Republicans effectively have given up trying to replace it. The GOP pushed a terrible plan in 2017 that, predictably, went down in flames. Some Republicans want to repeat failure with

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It’s Not Just Google—Microsoft Is Also Up To No Good In China

Three prominent Republican senators sent a strong letter to Google recently about the tech giant’s suspicious work with the Chinese company Huawei. “[I]t is hard to interpret your decision to help Huawei place listening devices into millions of American homes as anything other than putting profits before country,” said the August 7 letter signed by

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