The Revolutionary Road

The emerging post-Right must disabuse itself of tolerance as a principle—as the Left has—if it intends to do more than lose with grace and grit.

Jane Timken’s Bad Company

People like Jane Timken are merely capitalizing on the Trump brand to conceal otherwise rotten platforms that ensure forgotten Americans stay forgotten.

Governor Kristi Noem Strikes Out

The South Dakota Republican caved to corporate interests and the NCAA instead of defending the interests of her voters on an important piece of legislation defending women and girls in sports.

The Wages of Orthodoxy

If the “realignment” of the Right is to be anything more than a slogan, there are many sacred cows of the conservative economic consensus left to slaughter.

Greg Abbott Is Cornered and Scared

The Texas governor will do whatever it takes to look after Number One—small business tech entrepreneurs at Gab, the Texas GOP, grassroots organizers, and Republican voters be damned. 

When the Free Market Freezes Over

The street-level view is a freak storm knocking out the power for a few million unlucky Texans. But the bigger picture comes into view as an indictment of a bought, unresponsive, ruling class.

Greed Is Good?

Contemporary conservatism has, in fact, facilitated the corporate consolidation of the economy by entities that are actively hostile to the small businesses they hold up as props.