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Pedro Gonzalez, a writer based in California, is a Mount Vernon Fellow of the Center for American Greatness.

Why the ‘Racist America’ Meme is Collapsing

Trump lashed out at undocumented immigrants [sic] during a White House meeting, calling those trying to breach the country’s borders ‘animals,’” tweeted the New York Times. The echo chamber picked up the line and VICE News reported that the president did indeed compare “undocumented immigrants”—the media's euphemism of choice for illegal aliens—to animals.

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Immigration is Not Driving California’s Economy

In a recent op-ed, Raoul Lowery Contreras argues that California is home to America’s most formidable economy and “immigration is the reason why.” California’s economic success, Contreras claims, is due to an increasingly well-educated and “highly productive” Latino workforce. “The days of highly uneducated Mexicans is evaporating before our eyes,” writes Contreras, citing

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Yes, NPR: Illegal Immigration Does Increase Violent Crime

As members of an alien caravan beat their fists at the gates, the experts provide the rationalization for inviting them in. John Burnett wrote last week for National Public Radio, “four academic studies show that illegal immigration does not increase the prevalence of violent crime or drug and alcohol problems.” But Burnett curated

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The Myth of American Racism

Two dozen skinheads turn out for a rally in rural Georgia, and the New York Times suddenly takes an interest in what goes on in the Bible Belt—if only to spite its denizens. Jacey Fortin writes: A neo-Nazi rally outside of Atlanta on Saturday drew only a few participants and did not last

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American Pravda Wins Pulitzer

The New York Times just won a Pulitzer Prize for “public service.” I’ve never met this “public” to whom the New York Times has provided some great service. Perhaps that is unfair. After all, the last article I read in the Gray Lady was actually enlightening. I had just finished my cultural enrichment

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Don’t Ask this Mexican

Gustavo Arellano is not that smart. He presents a case study into the victim mentality of La Raza. Arellano, if you don’t know him, is the former publisher and editor of OC Weekly in Southern California.  I first read him in the Los Angeles Times in 2006 with a piece called “Raza Isn't

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Make Cesar Chavez Great Again

Saturday is Cesar Chavez Day. The legendary co-founder of the United Farm Workers earned his place in the pantheon of American liberalism as a union organizer, a civil rights activist, and a cultural icon. People refused to buy table grapes for years after he led a successful boycott in exchange for better working

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Reject the ‘March for Our Lives’

The March for Our Lives was nothing more than political theater. Young, would-be social activists and their handlers seized upon the trauma of our society in an effort to undermine, subvert, and destroy our laws, institutions, and principles. It's as simple as that. Progressives know they cannot win the rhetorical or intellectual battle

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