Articles by Pedro Gonzalez

The Ruling Class Strikes Back

here is no proletarian,” wrote Oswald Spengler, “not even a Communist movement, that has not operated in the interests of money, and for the time being permitted by money―and that without the idealists among its leaders having the slightest suspicion of the fact.” What the German prophet of pessimism meant was that revolutions generally boil […]

Leviathan and Its Enemies

he days of incremental change, I believe, have left us,” said Councilman Keith Young, heralding the passage of a reparations resolution for blacks in Asheville, North Carolina, unanimously approved on July 14. Asheville, which is 83 percent white and 12 percent black, is home to a black police chief, a black city manager, and several […]

The Conservative Castrati Back Biden

n the works of William Shakespeare, the “cuckold,” a man with an unfaithful wife, occasionally makes an appearance. He is associated with shame and humiliation because the implication is that he can neither control nor please his bride. Infidelity was said to make the cuckold grow horns and become like a devil in Shakespeare’s time. […]

The Long Step Back for Law and Order

roy Pine lay bleeding on the sidewalk outside the neon-lit Nara Lounge as sirens drew near. His assailant, Joel Francisco, had recently sprung from prison on the wings of a new crime reform bill. Now he was on the run for stabbing the 46-year-old carpenter. Before his latest lockup, Francisco was an Almighty Latin Kings […]

Who Runs the White House?

t is a grand thing to rise in the world,” said Anthony Trollope, an English novelist of the Victorian era. “The ambition to do so is the very salt of the earth.” But sometimes ambition is the mother of monsters. A recent article in The Hill cited “multiple reports” and two mega-donor Koch network groups—Americans […]

Deferring the Inevitable on Immigration?

n light of the Supreme Court’s decision to protect the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, President Donald Trump announced a renewed effort to terminate the program. Some 800,000 illegal aliens receive protection from deportation under DACA, a program whisked out of the ether by Barack Obama’s pen and phone. As Rachel Bovard wrote, “Trump […]

Poll: Trump up in Wisconsin

  Wisconsin statewide presidential poll by the Trafalgar Group conducted June 23-25 shows President Donald Trump ahead of Joe Biden. Respondents were asked: “If the election for President were held today, how would you vote?” Reversing a tough couple of weeks for the president, respondents to this survey gave Trump the lead over Biden. Worth […]

Data Suggests Protests Led To COVID Spike

 Twitter thread by el gato malo on the connection between the protests that have swept the country and the recent COVID-19 spike. US hospitals saw a steady decline in COV+ patients from 4/15 to 6/15. in the last 10 days, they have seen a change in this trend many have sought to blame this on […]

Supreme Court Strikes Down Asylum Loophole

n a 7-2 decision, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday that illegal aliens in the United States cannot seek a writ of habeas corpus to avoid detention and deportation. Habeas corpus is the legal principle that protects individuals from unlawful, arbitrary detention. In DHS v. Thuraissigiam, the Wall Street Journal reported, “a Sri Lankan man caught within […]

Tech Companies Increase Censorship Against Conservatives

n Wednesday,, a conservative website focused on immigration, announced its domain name registrar would be terminating its account. Lydia Brimelow wrote: This Monday, June 15th, Network Solutions, our domain name registrar, suddenly gave us 10 days’ notice of its intention to terminate our account, after some 20 years. It gave no specific reasons beyond […]

As Rome Burns

s Dave Patrick Underwood lay dying beside his wounded colleague, a white van peeled away from the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building in Oakland, California. His partner survived with three gunshot wounds and a shattered femur, but Underwood died at the scene on May 29. Underwood was one of two federal protective contractors attacked while standing […]

Virginia’s Creeping Authoritarianism

he scene before our eyes resembled something from a disaster film. Roadblocks, fencing, sanitized police checkpoints, sniper’s nests, vehicles loaded with heavy-duty surveillance equipment darting through the streets as an armored vehicle called The Rook lurched onto the field. An armored track vehicle built on a Caterpillar chassis, The Rook is armed with a hydraulic […]

Let America Work Again

t was Monday morning on March 10, 2019, when Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 lurched away from the gate, rolled to a sprint, and peeled its wheels off the runway for the last time. Aboard, 157 souls including eight Americans and one veteran on vacation doing missionary work, were flying. Six minutes after takeoff, Flight 302 […]

The Coronavirus Pandemic Is a Many-Headed Hydra—And Immigration Is One of Them

ike the Lernaean Hydra of Greek mythology, the coronavirus pandemic is a monster with many heads. From a viral outbreak sprang an economic crisis, which, in turn, has brought forth food shortages. Containment measures in the United States inadvertently resulted in other public health problems, such as delays for breast tumor treatment and a rise […]

America Has a Jared Kushner Problem

f President Donald Trump is serious about draining the swamp, he ought to start with his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Kushner raised eyebrows when he strutted into the role of pandemic point man for the White House, alongside his former roommate and a handful of McKinsey & Company management consultants. As Chris Buskirk wrote in these […]

Trump Must Nix Big Agriculture’s Bid to Use Coronavirus to Slash Farm Wages

s the country came to grips with the coronavirus pandemic, the Trump administration asked the working people of America to comply with containment measures. For some 20 million Americans, that came at the cost of their jobs. But for some workers, Team Trump could add post-crisis misery to their current pains. Over the weekend, NPR […]

Nikki Haley for Veep? No Way!

umor has it President Trump is considering swapping Vice President Mike Pence with former American ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley. “This is not a prediction,” said CNN political analyst Paul Begala, “it’s a certainty.” Haley would be a great choice—if Trump intends to utterly abandon the agenda that got him elected. There is […]