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Pedro Gonzalez is assistant editor of American Greatness and a Mount Vernon Fellow of the Center for American Greatness.

Nationalism Is Looking Pretty Normal Right Now

The recent troubles with Iran highlight the problem with America First nationalism: it would mean placing the interests of regular people at home before transnational “interests” like foreign wars that have no bearing on middle-American life. Put another way, real people living in a real country with real interests of their own have a real

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Freedom of Speech No More?

For his work in devising a way to predict the spread of infectious diseases, physician and sociologist Nicholas Christakis found himself on a list of top global thinkers in 2010. The year before that, he was ranked among the world's most influential people, making him one of the brightest stars in the constellation of liberalism.

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Demographics and the American Prospect

In the summer of 2018, journalist Vivian Yee amused herself with the thought that Orange Country, California, was once an agricultural, “conservative (think Richard Nixon and the John Birch Society) and white (very, very white),” slice of America. But “Chinese and Korean immigrants, and Asian-Americans from other states,” she wrote on the eve of the

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Pagan Son

Late one afternoon in 1969, photographer Art Brewer took a stroll along O'ahu's North Shore. At Pipeline beach, amid the world’s most sublime waves, Brewer encountered a boy who resembled a white-haired, blue-eyed Mowgli, clinging to an unusually short surfboard, 30 years before that design became the industry standard. “I’m Bunker Spreckels,” said the boy,

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Hollywood’s Dark Fate Foretold in Box Office Performance of ‘Dark Fate’

Judgement Day is upon the Border Patrol, or at least that’s the message in “Terminator: Dark Fate.” The latest installment of the series features Border Patrol agents being slaughtered by a Mexican-American actor while illegal aliens flee a detention center. The people who protect our borders, it seems, are even less human than the film’s

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Cold War Kicks

As talk of “cold civil war” heats up, I decided to turn on, tune in, and drop out with two flicks set in the days of the old Iron Curtain. Even through the lens of pop culture that favors them, it can be seen that liberals and liberalism always have been fundamentally incapable not only

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Struggle for the World Anew

A lean and hungry spirit moves its hand through political movements and parties throughout the West. It’s not exactly Left or Right, liberal or conservative. In France, Marine Le Pen’s National Rally triumphed in the European elections. She subsequently called President Emmanuel Macon to dissolve parliament. “He has no other choice to dissolve the National

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No Justice But What We Make

After illegally crossing the border for the fifth time, Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate, a Mexican national with more than 30 aliases, stole a handgun from the vehicle of a federal agent. While on a stroll along Pier 14 in the Embarcadero district of San Francisco, the stolen pistol magically discharged, Garcia-Zarate’s defense claims, and fatally wounded

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