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Pedro Gonzalez is assistant editor of American Greatness and a Mount Vernon Fellow of the Center for American Greatness.

No Justice But What We Make

After illegally crossing the border for the fifth time, Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate, a Mexican national with more than 30 aliases, stole a handgun from the vehicle of a federal agent. While on a stroll along Pier 14 in the Embarcadero district of San Francisco, the stolen pistol magically discharged, Garcia-Zarate’s defense claims, and fatally wounded

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The Democrat-Antifa Axis

Last fall, journalist Andy Ngo documented 38 “days of government-sanctioned anarchy” that swept like wildfire through Portland, Oregon. Antifa, a group of black-clad, jackbooted left-wing militants, laid siege to the local U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement field office and eventually engulfed the community in chaos, all under the passive oversight of Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler.

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Beating the War Drums

A coalition between the Democratic Party and left-wing militants is coming into view, manifesting as a combined arms approach of state and non-state actors working to suppress political dissent. It is paradoxically authoritarian and anti-establishmentarian, using law enforcement bureaus to effect their designs while simultaneously placing officers and agents in harm’s way. When Democrats sought

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In Search of White Supremacy

In the wake of another series of mass shootings, we begin our regularly scheduled programming searching for the systemic culprits: “white supremacists” who, we are reliably informed, prowl the halls of our institutions pursuing a policy of ethnic cleansing as we speak. They hide in plain sight, the experts warn, and are represented among such

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Covenants Without the Sword

Conor Friedersdorf fancies himself The Atlantic’s resident ethnic White Knight, galloping in to the aid of minorities terrorized by the handful of genuinely conservative pundits yet standing. Naturally, Friedersdorf entered the fray on behalf of Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) after she found herself in the crosshairs of one of Tucker Carlson’s recent monologues,

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Who Is for Middle America?

The late Edward Abbey, an irascible and irreverent American environmentalist, took aim at the immigration ideologues in terms still relevant for our time: "The conservatives love their cheap labor; the liberals love their cheap cause.” In other words, if the Republican Party and the Democratic Party can silently agree on one thing, it

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All Out of Bootstraps

Somewhere along the line, the Republican Party earned itself the moniker of the “Stupid Party.” It has become painfully obvious, for example, that most congressional Republicans don’t want to repeal Obamacare. “And if that is the case,” as Byron York wisely asks, “the question is, why are Republicans trying?” Well, for show, naturally; but

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