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Pedro Gonzalez is assistant editor of American Greatness and a Mount Vernon Fellow of the Center for American Greatness.

No Country for Caravans

No sooner did swarms of foreigners from Latin America arrive at San Diego-area ports of entry than reports came in they were scaling border fences. On a local talk and breaking news radio station, I listened to callers living along the border claim they witnessed hordes of black-haired men sitting atop, or jumping

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The Press Is Public Enemy No. 1

Why do Americans entertain the press as safekeepers of democracy? We are not a democracy, nor is such deep trust in the press warranted by history. When George Washington sat at the head of the table at the Constitutional Convention, he allowed no daily briefing of the press and forbade notes to leave

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The ‘Sacred’ Walls of Donald Trump

With each step the “caravan of contradictions” takes toward our border, another progressive illusion slips away. Victor Davis Hanson considers this mob, and by extension the events surrounding it, a “paradox, a contradiction, and an irony.” He’s right. The “reasoning” of progressives that leads them to endorse opening our borders to a group

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How Progressives Killed Birthright Citizenship

Progressives may very well have set the table for the end of birthright citizenship by executive order or legislation during the 1990s. This was not their intention, of course, but in their unprincipled pursuit of political power, they unwittingly might have choked off all attempts to cover birthright citizenship in a constitutional mantle.

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Because We Live Here

What surges toward the United States from the south is not a “caravan,” it is an invading force. Mothers who take money from leftist activists to drag their children on for thousands of miles in front of cameras are not brave, they are mercenary. Men who tear apart metal barriers and cry, “Donald

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Pueblo de los Santos

Among the signs carried by the northbound invasion, one in particular stands out: “Pueblos Sin Fronteras.” This is the name of a group that organizes the so-called migrant caravans, but it also doubles as the raison d'être of the mob itself. They are not marching north to become good little capitalist “Americans,” much

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American Babel

Back in June, a belligerent New York City attorney briefly became a symbol of “xenophobia” for those who make it their business to deconstruct what’s left of American identity. Viral video of his tirade in a restaurant over staff speaking to customers in Spanish served as but the latest example of what the

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Prayer for an American Refugee

Less than a year ago I wrote an op-ed about the need for voter identification in California, where legal immigrants and illegal aliens are automatically registered to vote through the Department of Motor Vehicles. In 2015, California passed a new Motor Voter Act to automatically register “eligible voters” when they obtain or renew

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The Ideology of Evil

Michael Anton recently joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News to discuss an American Greatness column, “The Gillibrand Standard.” Anton argues that the Left poses a grave threat to our institutions, our country, and to decency and truth itself. Toward the end of the segment, Carlson asked, what does it say about those who

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