Articles by Chuck de Caro

Kamala Harris, Mail-In Voting, and the Boomerang

t Monday’s news conference, Orange Man Bad brushed off a shooting on the White House perimeter, returned to the podium, and proceeded to shove his executive orders so far up Democrats’ agenda they could all taste Coppertone. He hammered the Democrats’ mail-in voting initiative as election interference worse than anything from China, Russia, or Iran. […]

What Will AT&T Do When the Suits See What CNN Does to Profits?

T&T chief John Stankey is in a position not unlike that of Admiral Takajiro Onishi of the Imperial Japanese Navy. In case you don’t recall, Admiral Onishi consolidated all Kamikaze activity under his command during World War II. John Stankey, like Admiral Onishi, commands a consolidated AT&T, which includes Warner Media, whence he sprang, and […]

Charge of the Lightfoot Brigade!

s. Hizzoner Lori Lightfoot, moonbat mayor of Chicago, continues on the megalomaniacal but slapstick path first blazed by the fictional Dr. Miguelito Loveless. In her latest effort at legerdemain, she appealed to Chicagoans in West End wards to fill out their 2020 census questionnaires because Chicago needs more resources!     This, of course, is the same […]

Lightfoot the Lightweight

hicago’s “peaceful protest” events continue, leaving another 59 people wounded and three more dead last weekend amid assorted Black Lives Matter mayhem, looting, burning, and bloody vendettas among the city’s predominantly black gangs. Who knows what this weekend has in store?   Three more Chicago police officers were shot on Thursday amid the ongoing chaos, which […]

Antifa and BLM: The Greatest Second Amendment Promoters Since the NRA

urn stuff up, Portland! Lay waste to yourself, Seattle! Sherman redux, Atlanta! And New Yorkers, just keep on supporting de Bozo. All you Disgruntled Bernie (isn’t that redundant?) supporters, hunkered down in your parents’ basements, Facetiming in your black balaclavas, please keep on organizing those “peaceful protests” on Twitter and Facebook. Please! You Soros-funded lackeys, […]

Redskins and NFL Corporate Sponsors Offer Limp Response to BLM Threats

he Washington Redskins on Monday engaged in the world’s first self-guided corporate circumcision in the name of political correctness (along with cowardice rooted in fear of possible revenue loss). In the interim, until the now nameless team and management regenerate some testicular fortitude, they might call themselves the “Washington Foreskins.” Meanwhile, logic would dictate that […]

Defund the NBA!

here are about 450 players in the NBA, many of them multi-millionaires. The one and only function of these wealthy, towering behemoths is to prance about a wooden floor bouncing a ball and throwing it into a hoop, while sometimes flying through the air for their adoring fans.  They are millionaires because legislation long ago […]

Useful Idiots in Jockstraps

wo enormous businesses, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Football League (NFL), reap astronomical profits as the byproduct of legislation that effectively has given them legal monopoly status. The leagues, in turn, rake in more profits when large corporations pay huge sums for skyboxes and other perks, and then write it all off […]

CHAZ, My Azz!

o Antifa Communists have taken over several blocks of Seattle. Let them have it. Let them be autonomous. Good and hard. Step 1: The battle against the Antifa Communists is on TV and social media, not on the ground. Maybe Mayor Jenny doesn’t understand this as well as she thinks.   The Antifa Communist target audiences […]

Sedition, Looters, Bambi Buckets and Phos-Chek

t seems that the current unpleasantness in the streets of mostly Democrat-controlled cities has less to do with the unjust demise of a black man named George Floyd, than with the serendipitous smoke screen it has created for two nefarious groups hiding behind genuine peaceful protestors. Protestors have every right to demonstrate against the appearance […]

Valmorel Reminds Us to Honor American Greatness and Why

Last Thursday, three Americans gathered with a group of Italian officials and townsmen along with the lone survivor of the Partisan group who served with the secret American mission code-named “TACOMA.” From the wall of a shed, we pulled away the Italian and American flags to reveal a marble plaque, which read in Italian and […]