The 2024 Test for the New American Right

Republican primary voters will face a big decision. Let’s hope they choose to move forward, not backward—in terms of repeating either discredited public policy or repeating sullied candidates.

Progressivism vs. Popular Sovereignty

From the perspective of the American ruling class, the only relevant incentive is to latch onto any "emergency" fig leaf to justify "enlightened" rule, typically imposed in a top-down fashion.

The Return of Bibi Netanyahu

Israelis finally sobered up and realized Netanyahu is the best candidate to steward the Jewish state on issues of law and order, public safety, national security, and even
international diplomacy.

Is the Red Wave Back?

The question for Republicans is what will they do if—perhaps when—they reacquire congressional power. The question is doubly relevant with two more years of guaranteed Democratic White House control.

Ron the Magnificent

Ron DeSantis may formally be the governor of just one of America's 50 states, but over the past two years, he has also emerged as the singular focal point and symbolic leader of red-state America.

Welcome to Two-Tiered America

Amid the collapse of the "public-private" distinction and the "other"-izing of half the citizenry by no less than Joe Biden himself, the stakes could not be higher.