Release the Manifesto

To demand the release of Audrey Hale's undoubtedly deranged manifesto is not to "politicize" an act of mass murder. Rather, it is merely to demand the same treatment as similar tragedies in the past.

The Point of No Return

With the precedent shattered, the onus now falls on the "deplorables" of the American Right to recognize that the United States is at the point of no return when it comes to weaponizing government.

Parents and Children Are the GOP Future

The fights against transgender surgeries and Big Tech addiction are two powerful examples of what a more hands-on, culturally pugnacious, parents- and children-first GOP can, and should prioritize.

In the Aftermath of the Spy Balloon

Here's hoping our self-regarding elites sober up to the Chinese challenge faster than the Soviets did after their own "airborne foreign intruder" incident 35 years ago.

The 2024 Test for the New American Right

Republican primary voters will face a big decision. Let’s hope they choose to move forward, not backward—in terms of repeating either discredited public policy or repeating sullied candidates.

Progressivism vs. Popular Sovereignty

From the perspective of the American ruling class, the only relevant incentive is to latch onto any "emergency" fig leaf to justify "enlightened" rule, typically imposed in a top-down fashion.