Articles by Eric Lendrum

Federal Court Declines to Take Up Florida Felon Voting Case

After numerous court battles, the fight over Florida’s controversial new policy to allow felons to vote has come to a halt in the federal court system, as reported by The Hill. The restoration of convicted felons’ right to vote first came about in a statewide vote on a constitutional amendment in the 2018 election. Since […]

 California Governor Gavin Newsom Commutes Sentences for Convicted Killers Due to Coronavirus

Governor Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) is responding to the spread of the coronavirus by releasing more prisoners, including over a dozen convicted murderers, who are allegedly at risk of contracting the disease while in prison, as reported by Breitbart. Among the felons whose sentences are being commuted are 19 felons, including 14 murderers, some of whom […]

American Manufacturers Allegedly Outsourcing Production of Ventilators to China

Even after President Trump used the law to compel American companies to begin producing ventilators for those afflicted with the coronavirus, some companies are still outsourcing the production of such equipment to China rather than using American workers, according to Breitbart. President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act, ordering General Motors to begin mass production […]

Florida Pastor Arrested for Continuing to Hold Church Services

A pastor in Florida was arrested for continuing to hold his church services despite a statewide ban on large gatherings in an attempt to combat the coronavirus, as reported by CNN. Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne of Tampa was holding services at the River at Tampa Bay Church despite religious gatherings being deemed “nonessential” as part of […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wants Coronavirus Cash Relief to go to Illegal Aliens

Socialist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) made clear her dissatisfaction with the coronavirus stimulus package passed by the Senate this week, saying that the cash relief should also be sent to illegal aliens, according to Breitbart. The $2 trillion stimulus package – the largest such stimulus package in American history – most prominently includes a provision […]

Washington Post Doxxes Man Who Wants America’s Economy to Reopen

The Washington Post recently posted an article containing personal information about a man who simply tweeted that he believed the American economy should eventually reopen from the coronavirus-induced shutdown, thus exposing him to left-wing backlash. Among the personal information outed by the Post about Scott McMillan was his age, his occupation, and the city where […]

Several States Halt Abortion Practices During Coronavirus Outbreak

As the coronavirus spreads across the country, several states have resorted to ordering a temporary ban on abortion procedures and the shuttering of abortion clinics, with some even threatening jailtime or fines for violating such bans, according to Politico. Three states in particular have cracked down on abortion during the pandemic: Ohio, Texas, and Mississippi. […]