Potato Head Politics

Nothing that is considered traditional, including something as innocuous as a family of plastic potato toys, will be allowed to survive.

Hijacking the Clown Car

The GameStop revolt should serve as a message to those in charge: you are loathed by ordinary Americans who are struggling to get ahead.

Joe Biden, Fascist?

Poetically, Antifa, which rages about the supposed exploitation of minorities by the founders and of working people by capitalists, were themselves exploited by Democrats for political control.

Our Democracy™

The prattling we hear from pundits and politicians is really about ruthless obedience to the establishment’s mandated social norms. Nothing more, nothing less.

They Enjoy Demeaning Us

The only chance you have to wrestle your republic back from the vile morons who have stolen it is to treat them with utter disdain, just like they treat you.

It’s Your Damn Money

The ruling class might be getting richer on the not-so-free market while you get poorer, but at least they stopped Trump’s “socialist calamity” of returning to you $2000 of your own money.