2022: Not More of the Same

Rather than a continuation of the trends of 2020-2021, it's likely something entirely new and different will emerge, and its source will come from outside the system, its leaders, and their plans.

The Test

With Roe v. Wade potentially on the chopping block, many of the claimed stewards of principle will be exposed for what they are. 

What Good is a Republican Victory?

A congressional takeover devoted to legacy GOP policies won’t fix anything that needs fixing. Patriotic Americans and Trump supporters need to keep the Republican Party at arm’s length. 

Twenty Years of Disunity

While after 9/11 we were told to “Never Forget,” our ruling class has thrived mostly because of our forgetfulness of their failures before and after the attack.

A Disturbance in the Force

By focusing too much on Joe Biden and his bad decisions during the withdrawal, the politicians, generals, and experts responsible for these preliminary failures are let off the hook.