On Things Collapsing

Reports indicate that the Francis Scott Key Bridge will take at least ten years to rebuild. More than 50 years ago, the original was built in five.

Two-Front Disaster

Because of the grievances and hubris of the neoconservatives, we have voluntarily undertaken a two-front war against both Islamic extremists and Russia, with a predictable lack of success.

Angry Joe Rallies His Partisans

Biden's address was ineffective if the goal was to unite the country, win over undecided voters, impress the public with his reputed empathy, or explain the desirability of his policies.

What’s So Great About NATO?

A U.S. withdrawal from NATO would be good for both Europe and the U.S. For that to happen, Europe must rearm itself, and the U.S. must accept that Europe will no longer be in the position of vassals.

Fort Sumter on the Border

A more robust federalism that empowers states to act where the federal government is overburdened or unwilling to enforce its own laws would relieve some pressure on the existing system.

Ruling Class Disturbance

The elites’ legacy policy of demonizing and grinding down the middle class is running into internal opposition. This is actually a healthy and encouraging sign.

A Pointless Republican Primary

Indictments, lawfare, media propaganda, and phalanx-style opposition from the organs of conservatism have all been arrayed against Trump. Even so, his enemies have barely dented him.

Out of Office

While there is a lot of talk of accountability and integrity among military professionals, a culture of casual and self-serving dishonesty persists.