Got Milk?

Globalism leads to a leveling of the entire world by facilitating convergence to a single economic level.

Forever War Revisited

American support for Ukraine is chasing an elusive, vaguely defined victory similar to the fruitless 20-year American commitment in Afghanistan. 

Not Another Versailles

If Vladimir Putin and Russia are further humiliated in the post-war settlement of the current Ukraine conflict, what comes next could be very bad, indeed.

Russian Roulette in Ukraine

We only remain in NATO and have involved ourselves in the current Ukraine mess because of our quixotic goal of remaining the sole superpower, which is rather ironically making us weaker. 

Canada Tightens the Screw

Hard cash, low debt, modest habits, independent employment, and financial anonymity can insulate the dissident Right from the regime’s preferred mechanisms of control. 


The talk of sanctions and crushing defeats from Antony Blinken and Joe Biden has an air of unreality, like Baghdad Bob’s claims of the Iraqi Army’s victories during the U.S. assault on Iraq in 2003. 

2022: Not More of the Same

Rather than a continuation of the trends of 2020-2021, it's likely something entirely new and different will emerge, and its source will come from outside the system, its leaders, and their plans.