Election Game Changer 

The only questions left now are: which side will mobilize more of their voters, and when in fact will we even have a real, official, and certified winner?

What Happened to the Jihad?

We unleashed the military, removed the outrageous restrictions put upon them by Obama so that they could actually do their jobs, and we set a concrete goal: destroy the physical caliphate of ISIS.

The Counter-Coup Has Begun

If God blesses us again and President Trump is reelected this November, it would be nice to have people working for the man chosen by the American voters to lead them and upon whom we don’t have to use lie detectors.

Vindman Is Not Enough

God willing, should Donald Trump win reelection to a second term as our 45th president, his whole legacy will stand or fall on one question: Will he begin to drain the swamp in earnest or not?