Articles by Sebastian Gorka

Watergate and #Obamagate

ndrew Breitbart was right. Politics follows culture. Since I left the White House, I have written two books. The first was titled Why We Fight and was mostly about the external threats we face as a nation and how President Trump plans to defeat them. Then I realized “foreign enemies” were the least of our […]

General Flynn, Team Obama, and You

ymbols matter. And I don’t mean in the churlish and asinine sense of the “symbology” one might find in a Dan Brown novel. I mean it in the sense of visual shorthand for deep cultural concepts and values. Whether it is the vision of the Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington, D.C., or the sight of […]

How President Trump Loses in 2020

We have lost the Democratic Party. And next, we could lose America. How? Very easily. Here’s how it will look. The Democrats will continue to funnel huge sums of money into local races targeting swing districts using front organizations like Planned Parenthood and The Establishment Republican Party will resign itself to failure in those districts, […]

When Does It Count as a Coup? 

Freedom is not our norm. In the history of mankind, and even today, oppression and political corruption are the standard, with the people of more than 90 nations living without the freedom we take for granted in America. Thomas Hobbes was right. Unless we decide, together, to live in peace under a mutually agreed upon […]

How to Win the War for America’s Soul

The radical fringe of the Democratic Party, the extremists of the 1960s and 1970s, have become the “mainstream.” Bernie Sanders, the avowed Vermont socialist who honeymooned in the Soviet Union, almost won the Democrats’ nomination for president in 2016 (only to have Hillary Clinton steal it with her “superdelegates.”), and the old radicals have now […]

National Security Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings

Ben Shapiro has become famous for the line: “Facts don’t care about your feelings!” Neither does strategy. And the last week should serve as a lesson in how to do strategy properly, and how to serve the national interest: clinically and without emotion. Since President Trump made his decision to relocate 50 U.S. troops from […]

Impeachment: Pelosi’s Biggest Mistake Ever

September 24, 2019, will be remembered as an historic day. But not for the reasons House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) believes. It may just be the day when the Democratic Party guaranteed the reelection of President Donald Trump and a second term for the Make America Great Again agenda. Before we go on, let’s just […]

Our 9/11 Generation

Any American born on the morning of the September 11 attacks would today reach the age of majority. We have a whole generation that has grown up in the shadow of the deadliest terrorist attack in modern history. As a nation we will mark today’s anniversary as we have done for the last 18 years. […]

It’s Official: The Democrats Just Want You Dead

Americans are normalizing violence in their politics, but not in the way the media and the “experts” would have you believe. No, “white supremacists” are not the greatest threat to your safety, despite what Don Lemon and his cohorts in the Fake News Industrial Complex say. In fact, of 250 shootings in America wherein four […]