Trumping the Rule of Law

The outrage over the “crisis at the border” raises a question about the principles of NeverTrump conservatives. They whine about President Trump undermining or attacking legal norms and institutions practically on a daily basis. Now they want him to change the law unilaterally or ignore it outright. On the surface, these “principled conservatives” have

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How Libertarians Could Hand Control of Congress to Democrats

With control of the U.S. Congress to be decided in less than five months, many factors could affect the outcome. Will voters in California flip five congressional seats from GOP to Democrat? Will the "blue wave" wash across America, emanating from the coasts and inundating flyover country? Will Trump's gambles on trade and

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Two Pathways on Immigration

In a win for the rule of law, the amnesty push in the House of Representatives—for the moment, at least—has been stopped in its tracks. But a new front in the battle for meaningful border security measures is about to emerge. After cutting a few side deals to stop the final two Republicans

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Hearing Evil Out

William F. Buckley once famously quipped of Robert F. Kennedy’s continued refusal to come on Firing Line, “Why does bologna reject the grinder?” Today, the motto of our purported mainstream journalists appears to be that the grinder should reject bologna because the grinder shouldn’t give bologna a platform. At least, that’s the only

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Amnesty By Consensus

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) called a two-hour family meeting of Republicans on Thursday in a last-ditch attempt to head off amnesty votes on the floor of the House. As reports have trickled out about the meeting, however, it’s clear Ryan bought himself nothing but time. Proponents of the discharge petition—nearly all House

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Tom Wolfe, 1930–2018: On the Late Literary Treasure

Editor’s note: This essay appears in the June 2018 issue of the The New Criterion. It is reprinted by their kind permission.  The passing of Tom Wolfe last month at eighty-eight was met, as was appropriate, by an outpouring of affectionate commemoration. True, the praise, the enthusiasm, the fondness was here and there punctuated by some sniffy (though

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Conservative Demigod Bleeds

While there are mixed opinions about the fitness of Candace Owens as a rising star on the Right today, two things solidify her place as a significant ally, one who brings more assets to the table than liabilities: The first, of course, is her red-pilling of Kanye West and the massive strides that

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