The Right Can’t Beat the Left at Its Own Game

The phrase “our democracy” has become a pervasive cliche in American politics. But who is the subject in this presumptuous expression? Although never defined explicitly, the answer is implicit in what it does not include. To a greater and greater extent, American politics revolves around black people, women, and immigrant populations from the Third World, which together form the core of the Democratic party. The remnants of the old country are now facing obsolescence, with only a weak and ambivalent vessel, the Republican party, to defend them.

The right, whether out of denial, cowardice, or a lack of imagination, has failed to grapple with the deep roots of its demise. Republicans ostracized “nativists” and helped facilitate the demographic replacement of their own voters with the delusion that cheap Third World day laborers are “natural conservatives,” overlooking the most naturally conservative constituency of all: white men. The right failed to conserve gender roles, as women left the home and became angry foot soldiers of a socialist revolution.

Now we observe the results. Consider abortion. The right keeps losing on this issue, with the latest setback coming in Ohio, a red, pro-Trump state. The American people, it is now clear after 50 years of Roe, regard abortion as basically another form of contraception. There is nothing Republicans can really say to disabuse the masses of this belief. It would require a fundamental revolution in thinking, a rejection of everything the population now takes for granted.

The left isn’t wrong when they paint conservatives as natural enemies of “our democracy.” There is nothing conservative about the radically egalitarian system that governs the country, which turns politics into a race to the bottom, a game at which the left naturally excels. The left, in all times and places, has thrived on destruction and decay. The muddled, obese, foreign mass that is today called “the American people” has only a faint connection to the sturdy, adventurous Anglo-Saxons who founded the nation. Their values – freedom of speech, property rights, religious toleration, free enterprise – it is not surprising to find, are being trampled by the government we now have, which imposes tyranny from above with the support and legitimacy of “we the people,” or what has become of the people, below.

As the country degenerates, the left grows more and more extreme without ever paying a price at the polls. On the other hand, the right is under constant pressure to moderate an already liberal agenda in a futile effort to delay extinction. What passes for conservatism has retreated to the slippery redoubts of “parental rights,” platitudes about women’s sports and “nation of immigrants” pablum.

Even still, there are some who argue the right is not persuasive or inclusive enough. The release of new data showing young women sprinting to the left led some “conservative” women to blame the right and a supposed failure to police misogyny. This is further evidence of the deep, nigh inescapable influence of feminist thinking. The truth is that the right, which is by nature hierarchical, was never geared to win the arms’ race of universal suffrage. Now, what is left of the country of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson is on life support, as conservatives scramble to pander to the descendants of Montezuma, radicalized and unhappy women, and wimpy yes-men. The ridiculous fraud of birthright citizenship allows the children of illegal immigrants, mere economic opportunists thumbing their nose at the nation and its laws, to have a say in its future.

The ugly beast of socialism, led by the stalking horse of “democracy,” is killing America from the inside. Politics and culture revolve around the grievances of the weak and the envious. To speak of great projects, or even the low bar of sobriety in government, is an absurdity amidst the deafening cry for revenge against white men and the civilization they built. Our courts have been taken hostage by lynch mobs. Decadent judges showboat for approval from the crowd. Power is wielded with a heavy hand against the enemies of the revolution, while violent criminals roam free. No one in authority accepts accountability. The soul of “democracy” is captured well by the obscene spectacle of Donald Trump’s show trial, led by patently unqualified, racially aggrieved prosecutors.

Those who find the present state of things tolerable, or even good, will never be shaken out of their delusions. One cannot feel too sorry for them when they come face to face with the creatures vomited out of the belly of their beloved “democracy.” If there is any hope of leaving this cesspool of mediocrity and disorder, it lies not with soft and flabby conservatism, which has utterly failed to yoke its vision to an unwilling, degenerate nation, but a politics that is willing to raise the bar.

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About Matthew Boose

Matthew Boose is a Mt. Vernon fellow of the Center for American Greatness and a staff writer and weekly columnist at the Conservative Institute. His writing has also appeared in the Daily Caller. Follow him on Twitter @matt_boose. ‏

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Notable Replies

  1. This is the most accurate description of what we’ve become as a nation and a culture that I’ve ever read. Even the best social critics haven’t plumbed the depth of our decline as well as this essay does. I grieve for my grandchildren who will never know the USA as I did.

  2. Listening to the Mike Lindell symposium this week. A few observations that most people don’t realize.

    • Voter registration is dramatically up, in spite of decline in population. Analysis is provided by state and at county level.
    • Voter registration goes up higher right before the election and then comes down - yes, it gets purged.
    • There is ballot harvesting and ballot trafficking. Ballot trafficking is the problem. It’s going on everywhere. Know the difference.

    We need to get involved at the local level. Involved in precinct strategy, counting, election boards, etc.

    If we are guilty of anything, it’s not getting involved.

  3. Totally true and well said. “No matter how cynical I get, I can’t keep up”. Lilly Tomlin

  4. If there is any hope of leaving this cesspool of mediocrity and disorder, it lies not with soft and flabby conservatism, which has utterly failed to yoke its vision to an unwilling, degenerate nation, but a politics that is willing to raise the bar.

    Ahhh…Mr. Boose. I think you are referring to politics by other means. So far, it seems the American Sheeple are quite content with that bar the way it is. Whether they wish to MOVE it remains to be seen.

  5. Avatar for Alecto Alecto says:

    The right, whether out of denial, cowardice, or a lack of imagination, has failed to grapple with the deep roots of its demise.

    To that perspicacious observation, I would add a failure to listen. The right hasn’t listened to its own constituency for decades. It lectures, pleads for volunteers, votes or money, and its members finally figured out the racket.

    Andrea Widburg over at American Thinker posted an interesting take on society and its collapse. She mentioned a website which posts street photos taken over the past century in various cities. Each inadvertently highlights extreme sartorial decline . One wonders if Step One towards raising the bar is simply a return to the kind of individual self-respect (and restraint) exhibited by personal dress codes? She wisely reminded readers that is it difficult for women to engage in street brawls wearing skirts or dresses. Re-instituting dress codes is a simple, yet effective way to reorient people’s minds.

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