Lost in Translation

In relying on the usage of “unalienable” after Francis Hutcheson, the founders indicated an important difference between themselves and John Locke.

Iconoclasts and Tories

Let’s put aside our intellectual particularities for now and, with the American people, rally ’round the America the founders gave us.

Conservatives in Name Only

The term “CINO” may be just what we need to sort the wheat from the chaff in political philosophy in America, just as “RINO” helps us understand American party politics. 

Confusion on the Right?

Wittingly or unwittingly, many voices on the Right are advancing the Progressives’ cause instead of truth, justice, and the American way.

A Troubling Chorus of ‘Conservatives’

It would be helpful if we had a term to designate this chorus of American voices that claims to be against the Progressives and yet, like the Progressives, rejects the founders’ idea of America. 

What About the Founders?

According to some critics, American conservatives are confused about rights. Perhaps these critics are confused about the founders?

1689 or 1776?

The Enlightenment Era did begin in 1689 and America is the quintessential Enlightenment nation, but 1776 is still the right choice for America’s founding year.

2020 and the Brilliance of the Founders

An aroused American public refusing to accept this attempt to steal the election will make it possible for those in Congress to do what they generally try to avoid doing—their constitutional duty.

A Reminder About Us

Republicans need to get real and put up the kind of all-out political fight that can save them from political extinction—and save the Constitution while they are at it.