Articles by Robert Curry

A Lesson from Texas

y wife and I recently spent a week in the hill country of Texas. What a contrast from life in our California hometown! In Texas, at least in that part of Texas, people mostly didn’t wear masks. In fact, virtually no one did, except for employees serving the public who were required to wear them—waiters, […]

The ‘Knives’ Are Out for You

merican Greatness and I have collaborated on a project we call “American Greatness at the Movies.” The idea has been to alert you to good movies that celebrate America and to encourage you to consider attending them. If you have been paying attention, you will have noticed that we are not exactly inundating you with […]

Common Sense About China

omething really strange is going on in America today. If you have wondered why political correctness requires you to avoid using the word “Chinese” with regard to a virus that came from China, then I have the book for you. It’s Communist China’s War Inside America by my friend Brian Kennedy. The good news is […]

The Common Sense Alternative to Fauciism

 have recently sought treatment recommendations from three different dentists for a problem I’m having. Two dentists, both well-known and respected by me, gave me diametrically opposed recommendations. My wife urged me to see the dentist who had helped her with a tricky problem for a third opinion. The third opinion contradicted the other two. I […]

Following Up on Fauciism

n an earlier article, I introduced the term “Fauciism.” But there is quite a bit more to the story, more than I could get into a single short essay.  I happened to catch Anthony Fauci’s first appearance in front of the cameras with President Trump at the beginning of the Wuhan virus panic. Before Fauci […]

Fauci-ism: Dream or Nightmare?

he takeover of America’s state, local, and federal governments by Fauci and his team is a dream come true for the progressives. Since at least the time of Woodrow Wilson, the progressives have dreamed of and campaigned for an America ruled by experts. Rule by experts: this is it. How do you like it? Fauci […]

The Perils of Philosophy

avid DesRosiers has written a delightful review of my new book, Reclaiming Common Sense. His review appears in the spring issue of the Claremont Review of Books. He praised the book, and wrote that it could have been of great use to him as a graduate student when he tried to rebut utopian thinkers like […]

Common Sense vs. Corruption (Again)

The candidates who most excited the punditocracy have quit the race. Over at National Review, Jim Geraghty observes that “Elizabeth Warren departs the race without finishing above third place in a single state. Beto O’Rourke, Julian Castro, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Kirsten Gillibrand quit well before the voting.” These media candidates, of course, were […]

New Year’s Eve: Marxism-Lennonism Revisited

The New Year’s Eve celebration at Times Square will again this year feature John Lennon’s song “Imagine.” We thought this article, first published in 2017, would be worth sharing again this year. Republishing it also affords us an opportunity to wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year. Thank you for all of your support in […]

Clint Eastwood Portrays the American Greatness of Ordinary Americans

Something really interesting is happening at Malpaso Productions, Clint Eastwood’s movie production company. Eastwood’s films, especially in recent years, portray the best in the American character through real stories of ordinary Americans called by events to stand up and shine. In his latest, “Richard Jewell,” Eastwood continues exploring a theme I’ve called “American Greatness in […]

Michael Horowitz Conned the American Public

In his recent testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz showed himself to be a smooth operator. He executed a con with skill and supreme confidence, certain the punditocracy would fall for the con—which they did. If you spotted the con, give yourself a win. You, too, can have confidence—confidence […]

Trump’s Common Sense on Foreign Policy

“The major task of the Chinese president is to handle the American president, and Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were handled.” That’s George Friedman, the prominent strategist on international affairs, writing at Geopolitical Futures. But, according to Friedman, China is in trouble and Chinese President Xi Jinping’s hold on power is threatened […]

Has the Coup Already Happened?

Democrats in Congress, Democratic operatives in the deep state, and co-conspirators in the corporate leftist propaganda conglomerate are attempting to drive Trump from office. This hyperpartisan process rightly has been called an attempted coup. It is also a brazen fraud. In the immortal words of Woody Allen’s Fielding Melish, “it is a travesty . . […]

The Source of the Media’s
Post-Truth Analysis

What has happened to the news? Not so long ago, the big voices in the media at least made some effort to maintain an appearance of objectivity. But it has been evident for some time that most people in the news business today have dispensed with all pretense of fairness. The advent of Barack Obama […]

Living in a Post-Truth World

Have you heard the news? You and I are now living in a “post-truth” world. The Oxford Dictionaries proclaimed the official beginning of the new era in 2016 by selecting “post-truth” as the Word of the Year. According to our betters in academia, in the ruling elite, and in the punditocracy, the very concept of […]

The War on Common Sense

When Thomas Paine appealed to “common sense” to make the case for American independence, it probably never crossed his mind that there would ever be a need to make the case for common sense itself, at least not in America. But common-sense thinking has fallen out of favor. Because it has been under attack for […]