The Project Is Launched

The ‘1619 Project’ is not just bad history, it is a danger to our national life, replacing the idea, goal, and reality of American unity with race-based obsessions.

A Howard Zinn Pandemic

How the Zinn Education Project is exploiting this crisis and inserting their left-wing propaganda into the education and curricula of even more young American students.

Is Your Christmas Tree Racist?
(And Other Tall Tales from Academia)

Statues have been toppled, flags were taken down, and they would have us dynamite a mountain. It's easy to imagine a day when the “historian” inspectors come into our homes, turning up branches of spruce, sniffing their way around the kitchen for evidence of she-crab soup or mint Juleps. 

Channeling Howard Zinn

For the Democratic Party’s presidential candidates, like the late Boston University Marxist historian, America is and always will be irredeemably racist. Their rhetoric and remedies are terrifying.

America, the Racist

For Howard Zinn, it was not a good thing to simply treat former slaves as men, to leave them free to run their own lives. For Zinn, the very real horrors of slavery were simply more fodder for his war against America and Western civilization.

No Boys Allowed

Ten years ago while teaching English at Emory University, I noticed a trend. Each year there seemed to be more and more girls on campus. […]

Our Conservative Folks

Back in the days of Jim Crow, many whites defended racial discrimination by trotting out stereotypes about “Our Black Folks,” who they maintained were satisfied […]