Big Tech

Why Bother?

If the struggle to better ourselves, with artificial intelligence or anything else will only lead to our self-destruction, why bother?

The Racist Poetry of ChatGPT

Why liberal education—in particular, the kind that forces students to read “the great books” widely and deeply—is always a better option than Big Tech paternalism. 

Righteous Tyrants

No, they’re not cutting off food supplies or building labor camps but these modern-day tyrants seek the same ends: crush the opposition and control the masses.

Elon Musk, Fair-Weather Friend?

As Musk takes more and more incoming fire from leftists, it would hardly be surprising if he began to reassess his commitment to the goal of protecting and enhancing freedom of expression online.

Now What?

Let’s hope House Republicans can catch a really potent case of the courage Elon Musk is demonstrating in exposing the collusion between Big Tech and the deep state—and soon.

Free Bird

Everything about Elon Musk insults the coddled, low-testosterone consensus that has been ruining America this last decade through the promulgation of its dependency agenda.